Pressing Forward In The Cause of Revival
 By Rich Carmicheal

    The theme of this issue of Herald of His Coming is a burden for revival. In keeping with this theme, it is a privilege and joy to share with you Sammy Tippitís message, "Return To Me," given at the Heart-Cry For Revival 2002 Conference. This is the first of several conference messages we hope to print, as the Lord enables, in Herald of His Coming during the course of this year. We trust that the Lord will strengthen and encourage you, as well as convict and challenge you, as you take these powerful messages to heart.

    One of the reasons these messages have such power is because of the burden for revival the Heart-Cry speakers carry. Allow me to give you just one brief illustration of this. Two years ago, at the Heart-Cry For Revival 2000 Conference, I was asked to pick up Sammy Tippit from the airport. I did so and enjoyed a good time of fellowship with him during the forty-minute ride from the airport. When we arrived at the conference center, I took him to the registration counter where I expected that he would be given special attention and treatment. After all, this was Sammy Tippit, an international evangelist and one of the featured speakers for the conference. However, Sammy and his wife checked in to the conference just like everyone else and paid their own conference registration fees. I later discovered that not only did they and the other conference speakers pay their own conference expenses (including travel expenses), but they also did not receive any financial compensation for their services as conference speakers.

    At this yearís Heart-Cry Conference, Lou Sutera informed those attending that this is still the case. The speakers all came at their own expense and did not receive any remuneration for their services. What makes this especially noteworthy is the fact that several of these men and women are rather well-known to the body of Christ and are in high demand as speakers. So why were they willing to take a week out of their busy schedules, pay their own way to the conference, and then speak at the conference without receiving any financial compensation?

    The answer: These men and women have a deep burden for revival. They have tasted revival and they passionately long for the Lord to grant a fresh outpouring of revival upon the Church. They pray for it. They preach and teach about it. They sacrifice time and money for it. And the Lord is honoring their heart for revival and He is speaking and working mightily through them. May He use their messages to bring revival to your life and your ministry!

Ministry Update

   Thank you to all of you who stand in partnership with Herald of His Coming and help make it possible for this ministry to distribute revival-oriented material worldwide! Your prayers, your financial support and your encouragement are vital to the Heraldís outreach. A number of you have written in for the Daily Prayer Guide for Herald of His Coming. We are blessed to know that you are upholding this ministry daily in prayer. If you have not yet requested a copy and would like to do so, we invite you to ask for one when you write this month.

    We rejoice that this ministry is currently able to send about 70,000 copies of the English Herald each month to readers worldwide as well as a good supply of other materials such as classic books, newsletters and salvation papers to interested readers. The Herald ministry also continues to provide various kinds of support for the Herald International editions. In addition, more readers, including some in closed countries, are visiting the Herald web site and reading the material there. If you have not yet visited the web site, you can do so at this address: The friends who do all of the work on the web site are currently in the process of adding past issues. They are also working to create links with the Herald International editions that have web sites. We praise the Lord for this new tool for ministry!

    We also rejoice over new opportunities with Herald International. For example, a brother in Myanmar is working on a trial issue of a Herald in the Haka Chin language. Also, a sister in Ghana may soon begin a Herald in the Ga language in Ghana. Of course, new works require special direction and provision from the Lord and we are eager to see how He leads regarding these new opportunities.

    Unfortunately, we are also in the process of making some adjustments because, as seems to be the case with many other ministries at this time, Herald of His Coming is feeling the impact of reduced donations. For example, we are reducing from two years to one year the amount of time we will send Herald of His Coming to readers who receive the Herald at the request of someone else but have never made contact themselves with the Herald office. These readers will receive a special notice inviting them to contact the office if they desire to continue receiving the paper. We are also reducing the amount of materials we send per request. In addition, we are now printing the Spanish Herald bi-monthly rather than monthly.

    Will you join us in prayer as we seek the Lordís provision? We realize the need to spread the Lordís message regarding revival, repentance, holiness, prayer and world evangelization has never been greater. This is a time to press forward in the Lordís work. As you and many other Herald readers stand with us, we believe the Lord will continue to work through this ministry to renew His people around the world and to empower them to minister more effectively to one another and to the lost!

    "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." (Ephesians 3:20-21).

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