Out Of Love And Gratitude
 By Lois J. Stucky

    The class of thirty Indiana graduate students had traveled to our nationís capital for a special day of activities. The date was September 11. The students were meeting with an under secretary of the Navy on the fifth floor of the Pentagon, when suddenly the hijacked plane crashed into the building, on the side where the students were! The building rumbled; there was confusion as the students scrambled for a way out. Groping their way down the smoke-filled corridor, they were unable to see anything, but they felt great heat from the fire. Being unfamiliar in the building, and feeling lost, it seemed almost hopeless that they would find the way out.

    Then they heard a voice calling, "Come to me!" Eagerly they headed toward the voice. As they proceeded, they could see light ahead, and eventually they reached safety! The voice guiding the students to safety was that of military personnel acquainted with the building. One can only imagine the scene of thanksgiving that followed as the students realized they had been as close to the impact site as they could have been and still survived.

    How vividly that happening portrays our Lord Jesus Christ calling to us, to you and to me, when we were lost in the darkness of sin--"Come to Me!" And for those of us who have responded positively to that loving call, there will never be an end to our thanksgiving to Him for providing for us the way out of the kingdom of darkness into His glorious Kingdom of Light and Life and Love! Forever we will praise Him!

    Yes, by Godís grace, Christians have come into a place of spiritual peace and safety. While we greatly rejoice in this, we must not stop there. As A. W. Tozer states in his article on page one, "The world is lost on a wide sea, and Christians alone know the way to the desired haven." What an hour of opportunity and responsibility it is for us who have been placed upon the earth at this time!

    This issue of Herald of His Coming exhorts us to be alert and faithful, with an eye single to the calling which is ours. This is not a hard thing when done with a heart of love and gratitude to God, but it takes serious effort. First of all we are to take stock of ourselves. Be sure we are "spiritually worthy" as Tozer exhorts. Examine our lives in the light of Godís Word. See to it that we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus honors His people by calling them the light of this dark world. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit will we have a witness and a work that shines as He intends.

    "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 5:14-16).

    Let us not excuse ourselves from responsibility because of age, failing health, unfavorable circumstances, etc. All of us can at least pray. And how vital prayer is to Godís purposes! Surely todayís happenings in our country and around the world, give us a heightened sense of responsibility to pray. Christians are needed to be at full alert in prayer. As R. Reed quotes in the front page article, "The alarm clock is ringing!" It is time to awake and arise. It is a time for action. Of course, we have the choice to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. Resist temptation!

    Also overcome the temptation to fritter away time on things of lesser importance than Godís work. Be serious about Godís business. Live with eternityís values in view. Live as we will wish we had when we are called to give account of ourself to God (Romans 14:12).

Find Godís Place for You and Fill It!

    Please read the testimony of a Grandmotherís call to service if you have not already; it is on page 8. We are privileged to have visited Grace Anderson in her home several times. The first time, our visit with her took place in the good-sized living room of her country home. Each visit thereafter, it was obvious that more office furniture and equipment were moving into the living room, and the living room furniture was moving out. At last she parted with her piano in order to make room for more desks. In earlier years, Sister Anderson had been a pianist accompanying her evangelist husband in his travels. The piano would have been an important part of her life. But she had given her home to the Lord and nothing was withheld when God had need of it. All went on the altar. As the living room turned into an office, she invited us to visit around the dining room table, which doubled as a reading and writing desk.

    At the time of our most recent visit with her, she was frail and her weak knees required that she use a walker. But the fire of loving devotion glowed in her heart and face as always. She talked much about the goodness of God. She was consumed with eager desire to be ever more set apart to her beloved Lord, "emptied of self and filled with God," that her life might count to the utmost for Him. Her overflowing joy lifted our spirits and fired our enthusiasm.

    We sometimes delivered to her boxes of Herald of His Coming and Spanish Heraldo de Su Venida papers. How happy she was to receive a fresh supply, which she would soon mail to the prisoners to whom she ministered. She loved the messages that had helped her and she desired with loving passion that her prisoner boys would benefit as well.

    At Godís bidding she had dared to step out in faith, and He has been faithful to her trust. Only He knows how many will be in Heaven because of her loving outreach at an age when she could have gone on the inactive list. Might God call more grandmothers and grandfathers!

    Now at nearly age 92, Sister Anderson finds it is Godís time that she move into a Christian facility, due to physical weakness. Please pray for her as she adjusts to this new field for witness and service.

    Sister Anderson often thanked God for faithful volunteers who came to work with her, for God had brought to her a work greater than she could possibly do herself. Working together, their efforts reached far afield. At Herald of His Coming we too are thankful for volunteers who take pleasure in serving the Lord and in having a part in sending out Godís life-giving Word. This morning there were over a dozen grandmothers and grandfathers here packaging Herald papers for mailing. Perhaps there are those of you reading this who should pray for God to open to you a door in your locality where you can volunteer. God tells us the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). We are to pray the Lord will send forth laborers, and perhaps God would use us to answer our own prayers!

    And, oh what need God has for strong-hearted, young, full-time workers in His harvest field! Pray earnestly for young people to be thrust forth as present-day followers of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. The toils and trials of the way will be outweighed by the privilege of being a companion and co-worker with the meek and humble but gracious and royal Son of God!

    Maybe we donít fit with the elderly nor with the young. We might be at that stage in life where we are able to live more comfortably and at ease than in earlier hard-working, financially-stringent years. I recently heard a preacher encourage such as these to be willing to live more modestly than they can afford to, even though the world would tell us weíve earned some luxury and we deserve it. But being willing to deny ourselves sets a good example for younger ones who must live modestly if they are to avoid debt. And even more importantly, it enables us to give more generously to the work of God. Blessed be the Lord God who puts it in the hearts of His people to do such beautiful and honorable Christ-like things!

    Everywhere we look there are opportunities to advance Godís Kingdom. Some of you are helping in many places in a generous way, and we thank God for that. We thank God also for all of you who take part with us in sending out Herald of His Coming literature. Letters come in daily from zealous Christians living in various places around the world, surrounded by fields "white unto harvest." They ask our help to supply literature to help in their outreach. It is your gifts which enable us to print and send out the literature in response. We will very much appreciate your help if the Lord enables you to send your gifts. There is need for them.

    Your precious gifts of love and gratitude to God will be used carefully. We much appreciate also your prayers with us and for us. Thank you!

Praise God With Us!

* For faithful friends whose gifts and prayers have carried us through another month of printing and distributing around 80,000 Herald of His Coming papers, plus other revival literature.
* For the good number of incoming letters telling that God uses Herald of His Coming to encourage prayer and faith for revival, a foremost need of this hour.
* That God is the strength and portion of His people, and is sustaining many through very difficult times (Psalm 73:26).

Please Pray With Us!

* For the rich anointing of the Holy Spirit on this issue of Herald of His Coming, so that readers are greatly helped.
* For the needed thousands of dollars to come in monthly so that we may maintain a liberal mailing of Gospel literature.
* For Godís direction and anointing in every phase of the Herald ministry.
* That God will intervene in world affairs to get His will done. Ask for clear guidance for world leaders.
* For the speeding of the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world.
* For Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering persecution for the sake of Christ, to be given divine grace and strength. Pray for families of those martyred.

"O Lord, revive thy work!" (Habakkuk 2:3).