From the publisher:

The Herald Needs Your Help!

    For the past 60 years the Lord has used the ministry of Herald of His Coming to promote revival, repentance, prayer, holiness and world evangelization in anticipation of the return of Christ. Currently, the ministry is distributing about 80,000 copies of Herald of His Coming (English edition) each month as well as many other revival-oriented materials and salvation materials. Along with the various Herald International editions, these materials are reaching people worldwide, many of whom have very little (if any) access to other gospel literature. We rejoice that so many people are being encouraged, strengthened and challenged in their walk with the Lord through Herald materials.

Your Help Is Needed!

    The outreach of this ministry over the years has been possible because of the many friends who have supported the Herald through prayer, encouragement and financial gifts. At the present time, however, the cost of printing and mailing the materials requested by readers is far more than the amount of the financial contributions this ministry is receiving. If this keeps up, we will have some difficult decisions to make regarding the outreach of this ministry.

    Therefore, we want to ask you to prayerfully consider if the Lord might have you provide special help to Herald of His Coming at this time. If you are not currently contributing financially to this ministry, we want to encourage you to become an active Herald reader by offering your financial support. With your help and the help of others, we can continue to supply Herald messages liberally to those who are asking! If you are already supporting this ministry, we want to thank you and let you know once again how important your gifts are to the outreach of the Herald.

    We also want to ask all Herald readers to pray regularly for the Lordís anointing, guidance and provision for Herald of His Coming. Pray that His perfect will for this ministry will be accomplished!

    If you would like to send a letter of encouragement, a financial gift, a prayer request, and/or additional names for the mailing list, please write to:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878

    Readers outside the U.S. may write directly to the U.S. address or to one of the local addresses listed under Donations.

Heart-Cry Conference

    Please be in prayer for the Heart-Cry for Revival Conference that will take place on April 9-12 in Asheville, North Carolina. Herald of His Coming is serving as a co-sponsor for the conference and several people associated with the ministry plan to attend. Please pray that the Lord will use this conference to bring revival and renewal to the participants as well as to their churches and beyond! As the Lord enables, we plan to print several of the conference messages in the Herald later this year. óRich Carmicheal