Message from the publisher:

New Activity In The Mailroom
  By Rich Carmicheal

    Each month as a new edition of Herald of His Coming is being prepared, the previous edition is in the process of being distributed. Therefore, even as I write this message for the August issue, workers are busy in the mailroom sending out the July issue—and all of this is happening in June! This month it is an especially big job because we are not only doing the usual package mailing of Heralds that go to friends who receive 2 to 500 copies for distribution (about 30,000 total papers), but we are also mailing all of the single copies that go to about 20,000 friends overseas. Normally, a print shop mails these single copies for us, but because of some problems at the print shop, and in an effort to reduce expenses, we are in the process of mailing these 20,000 single copies directly from the Herald office.

    This task includes labeling envelopes, folding Heralds, inserting the papers into envelopes, sealing the envelopes and bundling them for delivery. Hopefully, with the combined help of staff and volunteers, we will be able to continue doing the work here rather than through the print shop. By doing so, we believe we can save several hundred dollars each month. This is in good keeping with one of this ministry’s abiding mottos: "Economize to evangelize!"

    I have tried to do my share with this new undertaking by folding the 20,000 single copies that go to readers overseas. Although this took several hours of feeding papers one by one into a rather primitive (but faithful thus far!) folding machine, I was blessed by the process. I rejoiced as I saw and handled the thousands of copies that will eventually make their way to readers all around the world. And, if you can imagine the papers going through the machine one after the other, you may understand how I could rejoice to see the title of the front page message over and over again: "Return To Me" … "Return To Me" … "Return To Me" … "Return To Me"…. What a blessing it is to know that this message by Sammy Tippit will challenge, convict and inspire thousands of readers to return to the Lord!

    In addition to the work being done on these single copies for overseas readers, Herald workers have also helped prepare the 17,000 single copies that will be distributed to readers in the United States. Therefore, along with the copies that were mailed in the packages, about 70,000 copies of Herald of His Coming will pass through the Herald mailroom this month, as well as about 10,000 copies of Heraldo de Su Venida (the Spanish version of Herald of His Coming).

    As you may imagine, during this process there have been stacks and stacks of papers in the mail room. Since the single copies are usually mailed directly from the print shop without passing through the Herald office, I am not used to seeing all of these papers. What a blessing it is to see them and know that they are on their way to spiritually hungry readers worldwide!

    I am reminded, of course, that all of this is possible because of the prayer support and the financial support of Herald friends who give that others might receive. I was so touched when I first saw all of these papers that I felt led to write the following words in a thank-you letter to the friends who gave gifts in June:

Dear Herald Friend…At the time of this writing, stacks of the July issue of Herald of His Coming are in the mail room and will soon be sent to brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. Your support will help this ministry distribute these papers free of charge to these readers who are hungry for gospel literature. Depending on the amount of your giving, perhaps you are making it possible for several people to receive these papers, or perhaps dozens of people, or even hundreds or thousands. Whether few or many, we trust that you are blessed to know that your generosity makes it possible for others in the Lord to be nourished, encouraged, strengthened, challenged as well as convicted by Herald messages….

   Whether future mailings are done directly from the Herald office or through a print shop, it remains true that any papers that are sent are done so only because of the support of Herald friends. If you are one of those friends, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your gracious help. If you are not currently a supporter of this ministry, we invite you to participate so that others may receive the Herald. Because of the economical way this ministry operates, financial gifts go a long way. For example, it takes only about $12 to provide twelve monthly issues to a reader overseas and about $6 to provide twelve monthly issues to readers in the United States. Your support can help others grow in Christ as they receive Herald messages emphasizing repentance, revival, prayer, holiness and world evangelization.

    If you would like to offer support to this ministry, you may write to your local address (see page 10) or to the main office:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279

Seelyville IN 47878

About This Issue

    What a privilege it is to share with you Henry Blackaby’s Heart-Cry For Revival message "Corporate Revival: A Fresh Encounter With God." Like Sammy Tippit’s message "Return To Me" in last month’s issue, Dr. Blackaby’s message is a call to return to the Lord in genuine repentance. While this message is important for all Christians, it is especially important for pastors. If you are not a pastor, we invite you to write to the Herald office for an additional copy to share with your pastor.

    What will happen if this message, and similar messages, are really taken to heart by the Lord’s people? What will happen if we confess our sin, turn from it, and seek the presence of the holy God? What will happen if spiritual leaders get serious with the Lord and His Word? The Lord’s promise is that He will return and manifest His glory and His power in and through His people. "Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord..." (Malachi 3:7). Will you return to Him?