We Do Well To Take Heed
 By Lois J. Stucky

    You may have just finished reading "The Seasons Of God" on page six. We wish you could have had the privilege the Herald staff had of hearing David Bryant speak in person about "An Urgent Appeal" booklet from which the article has been taken. David Bryant is Chairman of the National Prayer Committee. He was involved in the preparation of "An Urgent Appeal" and enthusiastically promotes this appeal for revival and all it sets forth.

    Reading "The Seasons of God" article on page six about the "waterless pits" of weak and stagnant churches enables one to envision with Bryant, the spiritually thirsty seeker ending up "with a mouthful of sand" instead of the refreshing water for which he or she was desperately hoping. But is it not wonderful--marvelous--yet true--that there is still hope if Godís people repent and return! The pits will gush forth living water!

    We find reason for our hope in our very gracious God. Bryant spoke of God answering prayers we havenít even known to create. God often restores twice as much as was lost. He does more than we ask or think. He wants to bring us back not only to our first love, but to something which surpasses that, with a greater love and fervency than we ever had before. Borrowing from Jonathan Edwards, Bryant used the word "resuscitate"--bring back to life that from which life has fled or seemingly fled. To resuscitate someone requires very intimate contact--the rescuer placing his face on the face of the victim, mouth to mouth, breathing life-giving air into him. So we need Godís breath breathed into us to revive us.

    Beautiful is the aspiration phrased by the songwriter, Edwin Hatch (1835-1889):

    "Breathe on Me, Breath of God,
    Fill me with life anew,
    That I may love what Thou dost love,
    And do what Thou wouldst do.

    "Breathe on me, Breath of God,
    Until my heart is pure....
    Till I am wholly Thine....
    Until this earthly part of me
    Glows with Thy fire divine...."

    David Bryant is also president and founder of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI). A new mission of COPI is a project called "Proclaim Hope!" which has three major goals:

    * Preaching Christís Supremacy
    * Awakening Hope Fully
    * Empowering the Church

    Bryant passionately proclaims this message through a variety of outreaches, all focusing on "proclaiming a message that promotes nothing less than a national and international awakening to Christ and His supremacy." The message springs from Colossians 1:24-29. If David Bryant comes to your area, you will be inspired to hear his message of hope, based on the promises of Godís Word and what He is doing in the earth today.

    We encourage those readers serious about revival to write to Herald of His Coming for a copy of "An Urgent Appeal." Revival or judgment--we each have a part in determining which it will be!

Christians In Spiritual Warfare

   Mark Bubeck, author of the front-page article of this issue, was led into studying and writing about spiritual warfare as he prayed faithfully for revival and came to realize that the enemy Satan is seriously contesting revival. Christians need to realize the intensity of the battle for revival in which we are involved and need to know how to gird on the armor of God and take part as a Christian soldier in Godís army to bring His glorious will to pass. Various articles in this issue will help sharpen oneís skills in withstanding the evil one and having done all, to stand. Spiritual warfare is not popular with many Christians. It seems distasteful, difficult, demanding. But Godís Word makes it clear that like it or not, we are faced with it. Satan is out to steal and to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). We do well, we do well, therefore, to hearken to Peterís admonition to "be sober; be vigilant...!"

    The battle is intensifying in these last-of-the-age hours. The occult is one area in which the devil is stirring up activity on a great scale. The soon-coming Halloween holiday should find Christians on the watch, weapons of spiritual warfare in hand, "warring with the Word" as Perrymanís article helpfully instructs. "...the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one" (1 John 1:14). God help us all to be overcomers of "the wicked one" and his cohorts in Godís way, with His weapons of warfare!

Children, Teens and Young Adults in the 10/40 Window

   Some of you who have prayed through the previous 10/40 Window calendars are well aware that the 10/40 Window represents an area 10 to 40 degrees north of the equator from Western Africa to Eastern Asia. This is an area where many of the people have never had opportunity to hear the Gospel. It is said to be "the greatest remaining stronghold of Satan." This is why Christians worldwide are urged to join in a month of prayer focused on this area, and this year the focus is particularly on the children, teens and young adults of this area.

    Window International Network has this information to give us: "Of the nearly four billion people living within the Window, approximately 70% are under 35 years of age. Ninety-five percent of the people are still unevangelized. Child prostitution is rampant; malnutrition is on the increase; and millions are without parental guidance. Eighty-seven percent of the people are the poorest of the worldís poor. Every major non-Christian religion is headquartered here: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, indigenous religions and non-religious."

    Here is opportunity to put to use your knowledge of spiritual warfare. The enemy Satan is endeavoring to keep under lock and key untold millions, holding them beyond reach of the blessed Gospel. These people are in a dungeon of darkness, drudgery, doom, death. Jesus would bring to them liberty, light, life and love! It will take more than ordinary praying to bring deliverance from the Kingdom of darkness and translation into the glorious Kingdom of Godís dear Son!

    Printed below the calendar on pages 10 and 11 are prayer points to pray daily. It will pierce your heart as you read of the frightful conditions under which multitudes of the worldís children, teens and young adults live, and for some, it is more proper to say, "under which they exist." Life as God intended it to be is far from them.

    As many Christians around the world join in earnest prayers of faith, and wage spiritual warfare, God will work. Strongholds will tremble, and maybe be brought fully down. We implore you to take part in this very important endeavor. God is counting on us to make Him known throughout the world, that our blessed Heavenly King shall have in actuality the uttermost parts of the earth as His possession!

    You may write to Herald of His Coming for a one-sheet copy of the Window V calendar. It may be reproduced for use in prayer groups, for an entire congregation, etc.

Praise God With Us--

    * For all who for Jesusí sake, take part in Herald of His Coming ministry, helping to prepare a holy Bride for the Heavenly Bridegroom, and helping to fashion her into the praying, soulwinning Body she must be in this late hour.

Please Pray With Us--

    * That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coming to instruct and strengthen readers to be victorious in the unavoidable spiritual warfare of this hour.

    * That God will move hearts whom He would use as stewards to maintain Herald of His Coming ministry financially. Thank God for faithful stewards who now help so wonderfully, but additional funds are needed.

    * That more readers will commit themselves to serious praying for Herald of His Coming ministry and the Herald International editions, that these works of God will be all He wants them to be.

    * For Brother George Okae, Herald representative in Ghana, whose wife Janet has died. Pray also for children Samuel, Monica and Ernestina.

    * That Herald readers will send names and addresses of new readers to whom we may have the privilege of mailing Herald of His Coming

    * That those in leadership in Herald of His Coming will understand clearly Godís direction in various decisions to be made about additional staff, future location, etc. God has thus far guided us to "pleasant places" and we are very grateful.

    * For greater movings of Godís Holy Spirit than we have previously seen, that the Church will be purified and revived and empowered to bring in the harvest before the consummation of all things!