Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


   I am writing to renew my subscription to the Herald of His Coming magazine and also to thank you for the blessing that the paper has been to me over the years as an evangelist for my church. I have been using the various years compilation of the magazine since 1982 as resource material when I need to prepare on a certain subject or topic. They make good reading material to edify and strengthen in times of difficulties. Kindly thank those who have made it possible for us to receive free subscription for me and I pray that God continue to bless you for your good work.


    I am writing to express my profound gratitude to the Heavenly Father for all He has done in my life through Herald of His Coming. The articles and messages on prayer, evangelism and revival have helped me and some of the brethren in my church to long for a Holy Spirit revival in this town. As we were led by the Spirit of God about four of us had daily night vigils in fervent prayer for this revival from April 1st to April 30th. In the month of May, still believing God for the revival, we have decided to wait on the Lord three nights (Mon., Wed., and Fri.) every week. His grace has been tremendously sufficient for us as His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. We are all in our twenties and would want you to pray along with us for revival in Nigeria…


    Since I am a new subscriber, I’d like you to know that Herald of His Coming has a lot of precious seed to be sown in one’s hungry soul. So far, I have drawn considerable strength and support from the illuminating articles and news briefs from around the world. Please accept a contribution for postage expenses of Herald of His Coming....


    May God bless you for your faithful mailing until now and in the future. I have been encouraged by the Herald of His Coming the last eight years and encourage others too. Many people have no time to read but to talk, so I read and talk with them, so please the Herald is my good encouraging mail. I have been so touched by it…


    I thank God so much for the Herald of His Coming. It has assisted us so much in our family to grow spiritually and also in getting materials for our sermon preparation, especially now when we are involved in the student ministry in Kenya. We are out almost every weekend ministering in High Schools. Please know that what you are doing in that office is worth it and is reaching many souls around the world. I would be most grateful if you would continue sending me this magazine. I know that the Lord has enabled you to send this magazine to thousands of the Herald readers through love offerings from friends of Herald of His Coming. I don’t want to miss this blessing also; I have today sent a money order of my love offerings to the local office of Herald in Nairobi.


    I thank God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving regular issues of the Herald for almost a year. I must testify that I have learned things, which I never knew before. Herald of His Coming has made me to grow in grace, and with its insistence on the need of revival, I tell you that the fire is already in my bones and it is spreading rapidly to the little congregation I am handling here. In short, things are taking a new turn for the glory of God. So please keep me on the mailing list for a regular supply.


    Please find a cheque enclosed for Herald International. I am so grateful for the papers sent to me each month and I really am blessed, encouraged and strengthened by such anointed messages. Thank you.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending to me the monthly edition of Herald of His Coming and the classic books in magazine format when requested. These materials are rich with spiritual food. We enthusiastically share the "Good News" with many other brethren that we fellowship with. We all realize that we can’t afford to miss such great blessing brought to us contained in each edition. I would be very grateful if you keep my name on the mailing list of Herald of His Coming….


    I want to assure you the Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to our family and neighbors. It is part of our Bible Study in our interdenominational cell group, perhaps the best so far. Some brothers including myself use the sermons as our preaching themes, which have resulted in so many souls being saved. One interesting fact is that my house has been chosen as a house cell, perhaps because of the availability of the Herald of His Coming journals. I have wanted to include some addresses for them to receive their own copies because seldom I keep mine in the house. If you stop sending us the journal, we shall lack our heavenly supper or dinner. We are revived and properly fed.


    Thank you very much for the lessons you send us through the widely read newspaper, Herald of His Coming. It’s so helpful to my Christian life. It encourages me to continue in the Christian life and to be strong…


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming each month. This paper with very important and interesting articles is a blessing for me, and coming to me from your great country, the United States…


    Thank you very much indeed for the Herald of His Coming papers we have continued to receive from you. These papers always continue to be a great source of information, encouragement and spiritual enlightenment to us. The articles also serve to strengthen our faith in a loving God, which we so much need in these trying times in which we live…


    For the past two years I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming magazine. I am very grateful to God and the Ministry of Herald of His Coming in enlightening me concerning the deeper truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The truths of holiness, sanctification, repentance and the deeper anointing of the Holy Spirit have been so real to me. I cannot express how much I have been helped by this paper. Please keep sending me the papers. Currently I am doing missionary work in the Central African State of Rwanda, training leaders using these materials and other materials.


    Today I am very happy because I am able to send gift, may the Lord bless. Together with my wife we send our birr to Herald of His Coming, Addis Ababa office. Dear Herald of His Coming staff, I am very glad for Herald of His Coming. They are teaching me God’s way. They are filling me always, and helping me in my ministries. The articles found in the papers strengthen me and enlighten my spiritual eye. The Heralds are not artificial message, but they contain the blessed truth of the Gospel!…


    Greetings to you in the name of Jesus! I have been subscribing to the Herald now for eleven years – from the time I was a babe in Christ. Now the Lord is working in me to do His will and good pleasure to bring me to maturity. I have received the Herald faithfully, reading the wonderful news of the gospel and growing by reading some of the most inspirational Holy Ghost articles. I used to devour these articles as they were food for my spirit, and they still are challenging me in my salvation. Some of the most beautiful articles have been on prayer. They have given me a spiritual momentum to go to higher dimensions in prayer. Keep going for the Lord and His Kingdom, and keep the Herald coming to me.


    Nearly two years ago two brothers in our church asked if I would help them start a prayer meeting that would meet each Thursday at the church. For months only three would attend from our congregation. God as always is faithful. The three of us continued to meet for scripture and prayer. On Sunday the pastor from the pulpit made mention of how many have sent their prayer requests for jobs, sickness, salvation for loved ones, and healing. Again, God is faithful. Now he has begun to encourage the congregation to come out and pray. The Herald of His Coming has been a great help in encouraging me to remain faithful to our Saviour, and not give up.


    Bless Herald of His Coming for its inspired teachings. I am always encouraged to pray more and believe more and win more souls when I read Herald of His Coming. Be not weary in well doing!


    Thank you for doing our Lord’s work. Many issues of Herald of His Coming have blessed us at my home and church…the Lord used the Herald issues on prayer to start our men’s Saturday morning prayer meeting. God bless you!