An Urgent Appeal To Christian Leaders
 By Rich Carmicheal

    Herald of His Coming would like to call your attention to a very important document prepared by the National Revival Network of Mission America, with input from nearly 100 national Christian leaders. The document, An Urgent Appeal to Christian Leaders in America for Consensus and Collaboration on the Biblical Nature and Hope of Corporate Revival, is designed to stimulate Christian leaders to focus on and to work toward revival in America. The following survey of the title helps clarify the purpose of the document:

Urgent--We are standing at a crossroads moment in the life of the American church. Many believe we are at the threshold of a season of either revival or further judgment.

Appeal--This is an invitation to give immediate attention to the topic of revival. The document is consciously prophetic, calling Christian leaders to repent and wait on God with expectant hearts.

Christian Leaders--If a new work of God is on the horizon, the leaders must lead the way, and must do so together.

In America--This document addresses all U.S. Christian leaders, at all levels, in all parts of the Body of Christ, across ethnic, denominational, generational, and ministerial boundaries. Further, it deals preeminently with the condition, needs, and hopes of the American church. However, most of the document is relevant to Christians worldwide.

For Consensus--This Appeal does not require total agreement or total uniformity of thought. Instead, as one dictionary puts it: Consensus means: ...expression of common vision on which common action can be taken.

For Collaboration--Urgency requires more than intellectual assent. Leaders must also find ways to act together to meet the challenge of the hour.

Biblical--This Appeal is to Christian leaders who see the Scriptures as the final authority and ultimate measure of truth on the subject of revival.

Hope--This refers to any God-given vision for the future that is shaped by the Christ-centered promises of the Scriptures.

Corporate--Revival deals with the affairs of Christís church. In Scripture it is preeminently a corporate phenomenon. Thus, this document speaks primarily to corporate revival. At the same time, it recognizes that community-wide renewal will always include the reviving of individuals.

Revival--The document discusses our need for revival, provides definitions for revival and offers hope for revival in our generation.

    Each section of An Urgent Appeal closes with a series of questions designed to help small groups of Christian leaders (such as local ministerial fellowships or pastoral prayer groups) engage and pray through the material. This interaction promises to help these leaders develop a common heart and vision for revival as well as an increased longing and expectation for revival.

    A 38-page edition of the document is available through Herald of His Coming. If you are a Christian leader, please feel welcome to write to us and request copies for yourself and for other leaders whom you want to invite to work through the material with you. If you are not a Christian leader, you may want to request a copy to share with your pastor or other Christian leader. The complete text of the document is also available at (the web site for the National Day of Prayer Committee).

    Over the next few months Herald of His Coming will include excerpts from the Appeal. In this issue see "The Seasons of God" on page 6.