Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Many thanks for the continued supply of Herald of His Coming. Every issue brings a blessing to me and causes me to pray much in Christ Jesus for you all. Oh how relevant is the front page article for August 2001! Indeed, we here, of the Lord’s Vineyard in Scotland do cry out daily – "Come down, Lord, we beseech Thee."
    Our little country, once the home of the great Samuel Rutherford and the Covenanters, has declined into a great apostasy. Denial of our Saviour’s deity, His virgin birth, His efficacious shed blood, His resurrection even, is lacking to be heard from many pulpits! Yes, sadly we look upon these things and weep to God our Saviour for our beloved church.
    Then, Oh Glory, we remember the words of our blessed, precious Jesus: "The gates of hell shall not prevail against His church." Precious promise from a precious Redeemer!
    But still we mourn and cry out to God for a great revival of His people. Therefore, we join our prayers with yours, we join our tears with yours and we join our heartfelt repentance with yours. Be assured of our fellowship in prayer with you. There must be hundreds of small groups of dedicated saints like you and us throughout the world and all calling as one to Christ Jesus. Yes indeed: "We beseech You–Come down, Lord!"


    I am greeting you by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a Mosotho girl who serve the Lord as my Redeemer and Saviour since 1992. I am so thrilled to write and point out that Herald of His Coming has put my soul on fire for Jesus. I am blessed in having learned a lot through reading it. It courages me. I always feel blessed whenever I read this magazine. It persuades me to be zealous for the Lord…As we are a small group of people or team, we are praying for revival here in Lesotho. The Herald has brought many benefits to us. It shows us the way how to walk with Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father in our daily lives. For these reasons I would like to thank God who is full of love to help us through you.


    Thank you for the constant free supply of the Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving these messages for close to two years now and it is a great source of encouragement and blessing to me. I started receiving the Herald when I was just six months old in the Lord. Little did I know that it is going to sustain me in the faith. The messages have helped me to know the times that we are living in, and that in a time like this, one is supposed to be serious with God more than ever before. The Herald has helped me to know some of the deep things of God and His mind in times like this. I should be most grateful if you will be good enough to continue sending this inspiring newspaper nourishing me with the Word of God.


    Thank you for being so faithful of sending a Herald of His Coming. Being a coordinator of correspondence it helps me a lot in our Bible study and our devotion. Some articles are very useful in my ministry. May Lord God bless you all!


    I am writing to say that Herald of His Coming has really been a blessing and inspiration to us here. I and my family are missionaries here in Guyana, and we always pass the Heralds on to the other new believers here after we read them. Everyone really enjoys them! Thank you, and may God bless the Herald ministry!


    I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Brethren, I am very happy with what Herald of His Coming is planting in me, which indeed our Heavenly Father is increasing. As a leader in an evangelism team in our church, I am really helped and encouraged. May God bless and meet your needs…


    Thanking you for the Herald, it is a treasured writing that has lasting value. I look forward to receiving this literature which I share with my friend. Please send me some of the salvation heralds. I meet people, young people, who are seeking peace and hope that I could give the salvation herald to them.


    Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming paper continually since April of this year. The articles found in the Herald paper strengthen me spiritually and help me to live in righteous life. It gives me the burden to pray for church growth in other countries and for a great number to receive Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. Through prayers I’m experiencing the power of God in my daily life. Every time I read an article I get new knowledge about God’s love to His people and receive vital messages from our Lord. Herald of His Coming paper enables me to read and share God’s messages from different people around the world. May God continually bless the Herald ministry forever…


    I would like to thank you sincerely for the Heralds that you have been sending so faithfully to me for nearly fifteen years now! It is very rare to receive such a blessed publication that contains such rare gems containing God’s Word. Every issue has been such a treasure to others and me at the church that I attend. If they have all been taken, I am always asked if there are more!…To read the blessed content in the Herald of His Coming, gives me great confidence to walk the Christian walk, so please continue to keep me on the mailing list. Thanks again and God bless all of you that make the Herald possible.


    I have been enjoying very much reading every issue of the Herald of His Coming. It has been a source of uplifting for my spiritual life and good resource materials for my reading and spiritual knowledge of the Word of God. Thank God for this ministry to reach out to God’s people and the unbelievers.


    Herald of His Coming has greatly enriched my life and ministry among the youths. I started reading the magazine from a friend before writing you in June 1999, and ever since there has been a tremendous spiritual growth and much impact made in the lives of the young people I lead. I rejoice not only because my life and ministry have been blessed by it but also because Herald of His Coming is seen standing on and teaching the truth in its sincerity and entirety even at a time when all we see around us is perversion of the truth. I am greatly encouraged to hear that I can still be sent copies of the Herald of His Coming even though I have not assisted financially. I desire to do so but am unable yet because I am still a student; nevertheless, I am praying for you…


    The Herald works to revive and encourage me, giving me good lessons in spiritual life in the way of our Lord Jesus Christ. I always pray for you to be kept and sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord.


    I was saved by the grace of God three months ago…Ever since I was saved and baptized, I have a strong craving for Christian literature considering that my town is small and has no well equipped or up-to-date Christian library. Whilst at the university, I used to have access to things like the internet electronic mail, etc. but now nothing though these facilities are available, too expensive to the local people like me. I would be more than delighted if you send me all the issues or copies of the Herald of His Coming back dating from January 2001 to date, I promise that I will start contributing for more revival materials when I start work…


    Thank you once more and God bless you for faithfully sending me my monthly package of the Spirit-inspired and spiritually nutritious Christian paper. There is always a message to inspire the heart, to set the eyes to weeping, to start the heart throbbing to know God more, to create an unquenchable desire in the soul, to shake the flesh to its very roots, and to make the Spirit-filled soul set itself to action. God bless you abundantly…


    On August 8th, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Instead of spending money for some kind of celebration, we decided to donate that money to the Herald of His Coming publication. This anointed paper has been a great blessing and has enriched our spiritual growth for many years. We recently read an article in one of the Heralds of someone else doing this and it inspired us to do the same. What better way to celebrate fifty wonderful years of marriage and God’s generous blessings in our life, than furthering the Kingdom of God! May God richly bless this publication and website!