Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page.


   Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming.  It has been a great blessing in my life and ministry ever since many years ago as a young Christian I came in contact with this Spirit-filled, magazine at church in my own country.  It is such a blessing, after many years travelling, always in the interest of the Kingdom, that I am able to have the Herald once more.  It is as spiritually rich and challenging as ever.

   God has used the Herald of His Coming to challenge me to make a total commitment of my life to Christ, to strive daily to maintain a life of holiness before Him and to pray and work for the evangelization of the lost.  I am ever grateful to the Lord for the Herald.  I read each issue eagerly and thoroughly.  I have been reading and re-reading the October 2000 issue with the heart-stirring articles on repentance.  With the November 2000 issue, it is in every way rich and spiritually motivating.  For me, the theme of repentance is especially helpful and timely.  It helps me to open up my life to the Spirit’s searchlight, to pray more intensely and seriously, to honestly expose my life--my true inner self, thoughts, motives and all--for closest examination by God and His Word. 

   I am pastoring a new work here and the going is hard.  Please keep sending me the Herald.  I could use a dozen to distribute among some pastors here who would be blessed by it.  As I do with my own copies, I ask my target to please pass it on after reading.  If it’s not too much, I would like some copies to place each month with three public libraries with whose librarians the Lord has enabled me to establish a good rapport....Thanks....  


   I have been richly blessed by some past editions of the Herald of His Coming I borrowed from a Christian sister.  I have read some of the articles many times over, meditated on them and set out to obey them.  As a leader I have shared with our congregation some of the articles and we have prayed through the messages in our lives.  Yesterday at our teaching meeting I read to the congregation, “World Evangelism--It Can Be Done” by C. T. Studd.  We were all blessed and putting it in our local situation, we saw that the evangelism of all of Uganda can be done.  We committed ourselves afresh to the task.  As a missionary working in Uganda the article stirred my heart afresh to take up some heroic action to see that this nation is reached for the Lord....  


   Herald of His Coming blesses us very much, especially as we do not have any Evangelical fellowship nearer than 35 miles.  We live in a rural location with no public transport.  Herald of His Coming has been our “church” as regards teaching in three different foreign lands to which the Lord sent us over the past 20 years, and we thank Him for it.  It’s a fantastic prayer/intercession encouragement; we’ve also started putting our copies into the Public Library in our nearest town (with prayer, of course).  Please accept our donation....  


   I beg you not to drop me out of the Herald mailing list.  From the time I started receiving the Herald, it has been my indispensable diet, nourishing my spiritual life as a student, while sharing the gospel with my contemporaries....  


   I am grateful for the regular Herald of His Coming which lifts my soul.  I am a new convert and next from the Bible, it is the regular Herald of His Coming that gives me guidance and advice, as I was living in a Moslem country.  It gives me courage and gives meaning to my life.  


   I am grateful to God for reaching out and blessing many people including me--through Herald of His Coming magazine.  Reading the Herald always challenges me to pray more fervently, be more holy personally and to draw closer to God.  The articles have a way of stirring up a burning desire within me for more of God and more of His power within me.  I have been truly blessed by the Herald, which is why I introduced my friends and relatives to the magazine.  


   I would like to continue to receive Herald of His Coming.  It is helping us a lot in our spiritual lives.  It is building us up.  In our Lord Jesus Christ we have joy.  We are also using the Herald in our prayer meetings and the Bible studies.  It is a very good paper.  Our Lord is so good.  I am very happy.  I love our Lord.  We are also reaching the unreached people....  


   I express gratitude that you sent me during two years Herald of His Coming.  It very much helped me!  I am glad each time when I receive fresh number of this newspaper.  Each time it has something new, fresh and necessary.  Some parts I translate for our leaders of church for them to preach.  It is pleasant to all leaders.  I find very much for myself in each issue.  Sometimes God convicts me, and sometimes God inspires me.  It is very necessary for my spiritual growth....

   Our church is young and I am a young pastor also.  We believe that the awakening will come to our city.  We have in our city six home groups and one group, which we have spread in one settlement.  This year if God will allow, we shall begin a job in one settlement, which is far from our city, but I see necessity of this action.  In that settlement live about 5,000 people.  Our city is considered small under Russian standards.  Only 30,000 people live in it.  And in this city there are no other churches except for ours.  Therefore receiving Herald of His Coming, I receive enthusiasm to work further for the glory of God....  


   Thank you for your continual mailing of Herald to me.  It has been great blessing to myself and to others.  It enriches my spiritual growth that I may share with groups in our communities and inspiration of teaching in our cell group...Thank you!  


   Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming.  It has blessed and been a great help to me by reading and applying it to my life and help to others with whom I share.  


   I have been receiving this vessel of inspiration and illumination since my second year in the university.  Now I have finished my first degree and pursuing a second, while I work as a lay pastor in a shanty inner city of our capital.  Herald of His Coming has been a prompt encouragement for me in the highway of holiness and true biblical Christianity--features of Finney, Tozer, Tippit, Ravenhill and Klassen.  Please, we are praying for you so be further encouraged.  We are closer to a revival, no room for pessimism nor for empty optimism.  Ours is called faith!

   I enjoy the series from the “Heart-Cry for Revival.”  They have helped me to see clearer how much we need the Lord’s quickening.  We will pray and subdue the flesh; take hold of the Lord until He shows us a cloud of His fire, even if it is only the size of a man’s fist.  We are blessed by the Herald ministry and will support it by the Lord’s supply.  Brethren, you refresh our soul.  


   Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming.  As soon as I receive the paper, I glance through it and then I read every bit of it during my leisure.  The paper is immensely helpful to our church ministry.  We really need the revival in our churches and among Christians in this country.  “News and Prayer Briefs” are very helpful in knowing about the churches and Christians in other parts of the world.  This information helps us to remember the suffering brethren in our various church prayers.  I save the papers and plan to compile a series of messages on revival to preach them to my congregation and elsewhere.  Thank you again for sending this helpful Christian literature regularly free of cost.  We will continue to pray for this ministry.  


   My wife and I celebrated thirty-six years of marriage yesterday!  Praise God.  We are not of the world, therefore we do not celebrate like the world.  We belong to Jesus Christ.  Enclosed you will find our gift to the Herald to be used as you are led of the Lord.  Instead of spending this on our anniversary, use this for the Gospel message of our King of kings and Lord of lords.  We remain forever praying for this ministry.  


   I appreciate the quality of the Herald of His Coming paper.  I find it very interesting and the messages a great new source of reading to follow along with the reading of God’s Word.  It keeps the fire burning within as I read, very uplifting and encouraging me in the Lord as I read and study....  


   Again we were blessed by Herald of His Coming.  One of the articles gave me what I needed to write an article for our local newspaper’s “Church Page.”  God is moving us and our church toward a true revival.  The Herald is a real help.  Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church....  


   Thank you for your response to our letter.  The books you sent have already been placed in our library and some of our inmates are already enjoying them....I’d also like to thank you for sending us 50 copies of the Herald of His Coming on a monthly basis.  Our inmates were requesting this and it seems to be very popular with them.  Thank you for supporting our ministry....