Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for the blessed teaching on repentance I received from the October issue of the Herald of His Coming. The Holy Spirit had been ministering to me repeatedly during my quiet times with the Lord, the message "If the children of God repent, I will send a revival," during the month of September. I did not understand this message because I thought it was more appropriate and meaningful for the Holy Spirit to say, "If the sinners repent, I will send a revival." I thank God the Father for completing what He had started to reveal to me (Phil. 1:6). The blessed and inspired teaching by Richard Owen Roberts, "The Urgency of Repentance" made me understand clearly that it was the children of God who had to repent for God to send a revival....


    It is by the grace of the Lord that I am able to communicate to you after quite a long period of time. I have been out of job for over one year and so I left town to stay at home in the upcountry reserve. Though Herald of His Coming used to reach me there every month, bless me and even encourage me abundantly, I have not been able to write back due to financial condition. I have been praying that you donít drop me out from the mailing list and it is like God is hearing my prayers, glory be to Him, and thank you so much for not forgetting me. The Herald is a blessing to many here because I lend it out to friends and it even helps us share during our midweek fellowships called "Home Bible Cells." As a result of this, fellow brethren have suggested that I request you to send us at least four copies in our church to help us grow spiritually.

    I hope to start sending my gifts as soon as I receive my dues. I resumed my job last month. Currently our government is laying off employees in large numbers in a move called "retrenchment." Help us pray that Christians who are retrenched may be strengthened at heart to accept it with courage. Also help us pray that the spirit of "Devil worship" which is thriving in this nation, especially in schools, be destroyed in Jesusí Name.


    As a local missionary in Papua New Guinea doing evangelism and church planting, I almost gave up this "Great Commission" work when Iím encountering difficulties. But now I have a very good reason to carry on the work because my life takes on a new direction through the printed page of the Herald. Itís been well over six months since I enlisted to the Herald mailing list. Within these six months I am totally changed, transformed, nourished, encouraged, revived and well prepared to meet any challenges ahead. Hallelujah! Itís the call of God and itís the Lordís doing--not manís. Keep up the good works for our many prayers are right behind you.


    I am a pastor in the northern part of Nigeria. I got in the mailing list of the Herald of His Coming courtesy of a member of the church. I want to thank God for the work He is doing through Herald of His Coming. Of recent, God has been laying in our hearts the need for prayers if we are to see revival and impact better on our community. We pray on Fridays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in response to the urge. The September issue of the Herald of His Coming, which focused mainly on prayers, has been a great encouragement as a person. It is like a confirmation that we are on the right track....It gave me a broader vision of the great commission after reading reports from various parts of the world. I also saw the dear need for more labourers in the vineyard. By the grace of God I hope to be praying for the different areas of need as you mention them in Herald of His Coming. I will encourage the church to do the same....


    I read a portion of Herald of His Coming of May 2000 with the warning of the removal from the mailing list of names of people who made no contact with the office since 1998. I am one of such people, the reason being that since August 1998 till now I am committed (from homeland Zimbabwe) to external operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a soldier. Here there is no church fellowships and I am far away from other Christians. The Herald of His Coming has been my everything as far as spiritual life is concerned, and it sustained my Christianity to this day. Please continue sending the paper. If possible, I also need supplementary readings. I think they would be of importance in sustaining my faith as a soldier in this desert area.


   Herald of His Coming has been a great help to me in my everyday life. Brethrens, being a child of the living King I have been in troubles on every side, but I know and learn that itís all come to make me strong, and this Herald of His Coming magazine is helping me a lot. Although I read and study my Bible, I love to read and study this revival blessing paper that I think itís a gift from God. I pray and trust God that He will continue to shower His blessing on this ministry....


    My sincere thanks for sending me Herald paper. I am very much blessed as I am reading the articles. I have learnt many things I never knew before on topics like prayer, revival and many others. I am just a new-born baby in Christ, so Herald paper is increasing my faith....


    I had been receiving Herald of His Coming ever since I started in the ministry. It has proven to be a great blessing for me. Some of my sermons and teaching materials were taken from it. God had used it powerfully to enrich my faith and fruit in Him....


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming continuously for a year now. Thank you with all my heart. I am schooling here. It is only here that I experienced God tremendously. I am experiencing His faithfulness to me and in return I am faithful to Him, because I love Him. Herald has helped me a lot....


   I acknowledge receipt regularly of copies of Herald of His Coming, which are so alive and helpful. I had been serving in Godís field for about six years. I began as a church elder and later on I am serving Him as a local evangelist. With the help of this Herald which I started receiving in 1983 when I was in High School, I still value its messages and apply them in my ministry. So far we are erecting a new building for a new branch in order to accommodate those who are being saved. I always pray for Herald ministry that it should never flag in its activity.


    Iím thrilled with the Herald of His Coming. Everything is dropped when it comes. And Iím always blessed and have learnt much through reading it. Haleliwia (Welsh spelling). Iím sending a gift. The Lord is my generous provider. I lack nothing, better off spiritually and financially than Iíve ever been in my life. I celebrated my 90th birthday last month praising Him. Joyfully His.


    Iím really glad to receive my first copy of Herald of His Coming. It is real solid meat for our familyís spiritual growth.


    I want you to send me Herald magazine, because I would like it very much. Last month I was in a Bible school. I saw Herald magazine in the library. I read it and got many spiritual strengths and energies, so please send me Herald of His Coming.


    I usually get Herald of His Coming from a brother in Christ. This has always ignited fire in my heart to be faithful to the Lord and to be committed to His work. I should like to kindly request you to add my name to the list of those to whom you send the Herald of His Coming monthly. During a period of trial and suffering, the Herald was a source of encouragement and sustenance. It helped me to go through....


    Thanks much for the goodly Herald literature. Keep up the good work. The literature is a great source of inspiration to our entire church group.


The faithful Herald ministry through the years has kept revival and prayer as a focus for me and in my ministry, supporting my pastoral responsibilities. Praise God for the Moores -- Home with the Lord now -- and for each of you....