Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


     I’m a 25-year-old boy, a born again Christian living here in our beautiful nation, Namibia.  Thank you for sending me the copies of the Herald.  Today I’m leading a Bible Study group of 165 students, and I’m finding Herald of His Coming to be the source of all teaching to these hungry souls.  Thank you very much for this holy paper of the Word of God.  May God the Almighty bless you richly. 


     I am one of the people who has benefited a lot from the Herald of His Coming ministry.  The articles that are written by the great men of God have been so inspiring, challenging, motivating and uplifting.  The Herald of His Coming has made a tremendous impact in my Christian life.  I have been encouraged by the magazine to continue looking to God even as I am alone in this area without someone to encourage me.  The magazine has been my mentor as a church leader who is a layman in this area.  It is through reading that I have come to learn to pray for revival in my own personal life.  So please don’t drop me out of the mailing list of those who receive free copies of Herald of His Coming journals… 


     I would like to salute you for such a good magazine.  Every month the Herald contains soul-touching articles.  It helps me to pause a while and think about my life and which direction I’m headed.  It rejuvenates my soul, especially when I’m bogged with human frailties.  Though I am a born again Christian I am learning new things that I never knew before.  I hope and pray the Herald will be always accompanying me and guiding me. 


     I am a missionary and I am really thrilled to receive Herald of His Coming each month.  The content is very uplifting, upbuilding and faith inspiring.  I make use of the material in my ministry.  May God bless you… 


     Recently I started receiving the Herald of His Coming and I have been blessed abundantly.  I am a student of Makerere University and born again.  The Herald has the right material for my generation.  I am short of words to express myself because I have a desire to serve the Lord Jesus as a missionary and I have found a great wealth of information in this paper…I would like to request that I continue getting the Herald of His Coming because it is a great blessing to us.  Our pastor uses Herald of His Coming often to prepare sermons.  One particular article, which was written by Studd, was read and it challenged us into missionary careers as youth.  The Herald is doing great work.  Keep it up.  God bless you. 


     Thanks so much for the Herald articles you have been sending to me.  They have been helpful and encouraging indeed.  May the Almighty God bless Herald of His Coming wherever it goes.  Let it change the lives of people as it has changed my life and ministry. 


     Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  May God receive the glory for the global ministry to the universal church Herald of His Coming ministry offers.  I regret my failure to renew my name in the mailing list for the past four years.  This has had negative effects in my spiritual life, especially in my prayer life.  I really need motivation and inspiration that the Herald paper has always given me monthly.  Please, urgently put my name on the monthly mailing.  I urgently need revival. 


     I sincerely thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  Please continue to send it.  Such spiritual materials are not available in my country.  The articles have been blessing for us.  I pass it to my mother.  She reads and shares the blessings with me and other ladies at church.  This is a Muslim country and needs prayer.  The recent articles about revival spoke to my heart.  I believe if we continue to pray and seek the Lord with all our hearts, God will send revival and the Gospel can be preached openly in this country.  May God bless you richly. 


     It has been a blessing to receive Herald of His Coming monthly.  I thank God for the ministry at Herald of His Coming.  I am sure that it blesses many of us who are pastors and encourages with its Spirit inspired messages.  The messages touch deep down inside me.  I know it costs a lot to send me individual copies of the magazine.  Thank you very much for keeping me in the Herald mailing list. 


     It is both strengthening and refreshing with special comfort to my Christian life when I am reading the Herald paper.  They deepen my vision, inspire my soul and cause me to have a closer relationship with the Lord.  I want to thank God for the past six years I’ve been receiving Herald of His Coming.  So please do continue sending me them each month and pray for me… 


     Thank you for mailing monthly issues of Herald of His Coming to me regularly.  I’m indeed grateful.  I’ve been receiving Herald of His Coming for now about twelve years.  I’ve grown spiritually through reading the paper.  I started receiving the Herald when I was just young in the faith.  Now I’m a pastor.  Still God be praised because I and the workers under me in our church here are praying for revival.  The Heralds have changed my life, ministry and my wife.  Whenever I face difficulties in ministry as a young man, Herald encourages me as my teacher… 


     I am thankful to God for how you have been helpful to me through Herald of His Coming.  Being Jesus’ follower, Herald of His Coming gives me more spiritual insights.  Being a preacher, Herald helps me in sermon preparation.  Being a pastor, Herald is encouraging and teaching me more in my pastoral ministry.  Therefore, I would like to ask you to continue to send me Herald papers. 


     Please keep Herald of His Coming coming to us.  This is for a home for unwed mothers in the Philippines.  The girls and the staff read the paper.  They enjoy it, and it has been a blessing to us here.  We appreciate the Herald ministry! 


     Thank you very much for the Herald of His Coming, which I receive from you time and again.  From the Herald I am now a strong church leader.  When I share the messages from the Herald to many people, that caused them to receive Jesus as their personal Saviour… 


     I am writing to express my profound gratefulness to you for continuing to send me the soul-inspiring Herald of His Coming for all these years.  The Herald of His Coming has greatly helped to build a solid foundation in my Christian life.  I have been made a deacon in my local assembly and I have been sharing the messages from the Herald with the congregation, which has helped us a lot.  May God richly bless all the people who are helping to share the Word of God with us… 


     I want to say thank you for all the Herald of His Coming issues I received last year.  It has helped me so much to stay on course and to keep the focus… 


     It is almost four years since I began to receive the blessed and anointed Herald of His Coming.  I request that you continue sending me the Herald of His Coming magazines.  Since I started receiving the materials, they have been a great help to the church and me.  They have brought revival in our fellowship.  The Herald has challenged my life and now we have formed a prayer team.  Every evening we meet because I realize that prayer is as vast as God. 


     The Herald has really been an inspiration and an encouraging blessing to me.  The messages are always shedding light into the dark crevices here on death row and give such hope that my heart anxiously awaits its arrival each month.  Thank you for being such good stewards and I pray God will continue to inspire you each month… 


     I enjoy reading the Word of God in Herald of His Coming.  I am 96 years old and this keeps me and gives me strength.  May God bless you all is my prayer. 


            Herald of His Coming continues to remind me that there’s still a depth in our walk with Jesus, and in and towards that depth, there’s much work to do.  Thank you so much for the encouragement.  What you are doing is effective and helpful.  I’m a living example…