September 2000 Issue

It Is Time To Seek The Lord
By Vance Havner
Seek And You Shall Find
By A. B. Earle
Embracing Godís Word
By Rich Carmicheal
The Heart-Cry of Tears For Revival
By Rev. Al Whittinghill
Praying Hyde
Account by J. Pengwern Jones
Let The Ministers Weep!
By Leonard Ravenhill
An Effectual Prayer
Great Answers To Prayer Are The Result Of Great Desires In Prayer
From the newsletter of Elmer Klassen
The Patience Of Faith
By C. Judd Montgomery
A Broken Spirit
Christ Enthroned
Inviting You To Join The Herald Prayer Force
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International Ė Jewels For The Lord In Sri Lanka
News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279