Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am writing to acknowledge the arrival of my copy of Herald of His Coming and 50 copies of RIGHT CHOICE (Salvation herald). The package arrived just at the right time, when we needed it most. Thank you for this gift.

    I made an amazing discovery a couple of months ago. I found out that an elderly believer that was staying on the other side of the street directly opposite my apartment has been saving his Herald of His Coming papers since the 1980ís. The Herald has brought us together and made us very good friends. While the "Sharia War" was on, I was indoors with the Lord, my Bible and the copies of Herald of His Coming. I thank God for the strength and courage that He gave me during those trying moments to comfort others.

    My elderly friend has gone back to his village after the disturbances. I really miss him and the old copies of the Herald of His Coming that he graciously shared with me. I am convinced that the Lord wants me to still be here in Kaduna for now. The aftermath of the crisis has left us with a lot of open doors. I am praying for the wisdom to effectively exploit all of them. I strongly believe and pray that a mighty revival will spring up from the ashes of the wanton destruction of lives and properties that occurred in Kaduna...


    Please continue to send this missionary the Herald of His Coming. I recently returned from my monthly trip to the Kola Peninsula of extreme NW Russia, where the Lord had been leading me to begin a series on the Holy Spirit. Then when I arrived home to Sweden I opened my mail and found the June 2000 edition of Herald of His Coming and was so blessed to see the issue devoted to the Spirit-filled life. If available, I would like several more copies of this issue for those I have been laboring with in Russia for nearly a decade. Thanks so much for every issue!


    It has been a while since I have been on the Herald of His Coming mailing list. I have missed the revival emphasis in my life. Life here on the mission field is wearing on oneís life. The Herald is one way to build it up again. Could my name be put on the list again?


   Herald of His Coming is a powerful paper that has been of much inspiration to me. It is a Spirit-filled magazine. I am an evangelist in prison. The Herald has been of inspiration as I minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the prisoners. Thank you for using me as a distributor of this magazine for the expansion of the Kingdom of God, even in prison. Most of the people reading Herald of His Coming here are prisoners....They read and pass over the paper to the next person. I receive five copies of the Herald and four copies are given to the leadership in my group in prison, who now share with all who desire to read. The impact of the Herald in the ministry is powerful. The Holy Spirit is moving mountains in the prison through the Herald of His Coming. Praise the Lord! Pray for us, as we do for you. The Herald has helped to transform my own life. I enjoy working in partnership with you.


    I have been baptized ten years before, but had stopped living with the Lord. Now, He brought me to work here so I may have time to know and love Him more. So far from home, sent to this God-forsaken place. Indeed, He calls us by name and will teach our hearts so it will come back to Him.

    I was surprised to receive a Herald of His Coming and am grateful for the person who sent my name and address to you. Itís not easy to be in a Muslim country, but through Godís grace, we have a group that keeps strong in the faith. Herald of His Coming uplifts our spirit and soul during times where there is scarcity of religious resources....


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for over two years now. I have learnt many things I never knew before on topics like prayer, the Holy Spirit, the Word, revival, and many others. As a radio producer working in a Christian radio ministry, the Herald has been a very good resource material for my programme. Many listeners have responded in writing to let us know how the programme has helped them....


    I have been reading the Herald since 1975 when I was in Sri Lanka. It has been giving me spiritual strength and encouragement, especially during the times when I went through sorrow. Some of the articles that gave me the inward strength were, "Donít Waste Your Sorrows," and "Value Your Hard Places." It also helped me to build up my prayer life. I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Herald, which is very inspiring both spiritually and practically. It is indeed helping me to maintain my spiritual standard and is making me to get ready for His soon coming....I am now old and I spend much of my time on my knees and in reading the Word of God. This is helping me to pray for the ministry you are doing right round the world. I also share the Herald with my church friends who also appreciate it....


    Iím privileged to be receiving Herald of His Coming, which keeps me informed about Christians all over the world. I am seventeen and still growing in the Lord. I never want my light to burn out, and Herald of His Coming has been keeping it still glowing for the Lord by teaching about the awesomeness of my God and King. It has helped in painting the true picture of Jesus to me....


    Please continue to send Herald of His Coming. Our country doesnít publish newsletters, and Christian Book stores are only in big cities. I must get Christian material from overseas. I would appreciate if you can continue to send me. Reading this anointed paper encourages and builds me up. I pass it to my friend.


    My sincere thanks for sending me Herald paper the first time I requested for it. I am very much blessed as Iím reading the articles. They have turned to be a medicine to heal my depressed spirit. The Holy Spirit is presently exhorting me to keep fighting for victory and to keep my foot on the devilís neck. The Herald has a wonderful message for my life. I love it....


    You want to know whether you shall continue to send the Herald to me or not. We have home cell Christian family member meetings in our ward in our hometown every Wednesday. On every meeting I convey the important points from the messages of Herald of His Coming. Our Christian family members do appreciate the Herald of His Coming so much, so that I cannot stay without conveying the message of His Coming. I shall be grateful if you continue sending Herald of His Coming as usual....


    Thanks for sending me the Herald of His Coming. They encourage me a lot. They are my leaders. With their anointing I feel anointed when reading. Then I started to humble myself before God and it teaches me to live a better life. I started to receive it in October 1999. I am a brother aged 16 years. I am still at school. There is a lot of corruption here, but I praise God that I overcome the devil. The Herald has strengthened me so that I am praising the Lord all the time....


    We thank the Lord for your love as you kept sending us this precious Herald regularly. It has been such a blessing and such a comfort and light as we were going through "the valley of the shadow of death" and facing heartbreaking situations. Praise to the Lord Jesus, our wonderful Saviour and God, who has been faithful and full of compassion, so gracious in helping us to be more than conqueror in all these trials...


    Thank you for the privilege of receiving Herald of His Coming. I am a pastor at an Assembly of God church here in Kansas. A little over a year ago my mother-in-law subscribed to the Herald for me. In the time period between then and now, I have been enriched by the articles that I have read. It has invigorated my preaching, stimulated my thinking and has encouraged me to continue pressing on toward the great revival that God has promised that He would bring to our community. I pray that together we can reach the lost of this world before Jesus comes!


   Thank you for including me in the mailing list of Herald of His Coming each month. This prison unit is housing for inmates, including me, who have HIV/AIDS. Because of this, few "free world" ministers visit us. But praise God, the Herald arrives faithfully with messages for spiritual growth!