Inviting You To Join The Herald Prayer Force
 By Lois J. Stucky

    Herald Prayer Force is a group of Herald of His Coming readers who commit to pray daily for Herald of His Coming, as the Lord enables. Quarterly each receives requests for prayer which are in addition to those printed in the Herald paper. While we are grateful to every Herald reader who prays for the ministry, we give special thanks to those who make the commitment to help in daily prayer.

    It has been extremely essential to have prayer partners for Herald of His Coming these past few years. This has been a time of transition to new personnel and to a new location. We cannot overstate how much it has meant to the ministry to have friends uniting in prayer with us. In response, our faithful God brought light out of darkness, faith and courage to take the next steps, provision of facilities, and especially, the addition of well-equipped, willing and congenial workers with a heart for God and an eagerness to serve Him, even through the humble messenger, Herald of His Coming.

    Dave and Kim Butts of Harvest Prayer Ministries responded with warmth to our invitation to accept administrative positions with the ministry, and through them we were led to Rich Carmicheal, who assumed the position of publisher. A versatile, devoted Christian, Rich has shouldered with much grace and wisdom the great responsibilities and mountain of work necessary to keep the Herald coming off the press and going out to you readers regularly. You would be blessed as we are, to see the caring heart and the careful hand with which he directs this work of God. His wife, Gail, and his children, Sara and Jon, have graciously given many hours alongside him.

    Another example of Godís provision is Suanne Grey. We wondered how, in this small community, we would find someone to help with the Spanish Herald, "El Heraldo de Su Venida," since none of us knew Spanish. God led to perhaps the only one here who could meet this need. A sweet Christian lady, Suanne is skilled in Spanish even though it is not her first language. She has stepped into the gap with much enthusiasm for the opportunity to serve the Lord.

    Christine Ludlow, completing 28 years with the Herald ministry, with her experience and her cheerful willingness, is great help wherever needed. Gayla Royer, working part-time with bookkeeping and other office routine, is also a God-given boost and blessing.

    In the daily work, the small staff has pulled together through many deadlines, toils, mazes, and computer problems, and by Godís help, as you friends have prayed, we continue to press on to fulfill the task He has given Herald of His Coming to do. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you who has had a part in victories won through your prayers to God for us. Let us together join in giving God thanks and praise!

    As you who pray for the Herald workers do not know most of the details of answered prayer here where we labor day after day in the Herald office and mail room, so none of us knows much of what God does in the hearts and lives of readers around the world through the Herald messages. That is the "primary purpose" for which prayer is needed. Souls saved, lives changed, captives delivered, the hungry filled with the Holy Spirit, the sleeping awakened, the lukewarm revived, the precious rain brought down from Heaven upon a languishing church and a perishing world... For this and more we need to intercede.

    Here are a few remarks from readersí letters to encourage us onward: "The Herald has brought significant changes to my life...The Herald has played a vital role in my spiritual growth...The Herald is making disciples of Jesus..."

    It is a special privilege to strengthen the hands and hearts of servants of God working in hard places. One writes that he is a missionary working among an unreached people group, and the Herald is a major source of encouragement and grace to serve. Another writes of being appointed by his church to a remote and unevangelized area in his country and his only source of reading is his copies of the Herald and the Bible. The messages from the Herald are inspiration to him, and played a part in helping him to establish three churches and to press on to plant more.

    The plea of another is: "Continue to reach our generation. This is the most needy generation of all times, and please, please, donít give up on us! You may be few, but the Lord will make all the difference. Tell all the Herald editors in different lands when you communicate to them that we are standing with them in prayer. We are a breed of people who never faint (2 Cor. 4:1)." Herald International editors take note and give thanks!

Pray about Committing to the Prayer Force

    Someone may be thinking they are unable to fill a place on a prayer force. It sounds like one needs to feel full of vigor or power to be on a prayer force, and that isnít the way you feel. Maybe you are past your "prime" in life, or you havenít reached it yet. Or perhaps you have sorrows and problems of your own that absorb your energy and strength. If you have clean hands and a pure heart, you may be more qualified than you realize (Psalm 24:3-4).

    Iím thinking of a lady who wrote us recently from Britain. She was originally from Sri Lanka, perhaps a refugee who, like some, lost almost everything and perhaps lost some family member dear to her heart, due to the ethnic warfare that has taken disastrous toll there. Whatever the reason, she wrote that she has had much sorrow in life. Two articles she had read years ago in Herald of His Coming, have been of special help to her, she said: "Donít Waste Your Sorrows" and "The Value of Hard Places."

    Doesnít that tell us that although much personal sorrow has been her portion, she has endeavored to benefit from the sorrow and not let it hold her captive? She wrote further that today, as an elderly woman, most of her time is spent in prayer and in reading Godís Word. She is given over to God.

    Do you think there are tears along with her prayers? I think so. Personal sorrows drew her to her knees to weep out her heart before God. Her heart was melted rather than hardened. Low before the Lord in tears, she has come to understand better the compassionate heart of Him who was "acquainted with grief," (Isaiah 53:3), the One who comforted as no other could (2 Corinthians 1:4). His tenderness won her heart. Now her fellowship is largely with Him, and she shares in His griefs. Maybe she prays more with tears than with words.

    As is brought out elsewhere in this issue, Satanís constant effort is to make us chafe against the will of God, to misinterpret Godís dealings with us, to doubt His love, to feel forsaken or even that God is against us. "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" (James 4:7). Do not let your heart be hardened through unbelief! (Hebrews 4:6-7).

    The songwriter says that God is able to "sanctify to thee thy deepest distress." I cannot plumb the depth of that, but it must mean something about Godís using our greatest sorrows and our deepest distresses for holy purposes in our lives. I do not say He sends the sorrows, but He will use them if we surrender ourselves and our wounded hearts to Him. If through lifeís sorrows, we are drawn out of bondage to selfishness into liberty to serve Him and others better, are not we the winners? How wonderful that God, in infinite love and wisdom, can use the thing that threatens to crush us, to free us from fetters of self. He sees better than we do what, in the depths of our being, we really need to be and desire to be. He knows how to bring us into that intimate fellowship with Himself, an intimacy that our hearts crave, and that makes His heart glad.

    So reader friends, if you have a broken and contrite heart, if you do more clinging to God than confidently striding forward, if you have more tears than brave shouts of battle, God has need of you also in His prayer force. God revives the broken and contrite heart (Isaiah 57:15), and is able to use that heart to pray through for revival. Articles in this issue will help you better understand the broken spirit God can use.

    We will be thankful for those of you who will write us and let us know that we may add your name to the Herald Prayer Force mailing list. And even if you do not write, please pray for us! Thank you so much.

Praise God!

* For His faithfulness to His promises to hear and to answer prayer.

* That God has raised up anointed speakers and writers whose messages we are privileged to share with readers around the world, some of whom would never receive these spiritual riches otherwise.

* For friends whose gifts provide the means to print and mail around 94,000 Herald of His Coming papers monthly. Thank the Lord for the significant financial help of readers in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

Please Pray!

* That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coming to strengthen intercessors, and that more of Godís people will hear and respond to His call to join the ranks of intercessors.

* For permanent housing for the Herald ministry, as the rental building that we are in is up for sale.

* For an additional part-time worker to help in areas where the work is falling behind.

* For pastors who request a package of Herald of His Coming to place in their churches to be picked up by interested readers, and that this will prove very beneficial to the churches.

* For sufficient finances to keep the Herald papers rolling off the press and out to many countries of the world. Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of friends who have purposed to give monthly support to help make this possible. Praise God for special one-time gifts He enables some friends to give, which is also very helpful.

* That we will know how to respond to open doors beckoning us to come and help, and that we will recognize which ones God would have us enter.

* For God to spread His wings of protection over His people everywhere, but especially those in lands where opposition to Christianity is strong.

* For a speeding of the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world.

* That God will pour out of His Spirit as promised in His Word (Isaiah 44:3).