Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming has made tremendous impact in my Christian life. It has encouraged me to continue looking to God for all my daily needs. As a church leader, I have come to learn to pray for revival in my own personal life, making me have the desire to become a prayer warrior and soul winner. Each time I read the Herald of His Coming it gives me more insight into the Word of God and helps me grow from grace to grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue sending us the Herald of His Coming.


    I thank God for the way He has been using Herald of His Coming, for it has been a great blessing to me. For a year now I have been receiving the Herald and they have really changed my life, my prayer life and my prayer focus. Missions and revival have become my heart cry as I have been reading the testimonies and prayer requests from the articles...Please, I would love that you include the following beloved brothers of mine so they can equally be edified...


    I have been immensely helped by Herald of His Coming magazine. It is very useful to me for my spiritual development and service to my Lord. I ever remain appreciative of your assistance and wish my subscription renewed. I love the Lord and have dedicated my life to serve Him even here in the rural areas, without access to ministerial materials except what I can get from you and may be some kind friends of the Lord....


    I bless God for giving me the chance to read the Herald of His Coming. I got it from a brother in Christ who works in a Christian book shop, and it has started to ignite fire in my heart to prevail in prayer. The paper was talking about united prayer, and blessed me too much. The Herald has led me in a new way of commitment into our Lord Jesus. I wish to start having my own copies, and if itís possible, some copies more to give to some other brothers in the biblical group of my school, a group of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students--Senegal. Please add my name to the list of those to whom you send the Herald of His Coming monthly.


    Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming to us. It is much appreciated. It is a paper that "pulls no punches," yet shares from the heart the very Gospel which is in the Word of God itself. How we need leaders that will not compromise the true Gospel even if it means offending peopleís feelings! Jesus had compassion for the people, but He also didnít "mince matters" when it came to eternal values and living a holy and righteous life. God help us to be more like Jesus and not men pleasers!


    Thank you for faithfully sending the Herald. It has helped me with my walk with Jesus. It has brought me to repentance on many occasions.


    I have received the Herald of His Coming on three occasions and appreciate the contents from which I have gained much knowledge and understanding. The Herald of His Coming is truly enlightening and I look forward to receiving further copies.


    It has been quite a number of months of receiving the Herald of His Coming paper from you. My understanding of the Bible is so widened, and I have learnt more and more of the life of a Christian, that our Lord commands us to take up our cross every day and follow Him, and that He promises to be with us all the time and help us conquer. I am growing in my Christian life through the Herald paper in conjunction with the Bible study in Sunday school. Glory be to God! I pray for you.


    I am a Christian. I have been reading several books with interest, but since I met with Herald of His Coming from my friend, I wish I could read more and more of these volumes. Please, could you send one of your new volumes? I can feel a fire burning inside my heart the way I used to when I first met my Jesus. I look forward to receive my desire.


    I am writing to ask you to continue to send me the Herald of His Coming which I have been receiving regularly from you for several years now. It is such a blessing. I send it on to someone in Botswana when I have finished with it, and they really appreciate it. They also pass it on if they have a pastor from another African country visiting them, so it is doing good work. I also pray regularly for the Herald ministry.


    I am getting Herald of His Coming for the past five years. It has helped me to know the Word of God in a systematic way. I am highly blessed reading it, and I use it in my teaching. It has totally changed my attitude toward my reading of the Scriptures. It is coming every month. It is a blessing for my confused and restless soul. Praise the Lord! I am also participating in the world prayer group, having Heraldís prayer schedule for the past two months. I have practiced how to pray and to prepare prayer requests from the Herald. It is a blessing for me that God has revealed the secret of praying for others who are far from the Gospel news. I hope to pray more for the Herald ministry and for the lost souls. I will be in touch with you in my prayer. Jesus will come soon! Maranatha!


    I would like to say how much I enjoy the Herald and the excellent articles which inspire and help me in my walk with the Lord. I especially enjoy articles on prayer. We truly need to pray as God says, "My House shall be a House of prayer." We desperately need to pray for revival in Canada.


    Since becoming saved five years ago, I have been searching for tools to enrich my soul, and Herald of His Coming has fit the bill. I read all the articles cover to cover. The more I read the papers, the more I want to receive them. Please donít stop sending me. I will be looking forward to receiving the next issues of Herald of His Coming.


    Thanks for the faithfulness you have shown to us by continued sending us the Herald of His Coming regularly. It strengthens our spirit and faith, and helps us to know Godís truth....


    I thank you heartily for sending me the Herald of His Coming. In Iran we have not any useful Christian magazine or newspaper because my country is Muslim. That is why we need such inspired material that the Lord brought through the messages of Godís anointed servants. May God bless you, and thank you.


    I am a Ghanaian Christian studying in China. I came across the January and February editions of Herald of His Coming last week, and I was blessed. As you might be aware, getting such inspiring Christian book here is impossible. I am to stay in China for three years, and I want to be a blessing to both Chinese and the foreigners alike. I believe that Herald of His Coming coupled with the Bible will help me to achieve the above mentioned goal. In view of this, I will be very grateful if you could add my name to the regular mailing list so that I could receive the Herald and other equally useful materials to help my spiritual growth....


    I write with a heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving to our Lord and you His faithful servants for Herald papers that we continue to receive . Thank you for sending us the Herald of His Coming. It has been such a blessing to us because where we are living is very dry. We are finding it very hard to get Godís messages because the people here are not Christians. We like the Herald very much to read and we also share the good news of God written in the paper to people. Sometimes they will borrow the paper. It has been a great help in our local church. Keep on. Please donít drop us out of the mailing list of those who receive free copies of the paper.


    The very title Herald of His Coming is as cold waters to a thirsty soul, bringing the good news that Jesus is coming again and telling us how to be ready for that great day. Thank you for the refreshment.


    I feel desperate about the need for spreading the Gospel at this late hour, as I am sure you do. The task seems so great and the lethargy of the church seems to be so great as well. The task of intercession seems overwhelming. I am reminded of how little I can give and how late the hour. God is gracious to revive me when I feel I canít do justice to the task. What a privilege to do what I can! When I open my eyes in the morning I see my world map on the wall and persecuted areas marked in red. I must persevere! Maranatha!