Comforted To Be A Comfort
 By Lois J. Stucky

    Who of us has not had experience with loneliness? It is part of our earthly life. But our blessed Lord makes available to His children grace and comfort to rise above it and to be fitted to minister to others in need. The temptation for some more than others is to nurse loneliness until it becomes self-pity with all its unfortunate and sinful effects in our lives.

    In times of temptation we must flee to the great Three in One above, whose compassionate concern for the child of God brings Them near to help. How precious the thought in Elmer Klassenís article in this issue, of Jesus being the "Friend of friends" to us! How priceless the companionship of the Holy Spirit as R. A. Torrey sets it forth in his article! Might we not grieve Them by bypassing or belittling these most gracious provisions of our Heavenly Father, His two choice Gifts to mankind --the Son and the Holy Spirit. Every Christian is to be a Spirit-filled, Spirit-controlled vessel fit for the Masterís use.

    You may be one on a "desert detour" just now, going through a "great and terrible wilderness." Fear not nor be discouraged. Be reminded by Stephen Friesenís article, that God ordains training periods, difficult though they be, preparing us for the "land flowing with milk and honey," the "promised land." Donít lose heart. Prepare for conquest!

    How every Christian is needed to be their victorious best in this hour! What loss if we are a disabled soldier, entangled in our own struggles to such an extent that we are out of the battle for souls. Religious and secular sources both tell us that there is much loneliness in the world today. The great God whose tender mercies are over all His creation, needs His own dear children to be His instruments of comfort and help to earthís lost multitudes.

    Think of the children who come home from school to a one-parent home where the parent is at work. Alone and without guidance, tender ones are as likely to attempt to fill the vacancy and loneliness with sinful entertainment as with wholesome occupations. Who will gather them to the Good Shepherd along with the little flock of their own they are tending so carefully?

    On the other end of the age spectrum, halls in homes for the elderly are lined with those in wheelchairs. The light has gone out of many eyes that are lifted to see who the visitor passing by might be. A familiar face perhaps? No, and the heart slumps again into loneliness and perhaps hopelessness. Who will take time to give cheer and the word of Eternal hope to such ones?

    A home that used to ring with happiness and love, now is quiet and sad, something like death, divorce, prison bars, drug or alcohol abuse, having broken in to wreck a precious family circle. Or it may be a home where the children have all grown and are busy in their own homes and occupations, with little time for parents. Here are souls to be cherished and brought comfort and hope in Christ. The angel of mercy caring enough to go minister in these homes will likely be one who has poured out pools of sorrowful tears at the feet of Jesus, and received of His comfort and healing, and now goes to comfort others with the same comfort wherewith he or she has been comforted of God. Be such a one, if you can, remembering that our day of opportunity often passes quickly.

    Many a Christian experiences the loneliness of being "out of step" with non-Christians at school or a place of work, because they will not be pressed into the mold of the world, but are pressing on after the Lord. Traveling companions are few on the trail of Godís best. Think especially of those who come to Christ in countries where families and even whole villages are zealously following a non-Christian religion and reject Christianity. The Christian is harassed, or disinherited and ousted altogether. Young people are forced to choose between Christ and losing their opportunity for education and the love of the family dear to them. Who will pray for those who face decisions so difficult for a young Christian to make?

    Christians may feel unaccepted and "out of step" even with other Christians because of having some conviction they feel God has given them which is contrary to that generally accepted. They are criticized or even ostracized It might be God has called to a ministry that is not much respected in the eyes of Christian brothers and sisters. It may mean going on the streets alone when others might be encouraging and going along. Take heart and press on humbly and joyfully in the way God leads, confident of His companionship with you and His reward awaiting you.

    There are those called to a ministry that takes them from loved ones for even years at a time. The loneliness they feel is not as hard to bear as the loneliness they sense they are causing to others by their going. The Christ who has captured our hearts is the Christ of the cross. As the song says, He "suffered, bled and died alone, alone." The cross brings its loneliness but it also brings the sweetest fellowship there can be if we are walking close to Him, leaning on Him, given over to serving Him.

Find Someone in Need;
Help Them Today!

    As well as looking for someone close around you in need of the help you can give, lift your eyes and look at the needy in the regions beyond. Millions and millions, even billions, are without Christ and without hope and comfort in this world or the next. How can we extend our help to them?

    Among many opportunities offered today, Herald of His Coming offers you a means to reach out to people in many countries of the world. The thrust of this ministry is primarily to Christians, calling them to pray and work heartily for revival in the Church and the evangelization of the world. The very title Herald of His Coming reminds readers of that great, coming day for which all the world needs to prepare, as much as it needed to prepare for the flood in Noahís day, fleeing into the ark of safety.

    Zealous distributors in various countries, particularly in Africa, ask us for quantities of papers to share. Their own hearts have been charged with the messages and they see about them a need that stirs them deeply. They would share thousands of copies of Herald of His Coming if we had the means to send them. Can some of you help us put back issues of Herald of His Coming now in storage to good use by sending a gift to mail a quantity to them? Your gift of $20.00 would send 150 Herald papers to a distributor overseas. It is guaranteed that the readers would be considerably more than 150, for literature goes from hand to hand in lands where it is scarce and this is the case in most countries of Africa. What a rich gift you would be giving, friend--the Word of God, backed by the prayers of numerous Herald readers.

    "O earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord!" was the anguished cry wrung from the heart of the prophet Jeremiah, as he delivered the message that God gave him to proclaim. He knew the approaching judgments upon men who would not heed Godís good Word which was aimed to lead them to salvation. Knowing how urgent it is that the Word of God be given to men and women, boys and girls around the world, let us give it as generously as we can. Thank you for whatever help the Lord enables you to send.

    And please remember Herald of His Coming with faithful and fervent prayers, as God enables. Thank you.

Praise God

* For Godís provision through interested friends to continue mailing Herald of His Coming to readers in many countries of the world, and that He is pleased to make the messages a blessing and help to numbers of readers.

Please Pray

* For the salvation of many Jewish people, and that more readers will write us for Jewish salvation heralds, Hear, O Israel, to give to Jewish people.

* That Christians will give strong support to the National Day of Prayer for America on May 4, gathering for corporate prayer and praying earnestly for the desperate need in this land for repentance and turning to God.

* For prepared hearts of the speakers and of all who will attend the "Heart-Cry For Revival" conference May 23-27, and for Godís outpoured blessings on the gathering.

* For a good response from Herald readers who have not written lately but who want to remain on the Herald of His Coming mailing list.

* That more Herald readers will feel led to remember the ministry with monthly financial support.