Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming has helped me so much. I have grown spiritually. It is living up to its name because it says the truth. Furthermore, it suits all denominations.

    As a soldier (Medic) during my tour of duty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), I took with me copies of the Herald of His Coming there. They were very helpful. My colleagues and I organised a Bible study which was very successful up to this day. The Herald helped us a lot. Even though the Bible study group was composed of people of different denominations, through Godís grace the group was in oneness, with one spirit--the same as the Herald.

    Some of the Herald copies ended up finding their way into our military hospital, being read by our patients. Everyone who read a copy of the Herald got blessed and whoever is reading it is being blessed. Carry on with the good work. May our Lord God bless you.


    I am very thankful for the parcel of Christian literature. It arrived safely. I am grateful for you helping me to reach the prisoners here in Ontario, Canada. The men in these institutions are reading these papers at an amazing rate, and their lives are being changed. Praise God! I distribute literature from floor to floor, cell to cell. Even the guards are asking me for them. The reading is precise, inspiring and anointed. We are on the winning side, and the Lord is moving by His Holy Spirit....


    I have received Herald of His Coming for over a year now. I write to let you know how helpful it has been to me. I now have a deeper love and walk with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I have been saved for many years, but was going through a dry period in my Christian life, through lack of spiritual teaching in my church and myself not reading the Bible. Then a friend gave me a Herald to read and sent my name to receive them. I have been praising the Lord ever since. Jesus knows when we need to be fed spiritually. Praise His Holy Name!


    Thank you for your faithfulness to me for sending Herald of His Coming. I find many matters in the Herald which speak similarly to us as in our church. It helps me to grow and be strengthened spiritually. May the God of glory and hope bless the Herald ministry abundantly and let the foundation of your faith remain whole and unshakable in love in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We are one family in Him!


    Thank you for all the Heralds, but especially for the November í99. It is so absolutely an anointed message on prayer. Every article I read contained such a special word. At present my son (and daughter-in-law), Rector of Blannan, is engaged on starting a mission for youth, and a much needed Sunday School. I feel my calling has for many years been intercession, and I have seen wonderful answers to prayer. Now here is a new project and yesterday there arrived with perfect timing the November issue of the Herald. I am especially impressed with the message of the Lighthouse, and am believing for this for my new house. (The name of my new house means "house of rock or stone"!) Please pray for this to become a Lighthouse of prayer. I already feel it to be so.

    At one time Blannan was a centre of revival. Many chapels. The men were mostly miners and quarrymen. It is a privilege to be called to work among them; they are the salt of the earth. May the Lord work in sovereign power among them and touch many hearts. My job will be prayer, intercession -- my house will be a Lighthouse....


    My dear wife and I and 18 church families keep on praying for you and Herald of His Coming in early morning prayer every day. Thank you very much for the booklet, "The Secret of the Cross" by Andrew Murray. I am very happy. Very sorry, the Herald of His Coming got lost often. Sometimes after few months I receive it with the stamp "Missent." We need Herald of His Coming like food. Help us, please!


    Thank God for the precious name of Jesus--a strong tower, a refuge in the time of storm....Itís many years since Iím receiving Herald and I store up, I go over it, till it gets into my inner being. I remember it so well. Now I put it aside. Then soon after, a need will arise: "I cannot fast; I canít pray like..." I wish I can quote Scriptures; then comes in the old Herald with the message new and fresh for some needy soul. About five years ago My brother, married for 27 years, was about to give up. I listened to his story and then said, "Wait, Iíve got something for you." I gave him a Herald on the home and family life. The Herald was old, the pages yellowish and worn. Praise God, the message was new. God saved a marriage!

    I thank God for what Herald means to me. Obeying its messages brought changes only God can do into my life. Thank you for still sending it to me so regularly. When I used to get the packet of twelve, I use to walk and distribute it. Some of those readers still receive it on their own. The two I receive now, one I keep and still do as above; the other I give to a mother, then to her son. Please continue to send it; it is a river of life to my soul....Praying for you....


    The enclosed gift is from my mother, who enjoys receiving the Herald and recognises the value of its ministry to the body of Christ. The messages in the Herald always bear witness with my spirit of what our Heavenly Father desires for His people and the world in these times in which we are living, just prior to the return of our Lord Jesus. The messages never cease to challenge my prayer life and direct my intercession for revival among Godís people and the spiritual awakening and harvest of souls around the world. I love the Herald of His Coming. I pray God will continue to inspire you with anointed messages which are relevant to the church for the times in which we live....


    I have been a regular receiver of the Herald of His Coming for nine years. I always eagerly await for its arrival. Whenever I read it, it is very encouraging to me. The paper is more than my pastor, because when I am in grief, it is with me. Whenever I am in pleasant situation the Herald is with me. When I prepare sermons to preach or teach, the Herald is with me. When I need my pastor, I have to go to his office (and he may be busy) to talk with him. But if I need the Herald paper it is with me day and night in my home. For me the Herald is a God-given, anointed encourager and counsellor....I am your prayer force partner. I have no money to send, but I donít stop praying for you and the ministry.


    I have been one of those whom the good God has blessed since I began reading Herald papers. I havenít written for about two years due to so many challenges Herald of His Coming has committed me to. Though I am a preacher, it has challenged my prayer life and enhanced my ministry. Also through the help of the Holy Spirit, I have embraced the preaching of the Gospel like Paul. I can boldly do that with all joy and alacrity.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming you have been sending to me for two years. I am so blessed by the anointed messages each time I receive. I always look forward to the next issue. As a pastor these magazines help me to teach and preach during Bible studies and prayer meetings and Sunday church services. Right now my heartís desire is to see revival come to Zambia. Although I got born again nine years ago, I have seen tremendous change ever since I started receiving Herald magazines. I wish to involve the ministry and pastorís fellowship to pray for those brothers and sisters you have mentioned through these papers....


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming although I havenít been able to send a gift for several months. I look forward to the Herald every month. Itís such a source of inspiration to me. It encourages my heart and challenges me in my daily Christian walk. I thank God for His power of the Holy Spirit.


    Greetings in the precious name of Jesus. I am an inmate in a Delaware Correctional Center. I have been incarcerated for 16 years. I have been reading the Herald for ten years. The Herald has been a blessing to me over the years. It has edified me and taught me as I read the Herald each month. I find many gold nuggets. Thank you for sending it each month.

    My mission here is a disciple for Jesus Christ. Iím a light in this dark place. I spread the good news of the Gospel. I am interested for the lost. I spend many hours in prayer each day. God still has His holy remnant wherever you go....