Faithful In Prayer
 By Lois J. Stucky

    "The fight is on, O Christian soldier...." Congregations donít seem to sing that song nowadays like we did some years ago. But the battle rages on between righteousness and sin, between faith and unbelief, between the true God and the false gods of this age, etc. In fact, the battle seems to grow steadily stronger. Thank God we can respond to Godís call and put ourselves loyally on His side and know that we are on the winning side, for the ultimate victory is His!

    In his article on pages one and three, James Stewart calls to our remembrance that prayer for revival involves spiritual warfare. The fact that prayer so often gets crowded out or interrupted and that it is not easy to keep focus during prayer, is part of the battle. The tremendous blessings we pray for when we pray for revival -- the invigorating and empowering of the Church, and the resulting salvation of many unsaved -- are viciously opposed by the enemy Satan. And no wonder! In revival Satanís kingdom of evil suffers serious loss. But hallelujah, Godís Kingdom makes great gains!

    W. C. Moore, co-founder of Herald of His Coming, exhorts us in his article on page 6 to determinedly hold fast our confidence in the promises of God and to invest the time and energy in prayer it takes to pray through and see revival blessings of Heaven flood down. Might the articles in this issue help us all to call ourselves away from the things of this world and put ourselves into the prayer battle with greater self-sacrifice than ever before. We encourage you to take note of Godís gracious promises given in Brother Mooreís article. Not only take note, but "take hold" of them (Isaiah 56:4). Do not grow weary in taking them to God and beseeching him to do as He has said (1 Chronicles 17:23).

    Our Lord Jesus Christ set the example for His followers. He was early at prayer (Mark 1:35); at times He prayed all night (Luke 6:12). He prayed with "strong crying and tears" (Hebrews 5:7). And think of it, He is even now praying for us in our weakness and need! (Romans 8:34). How it might inspire us if we could tune in to His prayers!

    Our Lordís motive ever was to get His Fatherís will done and His Name glorified here on earth as in Heaven. God has great plans as we near the end of this age and prepare for the coming of the next. His eyes run to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him (2 Chronicles 16:9), those united with Him in motive and purpose. Letís seek to be counted worthy as a loyal soldier in the Praying Battalion of the King of kings! We are not able for this except as we arm ourselves in His armor and withstand and stand in His strength.

    Will we let Godís call to prayer disturb our ease and cut into our pleasant pastimes? While He is patient with our petty interests, how His heart must grieve to think of the greater things we could be doing and asking of His Almighty Self. How much greater things His heart longs to give and to do!

    Sister Meek, a mighty prayer warrior at Herald of His Coming, long with the Lord, used to plead earnestly for Godís help in prayer, that as a prayer group we would ask "for nations rather than for toys." How limited our vision tends to be! We fail to grasp the seriousness of this hour and the issues and the souls at stake. In these matters our prayers need to make a telling difference.

    The other day, Suanne Grey, editor of the Spanish Herald, came from the files of back issues of Herald of His Coming, with a big smile on her face and a fresh gleam in her eye. She had just glimpsed the title of an article by Sarah Foulkes Moore, co-founder of Herald of His Coming. It read, "Press into the Gap and Hold It for the Lord!" My heart leaped at the challenge with Suanneís. What a burning heart Sister Moore had! What zeal! "A soldier heart," Brother Moore used to say of his beloved companion.

    When asked as a Bible College graduate what she anticipated her place in Godís service would be, Sister Moore responded -- "A stander in the gap and a maker-up of the hedge." This call came to her from Isaiah 22:30, where the Lord God said, "I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it," and it is followed by those heart-piercing words, "but I found none. Therefore have I poured out Mine indignation upon them."

    None of us wants to fail God, but as Brother Moore writes, most of us have. I feel this keenly for myself. But as Brother Moore further writes, we must not become discouraged about it. Rather, let us humble ourselves before Him and get His forgiveness and His help in doing better. Let us take to heart the exhortations of the articles in this issue. Might God expand our hearts, our prayers and our faith so each of us can do his or her part fully!

    And let us thank God and take courage to see many more Christians joining the praying ranks. Might God preserve and fan the least flicker into a glowing flame!

Praying One For Another

    Some of your letters coming to us ask our prayers for trials which you are enduring. There are serious testings in bodies, in families, in churches, in circumstances, etc. The answer for which you cry to God may seem long in coming or threatens never to come. Our hearts go out to you saints fighting the good fight of faith. We add our prayers to yours in sincere effort to help.

    As you hold on to Godís promises and strive to pray through, your faith "muscles" are being exercised and strengthened. This fits you to tug together better with another who has a heavy load. God bends low and is carefully watching and listening (Psalm 34:15). You can trust His love even in the darkness.

    And we are deeply grateful to all who are praying for Herald of His Coming and its outreach. Mailings are going out regularly as you stand with us with prayers and gifts. Wonderful opportunities for ministry through the printed Word come to us continually. One especially touching is the request from a Bible School located in Uganda, near the borders of two countries that are experiencing civil wars. There is almost no Christian literature available to students coming from these countries. As copies of Herald of His Coming are received at the Bible School the staff and students are blessed, and the students carry the copies back into the destitute war zones in which their churches are located and share the copies with the congregations. Not a one of us could minister in person to suffering brothers and sisters in such a place, but together we can minister through the printed page.

    It has been a joy to be able to mail again into Sierra Leone, a country that has suffered immeasurably through the rebel warfare that has gone on there for some years, disrupting life in many ways and affecting mails. Another joy is to begin sending Herald of His Coming to several readers in Iceland, as no copies have been going there for several years. Letís rejoice together in the privilege of having a part in sending Godís holy Word to far places of the earth! His Word is Light and Life, so necessary for every soul on earth!

    Please join us if you have not already, with your supporting gifts and prayers. God bless you!

Praise God With Us--

* For faithful friends, some of whom have supported Herald of His Coming for many years, His chosen vessels for carrying forward the ministry.
* For the group of twenty young people plus sponsors who volunteered several hours of work in preparing mailings, which gave a big lift!
* That Elmer and Leonore Klassen were able to spend a day and a half with us, helping with transition into the new year.

Please Pray With Us--

* That through a shipment of Hear, O Israel papers mailed to Alabama, Jewish people will come to the Messiah.
* That the Lord will bless and reward the offices of World Outreach in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as they continue their good service of many years, forwarding gifts of readers in these countries. Thank God for these donors. Pray more readers will join them in taking part in the ministry through giving.
* For divine wisdom so all Herald affairs are conducted according to Godís best will.
* For protection of all the Herald work and workers under the Blood of Jesus.
* That by Godís working and enabling, the hearts of us, His people, will be so empty of the things of the world that He can fill them with His love for the souls of the lost all about us.