Value In Visitation
 By A. Doolittle

    Things werenít going well at Joeís home. Drinking was almost destroying it. About this time, another man asked Joeís wife for a date and she accepted. In his rage, Joe said, "Iíll shoot that guy!"

    Joe actually had this man in his gun sights, but he said, "I canít shoot a human being. I know what Iíll do. Iíll get myself liquored up and then Iíll shoot him." Again he was not able to do it.

    Joe went home in desperation. He cast himself down on the lawn and cried out, "God, help me! What am I going to do? Iím about to lose my wife, my home, and my family. Please help me!"

    The next day two men from a church in a nearby town called at his house as part of their churchís regular visitation program. Joe asked them, "Did God send you?" One of the men answered, "I donít know; I guess so."

    Today, all of Joeís family are trusting Jesus as their Savior. They are attending the same church as the men who called on Joe. Joe helps to keep the churchís fleet of buses running and drives one of the buses as part of his service to his Lord.

    Calling on others is part of Godís program. Probably no one understands that more than Joe.