The Promise Of The Spirit
 By Lois J. Stucky

    In S. A. Keenís article on page 4, "The Spiritís Power Indispensable," fail not to notice the words, "the Holy Spirit of promise" and "the promise of the Spirit." It is always good to have an encouraging promise, but never better than when it is God who gives a promise, for He always keeps His Word. God gave the promise of the Gift of His Spirit. It is up to us to believe it and to receive it. God took the initiative in giving us the Spirit as He did in giving us the Gift of His Son. He made provision so His people, His Church, would be saved and equipped to do the work He was giving them to do:

    "Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

    The disciples believed the promise and they obeyed the conditions. They tarried until they were endued and then they and those won by them went everywhere preaching the Gospel, and by the power of the Holy Spirit many souls came into the Kingdom of God as they moved to the far ends of the earth. There were riots and persecutions and martyrdoms. It was certainly not an easy task committed to them, but they had the enduement of power from on high. They received grace to endure and God prospered them in the task.

    Today, we Christians have the same commission as had the disciples. Oh, that we might fulfill it as they did! It is remarkable how Christians today are utilizing the technology of the age to advance with the Gospel--radio, television, satellite, films, videos, air travel, huge and fast printing presses, computers, etc. Are we seeking along with all of this technology, for the greatest power of the universe, the power of the Holy Spirit, for the part we take in going into all the world with the Gospel? We should ask ourselves also, are we seeking the power from on high for what is perhaps our first step in that direction, and that is going to our unsaved brother or sister, or neighbor with the Gospel?

    We are without excuse if we lack the power, for God has promised the Holy Spirit for our witness, however limited or great our opportunities might be! If we are filled with the Holy Spirit all the time, our lives will witness by example as we witness by word.

    James A. Stewartís articles, have been a great blessing and help when printed from time to time in Herald of His Coming. One appears on page five of this issue. James Stewart began his witness and preaching of the Gospel at the age of fourteen. Early mornings he would close himself in a room and cry out to God for the power of the Holy Spirit for what he would face that day. He knew if he were to be a true witness, his life, his spirit must manifest the Christ he preached, and this is possible only by the power of the indwelling Spirit. The words that he spoke must have power to convict and enlighten, and that would be only through the Spirit. Early in life James Stewart learned the secret of the Holy Spiritís power and in time he went from the streets of his native Scotland to become a dynamic revivalist in continental Europe and in America. His writings continue to move people greatly today, years after he has gone to be with the Lord.

    There is an immense task to be completed. World population has now passed six billion. Each Christian is needed to fill his or her place by the grace and power of God, to finish the task. We find great incentive in Matthew 24:14: "The gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Let us press on for the fullness of the Spirit, that we might do our part, for the sake of our dear Lord and Saviour.

To God Be The Glory

    On page two of last monthís Herald of His Coming paper, Rich Carmicheal, publisher, made note that in June Lois Stucky will have served with Herald of His Coming for forty years, and he asks praise and thanksgiving to God for that. I, Lois Stucky, heartily join in giving thanks and praise to God for the privilege to help go with the Gospel into all the world these forty years. It is Godís amazing grace that He calls, and it is His divine power that sustains frail human beings, unworthy and unprofitable though we are, making us laborers together with Him. We pay tribute to those who write and tell us they have been serving God for forty, fifty, sixty years or more, as well as to the many who do not write us but also have such records. In Eternity what a chorus of praise and thanksgiving there will be from humble hearts who know assuredly that all credit is due Him who loved us and called us and ordained us to go and bring forth abiding fruit to His glory. All tributes we gladly lay at the feet of Him to whom all praise is due.

Everything By Prayer

    I recall my arrival at Herald of His Coming in 1960. I arrived at the bus station in Los Angeles one Friday about noon and phoned the Herald of His Coming number given to me by Brother and Sister Moore when they wrote accepting my offer to come and help for a time. Millie Hilker was in the office to answer the call and soon she was at the station to pick me up. At the Herald building she took me to the kitchen, where I was welcomed by two ladies who were cleaning up following the noon meal. They kindly reheated a bowl of stew for me. Florence Meek, a senior Herald saint, was called, and she took me to a table on the Herald roof garden and talked with me while I ate.

    Still vivid in my mind is the look of earnest determination on her face and the matching tone of resolution in her voice as she said, "We mean business for God!" It left no room for doubt in my mind that indeed here at Herald of His Coming they did mean business with God.

    After I finished eating, Sister Meek showed me to my room and suggested I relax a bit and then she would take me to the prayer meeting just opening in the chapel downstairs. Within an hour or so after arriving at Herald of His Coming, I was in a rousing prayer meeting, the first of a countless number through the years. It seems that God engineered that introduction to Herald of His Coming to unveil to me right at the start that prayer was the heartbeat of a ministry that means business for God. Humble dependence on God, unshakable faith in His promises, continued perseverance, strong effort to live a holy life so prayers will be unhindered, a holy seeking for Godís best and fullness and the outpouring of His Spirit upon all flesh--this and more was part of the prayer times together for world revival and world evangelization. And it was in the Herald prayer times that I learned how indispensable a part of prayer is loving, heartfelt praise and worship of God.

    The Herald staff is greatly reduced in number nowadays, but we endeavor to do our part in prayer. And we come to you readers month after month entreating you to help with your prayers. We cannot overstress how much the Herald needs your prayers! And the world needs your prayers! God waits to answer the prayers of those who call mightily upon Him. How gladly He will answer if we call. God help us not to fail Him in this crucial hour! As a starting point for your prayers for Herald of His Coming we suggest the following, and thank you in Jesusí Name.

Praise God!

* For friends who pray for Herald of His Coming regularly, rendering an indispensable service to this work of the Lord. (A heart full of thanks to you!)
* For the gracious way God answers prayer and helps the small staff here to meet deadlines and accomplish work in spite of limitations and hindrances.
* For encouraging letters from readers, letting us know of ones who are greatly benefited by our labors here.

Please Pray!

* That many Jewish people will be saved.
* That God will forgive us His people, for our lack of concern and effort to win the lost. Pray we will have more love for God and that love for souls will follow.
* That we will seek God for openings to meet and minister to prepared hearts that need to repent and turn to God, and that we will minister in the power of the Spirit because we have prayed for the Spiritís power.
* That
more will take up a burden and effort for the unreached peoples of the world. Pray the Lord of the Harvest will thrust forth more workers into the distant harvest fields.
* That God will strengthen and lead those who distribute Herald papers regularly, as well as those who share one-time packages with prayer groups, congregations, friends, family, etc.
* For Godís provision of funds to meet the many opportunities coming to Herald of His Coming to help spread the Gospel into all the world.
* For local volunteers to help at the Herald when needed.
* For divine wisdom for all Herald affairs. We need His direction concerning details of putting the Herald paper on world wide web.
* For greater outpourings of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh than the world has yet seen, according to Godís promises in Joel 2:28-32!