On Reaching Children
 By C. H. Spurgeon

    I will say broadly that I have more confidence in the spiritual life of the children that I have received into this church than I have in the spiritual condition of the adults thus received. I will even go further than that, and say that I have usually found a clearer knowledge of the Gospel, and a warmer love to Christ, in the child-converts than in the man-converts. I will even astonish you still more by saying that I have sometimes met with a deeper spiritual experience in children of ten and twelve than I have in certain persons of fifty and sixty.

    If you want to know what faith in Jesus is, you must not look to those who have been bemuddled by the heretical jargon of the times, but to the dear children who have taken Jesus at His Word, and believe in Him, and therefore know and are sure that they are saved. Capacity for believing lies more in the children than the man.

   Evangeline Booth, one-time head of the Salvation Army, tells this story: "My birthday was on Christmas Day, and when I was seven years old I arose from my bed at night and crept downstairs to my motherís bedside, and there in my motherís tender embrace, I sobbed out all my wish to give a Christmas present of myself to Jesus, on His birthday and my own. The wonderful new joy that came to me has made it quite impossible for me ever to doubt the absolute reality of a childís conversion."