Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a pastor with congregations in two different locations. As I look back the road that I have traveled to be where I am, I feel greatly indebted to you for the input you have made into my life. Immediately after I gave my life to the Lord, I started reading the Herald materials (back in 1980). The copies have discipled me in prayer, stirred me up when I tended to relax, fired me up when my fire burnt low and kept me on course as I grew up spiritually. The last three issues have been very timely, coming at a time when I would be facing challenges after commitment to more time in prayer and witnessing. I have committed myself to win 100 souls between now and December 31, 2000, and by Godís grace will do so....


    God bless the Herald for being a channel of blessing. Iím revived, renewed, re-strengthened by articles in Herald. The Herald changed my prayer life, energizes me, re-kindles the fire. Iím encouraged, comforted. God bless you!


    I am grateful to you for getting Herald of His Coming regularly for the last two years. As a leader in the house church, Herald helped me a lot to enrich my spiritual life. How great it is to be with the Lord! The Herald has a lot of contribution to strengthen the spiritual life of any believer....I will pray for you and with Godís grace, I am planning to contribute in the near future.


    I am thankful to you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. I am blessed when I read it, and I also share it with others. I have been giving my donations to Mr. Chandi, the local office....I request you to keep on sending the Herald to me.


    I enjoy reading the Herald papers, and often go back and read again the old copies. I have and do receive much spiritual help and blessings. Please continue to send....


    I convey my sincere thanks to the ministry of Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving these Gospel-filled materials for nearly two years now every month, and I would like to testify that the Heralds have surely helped me to stand even in the hard times that I face, because of the powerful word of God they contain. I have shared and preached the messages found in the Heralds in many places, especially the college at which I am doing my training where many souls have been transformed. Please do not stop sending me these wonderful materials containing the Word of God. God has transformed my life through them. Even my prayer life has been revived and I have learnt how to intercede for nations.


   Thank you for the five copies of Herald of His Coming which you send regularly. I share it with four believers of our local church. They are very glad and appreciate with thanks. Please continue to send...


    My family and I are privileged to regularly receive the Herald of His Coming. We have filed copies of the Herald that we have always consulted for various topics to build the church, families, sensitive topics like prayer, repentance, etc. Yes, I assure you that Herald has made my Christian life stable and woken up our ministry to the building of the kingdom of the Lord....


    You have been so faithful to send me the Herald papers every month. The messages are anointed and food to the spirit. The article by James A. Stewart, "Prayer That Brings Revival," touched my heart. I have wept so much over that article. Worship is good; preaching is good; but itís going to take prayer without ceasing to bring revival. I am asking God for a prayer anointing. I have time to pray. I need power to pray. I know itís His will to give me this anointing and I know He will. Praise His Name!


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly. It gives me much blessing in my spiritual life. I wish it will help me in the revival in my church. I always pray for you. God bless you.


    I am writing to thank you for Herald of His Coming. I am encouraged when I read it. I borrow it from my brother in Christ. I mail to you with expectation that I can have one. If you do not mind, please send me. I can do nothing except praying for the Herald ministry. May God bless you.


    Thank you for keeping me on the Herald mailing list. The messages in the Herald are very helpful. I am so glad that my husband who is now with his Lord, got in contact with the Herald, and I am carrying it on. People just wait to receive it. I was blessed to pray for the nations of the world. Please do not cut me off....


   I lack words to express my feeling when I receive Herald of His Coming, which enables me next to the Bible to quench the flaming arrows of the evil one. You are always in my prayer list. With Almighty God I will accomplish my postgraduate study and return back to Ethiopia at the beginning of September, 2000.


    I am so blessed each month by the Herald of His Coming. There is always something there to refresh, educate and guide me and all my friends....


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. For the few months that I have received Herald my Christian life has been greatly revived as I have continued to know much about a deep relationship with God through prayer. I have been blessed by every copy that I have received from you, and every month I have grown the habit of waiting eagerly for the next copy. In this desert land Herald is the only Christian literature that is available for me and you can imagine how precious it is to me. It is like a well of living water in a desert....


    Thank you for coming to me each month regularly. I share the Herald of His Coming with my coworkers. I use most of the facts from the articles of the Herald of His Coming in my sermons and Sunday school lessons. I have the joy of getting the news about Christians and their activities and their lives in many different countries in the world. One thing is that no one article is out of date. Every article is useable any time--even the issues of three years ago--because they are Spirit-filled. I thank you. I am an Emeritus pastor, age 86, but still preaching, lecturing and teaching....


    Words are not enough to express our deepest thanks for the Herald papers you are sending us. This is a great source of our spiritual food, especially in our ministry itís a great blessing. Thank you so much and more power to Herald ministry.


    Month after month--year after year--the Herald provides "solid meat." Unvarnished truth that urges us to do our best, and you point out the needs all over this world for all kinds of people. Itís always sobering but leads to action and encouragement.


    I appreciate the spiritual quality of all Herald of His Coming shares. I have been incarcerated since August, 1976. I first started receiving Herald of His Coming back in the 1980ís. I was on Georgiaís death row at the time. God used the Herald mightily to encourage and strengthen me through those many hard years.

    Iíve been blessed to understand the need and importance of holiness in our daily lives as sons of God. That seems to be the standard raised by the Herald presenting this resurrected Jesus that we know, love and serve. I was greatly blessed by the article in Aprilís Herald, "Jesus Christ Is Victor!" No matter the Goliath we face or how big the devil may present himself, our David has already defeated him! Thanks for the blessing the Herald has been for so many years. Keep me in your prayers....


    Please continue sending us the Herald of His Coming. It helps to keep us accountable to living for eternal values.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming--such a blessing to me in many ways to help me spiritually--in my spiritual growth and in sharing with others.


    I have read some Herald of His Coming papers at a friend of mineís house and found it very touching. I have rarely seen a paper that speaks of prayer and the Holy Spirit so deeply. It is definitely not fluff reading. It is convicting and thought provoking and makes you want to run to your prayer closet. I would like to receive it.