Out of the Mail Box 279
howing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the past copies I had at hand during the past two years while we were faced with the rebel incursion in Freetown. How I praised God for the inspiration I received from reading some old copies at hand. My wife and other neighbours shared two copies--"Let God Search Your Heart" and "If God Should Withdraw His Glory." They testified that what they read gave them courage to withstand the devilís work, especially when the January 6 attack was launched.

    Despite the atrocities meted to many of them, one important experience is that before, they were bound up, but now they have sensed some change in their lives. Our hearts were so full of the greatness of God and what we saw that was done for others. We will continue to plant seeds from Herald of His Coming, because they now know it is good. Words cannot express my appreciation to you....Please send copies....


    Herald of His Coming has left me a better Christian than it met me. You have fired up my dreams to promote the cause of Christ with my seeming little contribution to the Campus ministry. I have never read a "dry" Herald magazine. I have not received a Herald magazine that is not the need of the hour. I believe that the power of the Word that you herald is founded by numerous prayers and fastings to see Christ glorified; hence, He supports the Herald with His power and wings its words into our hearts. The Lord is doing something through the Herald and so, never stop believing what you do, that Jesus is Lord.... Brother, pray and print the fire into us!


    I am writing to express my thanks to the Herald of His Coming. I came across the Herald article here in Lebanon. I am serving in United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon from 1998-99. This is my sixth tour on duty in Lebanon. The Herald is an inspiration to my Christian faith and it indeed built up and contributed much to my spiritual growth. The Herald of His Coming is a life experience in tough times during these last days....


    Beside the Bible, it is the Herald papers that quicken me, energize me and encourage me. They also rebuke me and challenge me to live a purer holy life and also to do much good works for God. Ever since I started receiving copies from you, about 7 months now, the spiritual dross within my congregation of 70 people is being cleansed because I share the contents of the Herald with them. I preach and teach and emphasize on the sermons and warnings and admonishings of the Herald. We thank you so much for your efforts in the Lordís mighty name. Please whilst we remember the Herald ministry in prayer, I will also plead for your prayer team to lift the flock I am shepherding unto the Father....


    This is to request you to send me Herald of His Coming. I have read edition of September from one of my friends. I appreciated it. I need it. I am a person on the way to decide my life to Jesus Christ. So I need your help. God bless you!


    Thank you for keeping on mailing to me the anointed Herald of His Coming for five years. I am truly blessed by each article and am able to share that blessing is so many ways. Please continue to send me in the next years. God bless the Herald ministry.


    I send you Calvary greetings from the Gambia. I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for over ten years now. Words cannot express the blessings I have received through reading Herald of His Coming. My prayer is that the good Lord prospers the Herald ministry. I wish you could continue to send me Herald of His Coming.


    We are writing requesting five copies of Herald of His Coming every month. This is a church with 1000 church members. Our church has 14 daughter churches. The total members of our church including daughter churches is 3000. We will keep each copy in our church and also distribute to the daughter churches. The messages of Herald of His Coming are very useful and applicable in our context. So if you send to us we will be very grateful to you.


    Herald of His Coming has been such a blessing in my life. After I have read all the "spiritual food" I feel so revived every time. Then only do I realize how much it means to my life to be strengthened, encouraged and blessed....I do street work, as well as childrenís work in hospitals, and visiting the grown-up patients....Thank you for all the Heralds you have sent me for many years....Please pray much for South Africa...that God will revive the Church. They donít seem much concerned about the condition of our country. Thank you.


    I am an assistant pastor in a small but fast growing church. God is blessing us very much through the Herald which I have been receiving for the past two years. We are using the Herald paper for our groups and Bible studies. Many people are confessing and repenting to God during our meetings. The Herald has become a true source of inspiration to the whole congregation, and my pastor has recommended it for all our church lessons....


    We thank the Lord and you for once more sending us copies of the Herald....We are truly grateful to the Lord that through the Herald ministry many lives have been touched. We have used the articles in our studies, in teaching and in building up the body of Christ here as well as in "watching and praying"....


    Thank you for sending me the inspiring Herald paper which means a world to me and my Christian friends. You would be surprised to know what spiritual impact these papers have on us. God bless you all. Keep up the good work.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for a few years now and please keep on sending it for it is a real blessing to me! Somehow it always contains the right things for me to read. May our dear Lord keep on using you in this way.


    As an individual and fellow evangelist, I have continually appreciated the Heraldís boldness, straightforwardness, emphasis on revival and repentance and warning Christians never to rely on empty and superficial religion. The Herald has been a good "tutor" to me to supplement what I was taught, to minister to Godís flock placed under my pastoral care....


    Since I came to experience the love of God in Christ Jesus, Herald of His Coming has helped me to understand many things which I personally struggle with as I read the Bible daily. Since a sister in Christ started to pass me the Heralds to read, I have been blessed by the materials and revelation that I receive from reading them. I would be very grateful if you could send to me the Herald on a routine basis since this sister of mine has moved to another place....


    It is my greatest pleasure to receive free copies of Herald of His Coming newspaper monthly. I look forward for them. There has been great encouragement and my faith has been strengthened also. After reading them I passed it on to friends, who also are blessed. November edition was very interesting and stirred me up to be more effective in my prayer life....


    How grateful am I to the Lord and to you for receiving "The Great Revival in Wales, Classic Book for Today" How fortunate am I to have the privilege of reading and studying such books of men of God, although, however, I am not esteeming those books as the Holy Bible itself. As I read page by page, it wonderfully and tremendously melted my heart and caused me to shed my tears because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

    O, how I wish and long for the revival of the Holy Spirit to be broken out in Myanmar also, which is the land full of pagodas and images. Ninety-four percent of the population are Buddhists. ....May you kindly pray for the revival of Myanmar as well....


    Thank you for your commitment to printing the Herald and praise to our Lord for this ministry. After reading Elizabeth Dabneyís account of her walk with God and many different things the Lord was saying to me, I made my promise to give Saturday to the Lord for 6 months. This has meant opening an empty, closed church. My minister had the day before put it to a PCC committee that his heart for opening the church one day a week was burdening him. Then within days a dear lady in the Lord is joining me for up to two hours for prayer, specifically for a blessing of the Holy Spirit in our church and prayer for the unsaved.


    Just a note to say how much we appreciate the 50 copies of Herald of His Coming you send each month. It is well written and inspiring. The inmates look forward to receiving them.. We are sending a gift as our way of saying thanks. Maranatha!