Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    On behalf of the congregation I would like to acknowledge that the Herald of His Coming has been so helpful. Believers have read and enjoyed the magazine. Every since we started receiving this paper we have learnt a lot about fasting, prayer, sacrificial living and many other touching subjects. As Christians we have grown from one degree of glory to another. At our local church we do not have a trained pastor from a theological college. It is a privilege to receive more and learn more from the magazine. However, though we learn from our pastors who come and teach us from our Headquarters once in a while, we learn more from the Herald, the Bible and from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    The more we receive from the Herald, the more we learn and teach others. We educate, inform and inspire others from the Herald of His Coming, of course in conjunction with the word from the Bible by interpretation through the Holy Spirit. So far we have sent one of the brothers to the Bible College. He reads the Herald and we ask you to pray for him that he may complete the course and go into the field. We have meager resources but we put our trust in God....


    Thanks for sending me regularly Herald of His Coming. It helps me in my spiritual growth. We need your publication for our spiritual feeding, especially since we will be launching our cell group soon.


    I am 30 years old and I am a member of Evangelical Church. I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for some time. Thank you very much for responsiveness of your hearts. I am very grateful to you! I believe that Herald will help me to grow deeper in my Christian life. God bless the Herald ministry!


    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God I am saved and born again. The blood of Jesus has sanctified, justified and redeemed me from all manner of sins. This is my testimony to you after reading Herald of His Coming for about five years. God has done an awesome thing in me and our family. God imparted something in me that propelled me to witness and pray for our family. My parents worshipped satanic powers and had been tormented by them for so long. We lost more than five children through these practices. Through the Herald and me, God has saved them and right now they go with me to church. They have thrown away the idols and do not worship those powers again. My parents, brothers and sisters are now saved....Pray for our family to be filled with the Holy Spirit....


    I and members of Scripture Union appreciate the effort put forth by you. Herald of His Coming has caused several revivals and changes both in spirit and heart. I would like to tell you that the message we receive from you is a blessing to our soul. Itís just fire in our soul. It has given us lots of challenges. Sir, I am grateful on the behalf of Scripture Union. Itís my prayer that you continue sending us Herald of His Coming....


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming so regularly. Itís a constant joy to me to read and know the nourishment that comes to my spirit. Itís often at a time of spiritual dryness when the living water refreshes the dry ground. I praise God for you all in your faithful service to the Lord. The Living Word in the anointed messages is as fresh and fragrant as ever. Please continue sending me the Heralds. I have sent a donation to the local office....


    I am truly thankful for the Herald of His Coming papers which you continue to mail to me. Many of the articles are challenging and enlightening and provide good spiritual food. Enclosed is a small gift.


    I thank God this morning and I worship and praise our God for the way the Holy Spirit is leading you in printing the Word of God under the inspiration of Godís Holy Spirit. Itís the truth and nothing else but the truth. Since I received the Herald now for the last four years I have learned more obedience to the Holy Spirit and to listen to the soft, still voice of the Holy Spirit. I have learnt to become obedient to the Word of God and not be a hearer of the Word only but a doer.

    I am a widow of 79 years old and am not so strong any more to go out doing personal work, but I have a lot to pray for the missions and all the staff at Herald of His Coming worldwide. I can get on my knees daily and intercede for all the requests in the Herald for payer. I am also grateful as I prayed and asked the Lord for the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and I am receiving it daily. (Galatians 5), I am having victory over the attacks of the enemy. Praise God for the precious Blood of Jesus that I make use of to protect me from the attacks of the enemy. Please kindly will you send a Herald of His Coming to my friends in Switzerland....


    This is my first letter I write after receiving Herald papers. I am extremely happy to monthly receive Herald of His Coming for it makes me ready and awake, foretelling the coming of Christ. Yes indeed, through Herald of His Coming, the Holy Spirit says, "Jesus is coming soon!" When I read this paper I feel as such the Holy Spirit exuding His ointment through it. The messages are energetic to penetrate the heart of the reader and hence are able to perform their job.

    Now Iím 17 years of age, yet a high school student. I serve God in one of the evangelical churches in the town. My aspiration is to be an "Ambassador for Christ," preaching the gospel. Herald of His Coming and prevailing prayer will be instrumental in helping me reach my goal. Please keep on sending me.


    Thank you for the two packets of Herald papers which I received safely and have prayerfully distributed them to those who wait patiently to read and grow in the grace and knowledge of Godís Word. Christian literature is not available to us here in this strong Buddhist village and we praise and thank God for the great help of the Herald which keeps us all growing in faith, knowledge, and service for our soon-coming Lord and Saviour....Our small house church believers and I will continue in earnest and faithful prayers for the Herald ministry.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. Iím so pleased and blessed because when I read this paper, I can feel in my spirit that something is happening. There are some different things that I could not understand in Christianity and now because of the Herald papers, they helped me to grow up spiritually and strong in faith. We as young people are usually tempted by trials and troubles that we normally face in life and end up having backslidden. Now because of the Herald papers, I know how to stand with the Lord and where to take my problems to.


    Herald of His Coming has helped me a lot. It has helped me to have a revival in my church. Because the Herald teachings are powerful, whenever it is practiced, it took an impact on the membersí hearts. So thank you for this help in my church. When I get more copies I give some to my elders and deacons in the church. So if I may get additional, please send me ten....


    Several years ago when I was in the Anglophone provinces of Cameroon, I was one of the fervent readers of Herald of His Coming. I used to be so blessed by the messages that I later decided to fast before and while reading them. The results were tremendous in my life. The Holy Spirit used its contents as a constant source of revival in my life. It boosted my prayer and fasting life several folds, brought me to new planes of practical holiness, challenged me to intensive evangelism, just to name a few. I shared the revolutionary messages with our youth group and used some in my sermons. The Heralds had a great impact in my life and that of others. I also used the Salvation heralds for evangelism, which were of great help to me.

    I usually got the papers from a friend who was a pastor. I left that part of the country suddenly to another because of a job opportunity. Since then I was out of touch with the Heralds and experienced a regression in my spiritual life. Recently we went to a leadership training course and I fell on the October 1998 issue of the Herald. It was as if I had seen a hidden treasure. It was talking about revival. I swallowed its content with thirst and was stirred up again and challenged. Please include me on the mailing list of Herald of His Coming on a regular basis....


    We have just received your donation of monthly newspapers. These newspapers will help to encourage the inmates here. With your generosity we will be able to reach the men and their families. Your donations are a tremendously valuable investment in human lives. The Chapel library is a primary source of the menís mental release from loneliness of incarceration and the conditions of prison life.