Arise, People Of God!
 By Matthew Skariah

    Arise, people of God, arise! Not only our nation but the whole world is fast ripening for judgment. It could, however, soon be ready for revival if His people would courageously cleanse themselves from all carnality. Will you, child of God, and servant of the Lord, join with the faithful "praying minority" of these latter days, those determined under God to stand in the gap? The future of our nation and the world depends upon the tears of Godís "praying minority."

    "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31). When situations are at their worst, youíll find intercessors at their best. Arm yourself with the most powerful weapon ever-- prayer. It is so powerful it blasts away religious unbelief and spiritual corrosion. Manís spiritual response is a revelation of the Eternal God who is by our side, spurring us on to victory.