Penetrating Through Prayer
 By Lois J. Stucky

    October 1999 is the month set for "Praying Through the Window IV." But some of you will want to start now bearing up in prayer the unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window. On the next page is printed a schedule to guide you, with suggested prayer points at the bottom of the page. No one is too young nor too old nor too physically handicapped nor too confined by circumstances to join in praying. We especially encourage all who can not take more active part in outreach, to be sure not to miss this opportunity to have a part in reaching the unreached, and might we all join in prayer.

    Not all of the worldís unreached peoples are contained in this Window, of course. In U.S.A., for example, some of our American Indian tribes are considered unreached. All of Latin America lies outside the Window, as well as most of Europe, which has numbers of immigrants considered unreached, and much of the former Soviet Union, in both Europe and Asia, as well as a good portion of Africa. Donít give up praying for these peoples as you concentrate on the 10/40 Window.

    Reaching the unreached millions of the earth is such a sizeable task it could stagger us. Work that might previously have been begun or done now faces us! And it is no easy task that can be dispensed of with minor effort. It calls first of all for the prayer battalion to lay down a heavy, preparatory barrage through prayer.

    In the 10/40 Window live some of the most difficult of all peoples to reach and to win to Christ. Most have a religion of their own and have been steeped in it for centuries. Their religion in many cases is closely tied to their culture. Also the powers of darkness vehemently defend their grip upon these people. Only the mighty power of God can penetrate darkened hearts and minds and break the strong ties. And that mighty power of God is released through the prayers of His people.

    Just today we learned of an Indian group in Mexico which has been highlighted for prayer several times by Global Prayer Digest. Each time united prayer was called for, there followed obvious movings of Godís Spirit upon the people. The Church is springing up among them! We do not understand all Godís ways, but we know that in His sovereignty He chooses to do much through prayer which would not happen otherwise. God gives His Church a tremendously important part in the tremendously important issue of the eternal destiny of menís souls!

    The difficulty of doing the Lordís work in Satanís domain, was brought home to us here through a letter that came from a reader of Herald of His Coming in Nigeria.

    He wrote:

    "I am heading a school in a community where belief in superstition and demonic practices, particularly witchcraft is very common. The situation here is very pathetic because even those who attend church participate in demonic festivals during which blood sacrifices are made. My students, with the support of their parents, are deeply involved. In fact, the school is virtually empty of students whenever such activities are being held. This community needs salvation! The black covering placed over it by Satan must be removed. There is a powerful secret cult here to which most of the elders belong.

    "Please, I need your prayer as I go to witness to this people. I know that the devil will not be happy, but I live for Christ." This brother also asked for Salvation literature to distribute.

    Here is a portion of another letter from Nigeria: "I was unable to write before now because we were having many problems in our local church. The natives in the village where we are, represented by their native medicine men (six in number) came to our pastor and asked him to leave the village because, according to them, their demonic powers have been lost by his ministry. That bid failed to oust him and on the 6th of September, 1998, a group of six men marched into our service to obstruct our service. We had to take them to the law enforcement agents and that matter is still on.

    "My pastor has, however, relocated to another town, and I am now in charge. The materials you send me are simply invaluable in building up this work here which challenges the forces of darkness. We pray for these unreached peoples. We pray for you...."

    These reports from front-line workers give us better understanding of the strongholds that must come down before the Gospel can penetrate. And there, in the thick of the battle, we can be unseen workers alongside them through prayer. Please uphold the two brothers mentioned above. How blessed it is to know that the Lord who commanded us to go and preach the Gospel, assures us that "All power is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth" (Matthew 28:18). He is the conquering King and in His Name we go and pray! The hope and trust of Christian workers must be in Him.

    At this time we ask your prayers also with us at Herald of His Coming, and we thank each one who takes part in this ministry through support given in any way. God bless you!

Praise God!

* For Christís triumph over powers of darkness and that in Him, His people are more than conquerors. Praise God for brave soldiers of the cross who prove that victory and release precious souls out of great darkness.

Please Pray!

* For the salvation of Jewish souls everywhere.

* For the finances needed to maintain an outflow of Herald of His Coming literature to places wherever it has a mission to perform.

* For anointing on Herald literature, that it will work forcefully in the hearts of readers.

* For continued divine guidance as we move prayerfully forward planning for the future of Herald of His Coming, if Jesus tarries.

* For protection of all Herald work and workers.

* That Herald readers will be strengthened to be effective in prayer and in witnessing as never before.

* For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh, as promised in Godís holy Word (Acts 2:17-22) and for the salvation of multitudes in this generation!