Out of the Mail Box 886
howing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It is about six months now I have been receiving Herald of His Coming, but I am sorry that I have not written to you since such a time. The fact is, I was busy spreading the Herald messages to others. The material in it is very helpful to both my personal spiritual edification and to the brethren whom I discussed with. Since I started receiving the copies, the messages on it changed my life and encourage me to surrender my life and be bound firmly to God.

    Although I have been praying, but the way on which I was praying was like that of an Ethiopian eunuch, a minister who was not understanding of what he was reading about. The problem also lying on me, not only I but together with my fellow-members, we used to pray regularly and attending church every Sunday, but it was a matter of killing time. Bad part of it was that we used to pray three to four times a day, shouting very loudly or even crying, but at the end we get back home empty hearted. I know the reason why. We were ancestral dependent following medium spirits. We were not fully believing that God can lead a man throughout his lifetime.

    But since then we commenced receiving Herald of His Coming and we come to understand what is needed for a Christian to be a qualified soldier of Christ. Every time we read and discuss the issues we feel a step up from loneliness to God. As to me I am now fully a soldier of God. I shall fight until Christís appearance on the clouds. Although we are living in far deep valley villages having a pastor once a month, Herald is now taking the position of the pastor. The messages in it give us a clear view on what would happen when Jesus is shown. On the other hand, itís strengthening and enabling us to stand firmly to the right position. May God of grace assist you on whatever you are doing to produce more Heralds. Please do not stop sending us it, for if we are to miss it, we will all here faint and perish. We also thank you for sending the Herald regularly free cost.


    Precious greetings to you in the blessed name of Jesus Christ. You started sending me the Herald of His Coming since the beginning of this year. I inform you that Herald magazine has been a source of inspiration to me. When I am weak spiritually and unable to pray, a copy of the Herald will quicken me. It has become a mirror to my Christian living. I am always challenged with the inspiring articles of great men of God who have travailed in prayers. I would not want to miss any copy of the Herald magazines.

    I am most grateful for the Salvation magazines you sent me, namely RIGHT CHOICE and TRUTH FOR YOU. Many people in our area need this paper sincerely. Due to the remoteness and difficult terrain of our area, we do not have easy access to gospel materials. Any copy of the Herald sent will be used for our weekly Bible study as we are already doing. Please send me more copies monthly to share with my church members and pastor friends so they also can be revived and be blessed....


    My letter is long overdue, and I make my apology. I am blessed and uplifted by Herald of His Coming. It has opened my eyes a lot and taught me many things that I donít hear in church. I lend out some of my papers and others are blessed also insomuch I cannot get them back.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming papers regularly, and I want to say thanks. They are a source of inspiration. I pray that you will continue to herald His coming and that people everywhere will be awakened to the lateness of the hour and to do what they have to do now.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since October, 1995, and it has been a source of great encouragement and inspiration to me. To hear from people of like mind preaching and teaching the Word is so refreshing. I have been studying engineering for the past five years and by the grace of God I finished this year. However, before I entered the university God called me into the ministry and it has been quite difficult combining that with my course work. One other thing that made it more difficult is the fact that God directed me to preach and teach on revival, which happens to be irritating to a lot of so-called Christians today, at least in my part of the world. Thank God for linking me to Herald and some pastor friends who helped me through the preparation stage. I have started something at a place that God laid on my heart where no church really had any influence on the people....God richly bless you.


    This is to tell you that the timely Herald of His Coming monthly editions have been a blessing to me and the small group of people I have the responsibility to shepherd. The uncompromising Gospel the Herald champions is doing a great job in our midst here. It has transformed the life of the little flock where numerical growth is visible. From five persons in October 1996, we were 66 last year but on September 27, 1998 we reached 115 persons. Praise God! Allelujah! Herald of His Coming helps us to know the deepest nature of our God, and its articles on revival or the Holy Spirit are materials or reference for my preaching and teaching during our Bible studies. Grasping from its pages we are growing to maturity each day. Please continue to mail Herald of His Coming to me because it is so precious.


    I write to thank you with all of my heart for the gift packet of Gospel literature you sent, along with the Herald papers, which reached me very safely. They have been of much inspiration to all in our assembly, and have played a major part in strengthening the body of Christ in this district, and have also brought lost Buddhist and Hindu souls to Christ. We praise and thank God for Herald of His Coming, for helping people like us serve the Lord Jesus with joy in these last days...Our small house-church believers and I assure you of our constant, united prayers for God to bless Herald of His Coming ministry most abundantly.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. This meat of the Word of God has blessed me. I have kept many copies of it and I can always refer to them to help me to prepare sermons. I have started a new church on 16 August 1997, and we have been growing. I thank you for sending me the book on prayer by E. M. Bounds. I have read it a few times. It has blessed my heart. I will continue to read that precious book besides my Bible....


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming magazine. My life is being renewed every day as a result of reading this message on revival, salvation, soul winning and fasting and praying....


    I express my sincere gratitude for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming. It lifts up my faith and always encourages my spiritual life. I am a Filipino citizen working here in Italy for almost 9 years as a servant of God. Herald of His Coming, through the power of the Holy Spirit, helps me a lot to have a burden to share, to evangelize the thousands of Filipinos here in Italy. Truly Jesus is Lord all over the world!


    I am praising and thanking the Lord for the Herald of His Coming. The messages you published have greatly blessed me and many people. The August 1998, with published messages of Keith Daniel, Bill McLeod and Wesley Duewel, have awakened my spirit as I need to be revived. I was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit while I was reading that. I even couldnít hold my tears. I asked the Lordís forgiveness, letting this revival spirit be demonstrated in me.

    I am a pastor of a small congregation and we need revival in my congregation. I was sharing to my congregation the things the Lord brought through the messages of Godís anointed servants. Help us pray as we are organizing prayer group among all our men and women, young people and children. I realized that itís not enough to have once a week church prayer meeting and dawn prayer. I pray my members will be more prayerful and that holiness should be seen in every life of our members.


    I am grateful to you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming. I am one of the prayer group in our church. We are more than 20 students in the prayer group. We share the Heralds and they help us to understand the Word of God. We are not sharing the Word alone. We also share to other people, because God doesnít like the death of the sinner. We are glad to read it. I cannot tell it all how it changed our lives since we have started to read it.


    We so appreciate Herald of His Coming. It is mailed to us because a person sent in our address. As a pastor I receive this with appreciation of people who think of others. Also, there are tremendous messages shared in these papers that both excite and ignite oneís spirit. I am sending you an offering of appreciation.