For God And Families
 By Lois J. Stucky

    As we begin a new year, we change the volume number of Herald of His Coming to Volume 58. For close to fifty-eight years God has faithfully supplied workers and friends who unite hearts and prayers and gifts to sustain the ministry of Herald of His Coming. Let us together pause and join in giving hearty thanks to God. To Him goes all credit for the untold numbers of readers who have been instructed and nourished, sometimes reproved and brought to repentance, or stirred to action or met in some way by our gracious God, who is willing even to use a humble paper and unworthy people, as He builds His Church and prepares a Bride for His Son. Nothing can substitute for His precious blessing. Might none of us lose the wonder of being a worker together with God in His noble work. It counts for Eternity!

    Preparing an issue on the home and family as this one is a mixed joy and sorrow. Marriage and the family as they originated in the heart of God are beautiful. But we are all painfully aware that very sad things are happening because we bring sinful selves to marriage and the home. There are hurts and fractures, failures and dissolutions.

    How full of hope and love the heart of God must be as He gently lays a baby in the arms of the father and mother. He must take great pleasure with them in the unbounded joy reflected in most parentsí faces as they hover over the treasure no money could buy. They are full of lofty ideals and good intents.

    Many young parents, however, do not realize the tremendous responsibility God has entrusted to them. Planning to give their children the best in life they can, do they realize a never-dying soul is placed in their care? Will they adequately tend to the spiritual needs of the child? Oh, the potential for good or for evil in this new life!

    We have put our hearts into preparing this issue especially for the family, and God has given some very helpful articles. Please hand your Herald paper on to another family after reading, even if you quickly browse through it because these messages have little interest for you at this point in your life.

    In these last days of "perilous times," many parents welcome helps in preparing their children to live in the world they face. Teach them to pray! Help them learn Scripture! Many Christians have been disturbed that the posting of the Ten Commandments is opposed in schools and in many government places. There is nothing, however, to prevent parents from posting them in their home, and helping their children to learn them. Not many do this. The children must understand, of course, that keeping the Commandments is not the way to be saved, but they are saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then they are to obey Godís Word.

    It is not legalism to obey and to promote obedience to the Ten Commandments. These Commandments basically have to do with Godís love. First we are to reciprocate Godís love to us by loving Him--to have no other gods, to make no idols, not to take His name in vain, to honor Him by not breaking the Sabbath. Then we are to love our family, our parents and to honor them, and to love our neighbor as ourself--not to kill, nor steal, nor commit adultery, nor bear false witness, nor covet.

    In Deuteronomy 5:1, we read that Moses told Godís people to learn the Commandments, and keep and do them. He also told them not only to have them in their hearts, but to teach them diligently to their children, to talk of them in their homes and elsewhere, and even to post them in their house (Deut. 6:4-8).

    Children need to know, too, that their obedience is primarily to God. Mother and Dad might not be on the scene to watch them, but God ever is watching over them, taking notice of their obedience, and of their disobedience as well.

    Jesus stood by the Commandments (Luke 18:18-22). Jesus likened the one who kept His sayings to a wise man which built his house on a rock, as opposed to the foolish man who built his house on sand, which fell when the storm came (Matthew 7:24-27). Jesus repeatedly told us if we love Him we will keep His commandments.

    In the secular world today, Bible Commandments are disregarded to a great extent. Oh, that our homes might be built on the rock foundation of knowing and obeying Godís Commandments! And might our children learn from us in the home to build their lives on the rock foundation of Godís Word.

    Might our homes be like a fortress, into which the children run and are safe. Children may experience opposition, maybe ridicule for their belief in God. Friends may try to persuade them to do things against their Christian standards. Your child might feel he stands alone. I know from experience how comforting and strengthening it is to know you will be understood and confirmed at home. God help us not to let our children down! Assure them Godís way is the right way. And let us constantly examine ourselves that we not teach the Commandments yet fail to obey them ourselves! How easy it is to let other gods creep into our lives, such as self, standing in the community, fame, appetites, money, pleasure, etc.

    Pray for Christian homes of the world, that the young will be faithfully nurtured in the ways of the Lord, and pray for non-Christian homes, that many will become Christian homes. Please join us also in prayer for the following items:

Please Pray!

* That we enter the new year with confidence that our God who has been our help in years past is with us and will not fail nor forsake us!

* For the salvation of Jewish souls around the world.

* That this issue of Herald of His Coming will make a substantial difference in homes and families, that marriages be enriched and homes become more diligent in bringing children to Christ and in promoting prayer and Bible reading in the home.

* That more Herald readers will be led of the Lord to become monthly donors to maintain Herald of His Coming ministry.

* For Godís continued guidance as Herald of His Coming looks to Him for the future, for the personnel of His calling and the preparation of the location.

* For the speeding of the Gospel to the unreached people of the earth.

* For Godís sustaining grace and mighty workings on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world.

* For the Salvation heralds sent in quantity to distributors in various countries of the world, that many souls will be brought into Godís Kingdom through them.

* That God will keep us strong in faith and faithful in prayer for great outpourings of His Holy Spirit in this perilous hour.

Help Us Spread This Issue

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