Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since 1995, and I am always eager to receive the next issue. As a young disciple of Jesus needing systematic guidance, the materials have been a teaching aid and a complementary to my Bible studies and also as a church leader. Being an "elder" in my age of 29 has needed me to advance in my spiritual life with speed so that I may not be called an "elder" only in name but in deed; to have a good insight in the word of God and be able to teach effectively in the local congregation of about 50 members.

    Of special place also has been the classic materials you have been sending me. I can tell a few which have a profound impact on my prayer life: "Praying Hyde" and "The Kneeling Christian..." It is common to saints to be excited to action after reading such materials, only to later slide slowly to the original state of indifference. When I recognize this in me, I go back to the "Herald library" in my reading room to stir myself again by the same materials and the words always appear new and have a great impact...Keep my name permanently in the mailing list.


    Thanks for the regular issue of Herald of His Coming magazine. My soul leaps with joy as I get and read Herald of His Coming. I share it to my family and they are really blessed too in reading such Godly magazine. We are encouraged a lot. Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming here in my new address in Taiwan, as well as in my old address so that my family may continue to encourage their Christian life too. I need a Godly magazine like Herald of His Coming especially now that I could not attend church fellowship regularly because of my working condition. You can help me to strengthen my Christian life and my spirit as well through the Herald. Praying that Herald of His Coming may continue to reach and bless all over the world.


    I thank the Lord and appreciate the work He is doing in my life by building my Christian life. Since I started receiving Herald of His Coming from February í98, the paper has been a blessing to me, such that I always look forward to receive the next issue with joy. Since I am a newly converted Christian, the Herald has been helping me to understand and know the will of God. Please continue blessing people with the Herald of His Coming for it is changing peopleís hearts and lives worldwide....


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. Every time when I read Herald I could feel that the Holy Spirit is talking to me. Whenever Iím sad I get cheer; when Iím down, I get encouragement. I wish you will keep on sending me Herald...


    I am 30 years old and I am a member of Evangelical Church Emanuel. I would like to grow in my Christian life and hope that Herald of His Coming will help me to become a mature Christian. I would like to be a constant reader of the Herald. God bless you!


    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. I appreciate the messages. It is a wonderful food for the soul. I tell you, revival started in me since I got this paper. Please! Continue sending me with my new address.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming regularly. The messages are a blessing and fire burning in my soul because the Herald is anointed and the materials are inspired with Holy Ghost. I send small gift for the Heraldís continued work and pray for more and more blessing in next year.


    I express my gratitude to you for mailing to me the Herald of His Coming. I have discovered that it is a reviving paper. The Herald always quickens my spirit to prayer whenever I read it. Please keep on sending me the magazine and may the Lord richly bless you....


    My husband and I thank you for sending us the Herald of His Coming all these years to our address in Nigeria. We have now retired and go back to our country, Sri Lanka, after serving the Lord Jesus Christ for 21 years in Nigeria. As we are not Nigerians but Sri Lankans, we will not receive any pension from Nigeria. We are Tamils so because of the long ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, we have also lost our house and all our possessions in Sri Lanka. We go back with faith in God. Please send our Herald of His Coming regularly to our new address. We always pray for you and for the other prayer requests.

    All our past copies of the Herald of His Coming we have shared with the Christian staff and students in our university, where we have lived and worked all these years. We have been greatly helped to grow spiritually by Herald of His Coming. Everyone who reads our copy of the Herald sent to us has been blessed. Thank you.


    Brethren, the articles in Herald of His Coming are a real challenge to me. They spur me to a higher level of prayer, consecration and holiness. Please continue mailing me the Herald. This donation of mine is too small, especially when converted to dollars, but it is given wholeheartedly and with love. I believe God can multiply it to accomplish even more than itís worth.


    I constantly receive the Herald of His Coming. Thank you for the faithful ministry. We have now established what is called a Christian workers fellowship and this fellowship after receiving the vision from the Lord, has now started a 24-hour prayer service, which started as of June 1998. The Herald is very useful for those who are serving in this ministry. I share my own copy but that is not enough. Please send one to the Prayer House....God bless you. Please pray for us.


    I appreciate that you send me Herald of His Coming. Itís been a real encouragement to me as a pastor. It helps me a lot in my everyday life, as you can see the times we are living in. I hope and pray that God will continue to bless and keep you under His covering, and to give you more spiritual strength to keep on doing this work. Itís helping a lot of people out there who read and study it. I can feel Godís power moving through this blessed paper. Thank you and may God bless you always.


    I cannot express the spiritual nourishment I continue to get from the powerful messages in Herald of His Coming. They have given me a lot of challenges which have sharpened and strengthened my faith in the Lord. I started receiving Herald last year at school and have since been receiving your monthly supply. I use it to teach the Word and I can say that it has made an impact upon the lives of those here. People whose names I sent have been receiving their supply too. Could you please send some copies now to the following addresses....


    I have been coming across Herald of His Coming and have been blessed so much by it. We have a strong feeling that God is beginning a revival at our rural school and the surrounding community. The Herald has been a great source of inspiration for revival prayer. I write asking you to send me this precious paper every month. Put me on the list as quick as possible. Many people will benefit from the messages.


    It is beyond words to express my gratitude for the Heraldís messages. So life-giving as well as convicting. They are a mighty tool preparing us for use in the huge Harvest Field. God has brought together intercessors from the cities in our valley to battle together, for which we are grateful. I would appreciate very much a copy of "Prevailing Prayer." I am very grateful.


    I have received the Herald of His Coming for about 40 years and it is still dear to me. I read it and it sends me to my prayer closet. I am 88 years young and appreciate this paper and its many encouraging messages. I pray for you all. God bless your work.


    I have been blessed by Herald of His Coming many times. There have been times when the Holy Spirit has been heavy upon me as I have read it. I am not a person that cries easily but sometimes my heart cries out to God for revival with tears and a strongly stirred heart. God bless you!


    Thanks again for Herald of His Coming. It is good sound doctrine. What you do for us prisoners is a blessing to us. We can go back and read time and time again. I often share my paper with other Christians here in prison and we love it. It helps us a lot. I am sending a gift. Please let me know that you got it. I pray for you and the Herald ministry.


    The Heralds you send us are read many times. Thanks for being such an important part of the ministry here.


    Herald of His Coming has been an inspiration to me for over 55 years. Iím 90 years of age!