If The Foundations Be Destroyed
 By Lois J. Stucky

    Thank God for the men and women who are issuing the PrayUSA í99 call for prayer! These are people with many other obligations in the work of the Lord, but they sense the urgency of uniting as many of Godís people as are willing in a concerted effort of prayer for America. Let us rise to the occasion, Christian friend! Letís do our part as much as do military and government men and women who serve our nation in other ways. Might we respond as though our very lives and the existence of our nation depend on it. Maybe they do! In whatever measure in which God enables us, might we show our serious concern about the needs of our nation.

    The schedule on the next page helps all participating to focus prayer on a particular, well-chosen topic each day. Many thousands of Christians praying about the same issue will be more effective. We can pray with more faith when we realize that a body of brothers and sisters in Christ are swelling the cry to God for that need which our lone prayer seems so inadequate to tackle. Let us dig deep with our praying. Sin is the basic problem in most areas of life. The Bible speaks of foundations being destroyed (Psalm 11:3). Termites of sin, eroding floods of iniquity, the rot of neglecting God for the things of the world--all these are destructive forces against the foundations of righteousness, whether of the individual life, of the church, or of the nation.

    The stories of Israelís kings in the Old Testament are very instructive. God helped them greatly when they were small and humble and sought to walk in His ways, when they hearkened to the voice of the prophets and obeyed the word spoken by God through the prophets.

    But as God blessed and prospered them, in case after case, the king became proud and self-sufficient. Some began to worship idols in place of God. When God could no longer bless them, in desperation they followed their own ways to get back to success and they fell into yet deeper sin. Judgment and destruction came. Oneís heart weeps to read of a sad end instead of the blessed one it could have been had there been repentance and obedience.

    We have all seen the tragedy of something like this repeated in our day. Someone becomes a Christian and seems to lay a good foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ. They are humble, broken at the cross, clinging to Jesus. Thereís the marriage that seems ideal and love-filled, or a church that enjoys rich blessings from God in its humble searchings after Him, or a nation thatís founded on the Word of God by holy men who came for the very purpose of worshiping Him with liberty. But sad, oh so sad it is when sin and iniquity cause a collapse of that which started out well!

    Let us pray that individuals, marriages, churches, and nations needing to lay again the foundation through repentance, will do so. Very gracious and very encouraging is the Word of God in Romans 5:20: "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."

    Jesus tells us that a solid rock foundation to build upon is hearing His Words and doing them. Some of us who have long been Christians need to repent and do our first works of daily reading the Word of God and putting it into practice. Having it in our head and knowing what is right is not enough. If we do not take care to live it out in our daily lives, when the floods come, there will be a great fall!

    Might we humbly walk with God so He can point out to us if there is anything in the foundation of our Christian lives that is deteriorating. Thank God for every Christian whose foundation is standing firm, and who is going on to maturity! (Heb. 6:1). Such form the backbone of intercessors for our nation.

"America! America!
 God Shed His Grace On Thee!"

    God brought forth and blessed America for a purpose. Thank God for all through the years who have put Godís blessings to work furthering His Kingdom of righteousness. But there have been selfish squandering and sinful indulgence of these blessings in a frightful way as well. Deep repentance is needed.

    Hear how King Hezekiah of Judah exhorted his people to turn from their sin and return to God: "The Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away His face from you, if you return unto Him" (2 Chron. 30:9). Some disdained Hezekiahís call and laughed and scorned. "Nevertheless," we read, regardless of what others did or did not do, some responded and humbled themselves before God. And the hand of God was to give them one heart "to do as He had commanded" (2 Chron. 30:12). Not only did they pray, but they went out and destroyed that which had taken the hearts of the people away from God.

    Might God give us Herald readers unity of heart and mind to humble ourselves afresh before Him and pray and seek His face, asking for mercy and pardon for our nation. Let us be among those who say, "Nevertheless"--regardless of what others do or do not do, we will seek the face of our Lord and put away anything that stands between our soul and our Saviour.

    As American Christians our hearts cannot but swell with gratitude at times and melt before His goodness at other times because of the privilege given this nation to be an instrument in His Hand for blessing the world. Here at Herald of His Coming we feel privileged to be united with many supporting friends to have a part in blessing the world with Godís Word. While realizing the Heraldís part is comparatively small, still the little and seemingly insignificant can be used to accomplish much when God is in it. If we donít get our focus off the Lord onto the almost overwhelming immensity of the task or onto the fierceness of the battle against iniquity, we can hope to fulfill His purpose for us.

    Christian friends, we have been called for such as hour as this! It is important that each of us stands faithful in doing what He has given us to do. The trumpet isnít always thrilling us with its rousing notes, nor the roll of the drum putting our feet into enthusiastic forward march. There is the daily routine of things like humbling ourselves before God, focusing in prayer for 40 days for our nation with a seriousness that the situation demands, seeking His favor, turning from anything that has become a barrier between our soul and Himself.

    Let us put our heart into this prayer effort and into every prayer effort. Some of you are vitally involved in local prayer groups. Keep faithful! The God who inspires and enables prayer, stands ready to answer prayer. We have His promises, and He is the true and faithful God whom we can fully trust. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16).

    We are hopeful that readers from outside USA will feel led to join in prayer, even if this issue reaches you too late to begin with the first days. Your prayers are more valuable than we can express. Thank you for praying for USA!

    Please continue to pray also for Herald of His Coming, as follows:

Praise God!

* That He continues to supply daily needs at Herald of His Coming enabling the Gospel to go out freely. Thank Him for those readers whose hearts He touches to make this possible.

* That Leonore Klassen (Mrs. Elmer Klassen) is recovering from a serious accident through the goodness of the Lord.

Please Pray!

* That more of our Jewish Salvation heralds, Hear, O Israel, will be requested and that there will be a harvest of Jewish souls as a result. Pray for the copies of this paper mailed to distributors through the Soul Winnerís Packets, that each copy will find its way to a Jewish reader.

* For more of the Lordís precious anointing on the messages of Herald of His Coming, so that deep needs of spiritually hungry hearts will be met.

* For Godís continued guidance and provision for Herald of His Coming as we anticipate changes of location and personnel in the near future.

* For protection under the blood of Jesus of all the Herald work.

* That we American Christians will willingly put sacrifice into seeking Godís face during PrayUSA!, counting sacrifice our reasonable service, as we think upon His sacrifice in giving His Son, and the Sonís sacrifice in giving His life for us. Pray that for HIS sake we will do our part to see America turn back to Him and His Name be honored and glorified in this land, as it is so worthy to be!