Out of the Mail Box 886
howing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I want to bless the name of the Lord for the Herald of His Coming ministry. The messages are so inspiring, so challenging, so urgent and so uplifting. Most of what I now know as a Christian and what I am today is attributed to the Herald. I started receiving the paper right from my secondary school years (late í80ís), when I first gave my life to Christ. It formed the foundation blocks of my Christian life. It has made me love prayer above all else. I am now the prayer secretary of my fellowship. Any time I am down spiritually, I pick them up and I am revived. I have given out quite a number of my copies to other Christians and it has helped them tremendously. I bless God for all this....


    I thank you for Herald of His Coming and praise God for it. The Herald has been of great help to me in my prayers and has strengthened me spiritually. I pray God will give you the grace to continue in this vital work.


    We have been blessed by the Herald of His Coming. The articles draw us closer to the Lord, developing a deeper spiritual understanding of who God is and who we are and how our hearts should be overflowing with love for Him with a desire to obey Him and to grow more and more each day to be like Jesus, our blessed Lord and Saviour. Thank you for making it possible for us to receive the Herald....


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for three months now. Indeed I miss word expression of how fast they have uplifted me spiritually. Many thanks to the Almighty God who enables you to serve Him very faithfully. I am now temporarily teaching at a certain secondary school waiting to join the university, and Herald has been my closest friend. I would like to ask you to include the following people in your mailing list ...


    Thanks for the messages in the Herald of His Coming. That makes me grow in knowledge of the truth and leads me always in the fresh way of the Spirit. I do give appreciation for your free gift of the Herald. Since the last two months I have read them and seen exciting messages and insights of the truth. That is why I would be so thankful to you if you get me the magazine monthly....


    Thank you for your sending of Herald of His Coming every month. I am an evangelist . I pray always for the Herald ministry. To me Herald of His Coming is very important for spiritual life and service. Please continue to send it monthly. Thank you....


    Thanks for the issues of the Herald of His Coming which you have been sending to me regularly. This is the only Christian literature available to me here. In this hot desert it is like a shower from the heavens as it is healing the wounds through the Words of God. I am thankful to my Kenyan brothers for showing me this paper when I was saved there two years ago.

    I request you to pray with me for God to show me plan to introduce the Herald to my Muslim and Hindu friends over here as they donít know about their loving Saviour....


    I thank God for the inspiration Herald of His Coming has brought to us readers, very challenging messages which appeal to my utmost needs. It has encouraged me a lot to live a life that pleases God. Please accept my love gift enclosed....


    I am a young man of nineteen. I would like to thank you for Herald of His Coming newspaper. I was a backslider but through the paper I am back to real life again. Please donít stop printing this paper. If you stop you will reduce our faith. The Herald is very appreciated. I can imagine that the devil does not like the Herald paper.


    For nearly a year I have had the blessed opportunity of receiving copies of the Herald of His Coming. What a blessing! How edifying it has constantly been reading these! As a church leader of a small church I was blessed too much and it has challenged me to speak forth the Word of God with boldness, and to pray for the revival in my heart and in the church of God. May God bless you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. Here is the name of my sister in Christ who needs you to send her the paper.


    I am very grateful for receiving the Herald of His Coming paper. Indeed it is such a blessing to me. There is a lot that has been presented that has ministered to me and I have been encouraged to take salvation so seriously....


    Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming. The messages continue to be of great blessing to me and to those who I pass it on to. I have sent a gift to the Australian address. Sorry at not being able to send more, but we are old age pensioners. However, I asked my family not to give me presents at Christmas time but rather the money so that it could be used better for the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom and the building up of His saints...


    It is a pleasure to write to you again and enclose our gift....The brethren are truly blessed and uplifted in their spirits after reading each edition of the Herald. In addition to this they are challenged to go out soul searching, and I am pleased to say there are new births for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus....


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly and other teaching materials which I had been sharing to other workers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Herald has helped us to grow spiritually, especially in prayers. It is beyond measure how it makes us mature and leads us deeper and deeper in the way of God....


    You have been faithful in continually sending Herald of His Coming even though we have spent much time in the Philippines during the past 29 years. We find the content of the Herald very inspiring, convicting and motivating, especially regarding the subject of revival. To my knowledge, not one issue of the Herald has ever gone by way of the recycle bin but was saved and either shipped to the Philippines or taken personally on our trips so that our brethren over there could also have the privilege of enjoying its contents. We still make this a habit. Knowing that our nation, as well as others, are much in need of a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit, the Herald articles on revival are like pouring fuel upon the fire!....

    I am well aware of the carelessness and sometimes total indifference in our churches regarding the subjects of hell, judgment, etc. May God send all of us a fresh evaluation of Godís grace and what it cost Him to take away the condemnation of sin in our lives! May the Lord continue to use the Herald as a Voice crying in the wildernesses of our day--Isaiah 40:3.


    I really enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. I have let a lot of other people read my issue. I give them to somebody and when they finish with them they pass them on to others. I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading and studying the content of Herald of His Coming. Please add the following name on the mailing list...


    Thank you for all the Herald materials. They help keep me stirred up--humble before the Lord and ever seeking His will and doing my best to trust in and obey His Word.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for a couple of years now and enjoyed every issue to date. I am an inmate in the Texas Penal System and it was through Herald of His Coming that I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour and committed my life to do His will. Please keep up the good work the Herald has been doing! You are in my prayers.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending Herald of His Coming these many years. I first received the paper in the early í60ís when attending Bible College in Toccoa Falls, Georgia. As I pastored over the years it has gone with me. It has been the inspiration to many messages. I still receive Herald of His Coming and am continually blest and drawn closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. I send support as often as I can in retirement. I could easily use 50 copies to pass out.


    I am thanking you very much for sending the Herald for us. Receiving the Herald not only makes us better people, but we have the opportunity to share with others. The Christian Brotherhood Council here in the prison is doing our best to change the lives of our fellow inmates.