Godís Message For Today
By E. Meadows

    Godís message for the world today is definitely repentance, and turning from sin. It has always been His message. The message of repentance is heralded forth with fiery zeal by all the Holy prophets of old as a means of avoiding Godís judgments in the land. And God has not changed His mind about sin.

   The grace dispensation was ushered in with the same message. Christís forerunner preached repentance and faith for the remission of sins. He demanded that their lives prove a changed attitude toward God and sin (Luke 3:8).

   Our Lord Jesus began His first sermon with an exhortation to repent (Matthew 4:17). He failed to insinuate one time throughout His ministry that salvation by grace could be obtained in any other way than by turning the back upon sin and the old life, and following Him. He commanded that repentance and remission of sins be preached in His Name among all nations (Luke 24:47).