Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I have been on the Herald mailing list for about three months. For those three months Herald papers have been helping me very much in my spiritual life. The more I read them the more I desire to live a holy life and the more I desire to serve the Lord ....The Herald papers which are full of inspiration and are giving me the burden of the lost souls, have helped me to take a step forward in my Christianity. These Herald papers have been challenging me to continue with this ministry of winning souls to Christ.

    I have a ministry with other brothers and sisters from other Bible colleges. Our main theme of coming together is to show oneness in Christ and fulfill the role of the great commission.

    I, as their chairman, have been thinking deeply on how we can meet those lost souls which are not willing to hear from us. That has been a big challenge in our ministry. But one thing that God has been teaching me is that we can meet them through prayers and tracts.

    We have been preaching to them through prayer. On the side of tracts we have been failing because we donít have them. When I received the Herald paper I was very encouraged as I was trying to take my spiritual food. I came across these words, "Write us for a Soul Winnerís Packet" ....remember we are in need of them.


    Dear Brothers, you were always good with me. You sent me all the precious classic Herald of His Coming copies which are very helpful in my life. The Herald is very useful and inflaming the fire of the spirit in the heart that has a thirst and hungers for righteousness and witnessing to Christ and winning people to enjoy as Savior and Lord. The Herald is helping me to be steadfast in my spiritual life, even at my school. Now I am a born again person. I am a son of God in His image with powers of commanding the devil to run away from me. The copies that I am receiving at school are working well in my life to awaken me whenever I begin to slumber, to encourage me whenever I get discouraged, to teach me new spiritual truth. Continuing to send me these copies is one of the greatest favors that you can ever do for me. Thank you very much.


    My Dearest Christian Friends! I have not in a dictionary of mine, nicer, warmer, more heartfelt words to thank you, as these I use now. I wish to thank you and the Herald of His Coming for coming into my life. We know that all these richest precious gifts are from God. Only heaven itself could afford them. If only I could write freely for it is hard for 84 years immigrant to think in English, to put all in sentences and to find every word how to spell it. Sometimes I pray that the Lord will help me to tell you how dear the Lord is using and blessing those 3 Heralds you are sending me, in my church and neighborhood. May Lord bless and look after this love gift. Thank you Lord! With all my love....


    I thank God for the course of the gospel in the Herald ministry. My main concern after I gave my life to Christ is how to live triumphantly in Christ and also to bear fruits of souls for the Lord. It will be of great help if I can receive the monthly magazine, Herald of His Coming and the Soul Winnerís Packet. Please I need these materials as I will be gaining admission in a few months to one of our universities here. The universities in Nigeria are known for their sinfulness, worldliness and occultism. As a Christian, being in the midst of these students is a great challenge which involves constant prayer and abiding in the Lord to overcome. Herald materials will do a lot to prepare me for these challenges....


    What a blessing the monthly issue of Herald of His Coming is to me. I cannot point out any one particular issue, or sermon at this moment. I enjoy them all. I also refer to many messages for material for my own sermons and find Godís blessing by doing so. I want to encourage you to keep up the good work, and let God do a work in many other lives by doing so. Many times when I open the Herald and start reading, a lot of the messages are matters that the Holy Spirit is dealing with this Pastor about, which makes it even more exciting. Enclosed is my gift to keep my name on the mailing list to receive the Herald. Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue on in the Masterís service.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. It is a good teacher of the Word of God next to the Bible. It is my good helper for my ministry in the churches of the Lord. Therefore, please continue to send me from month to month. I am a pastor of the churches. Also I am a parish leader which has 20 churches under it. The members are near to 7000. Most of them are very poor people....materials you send help me to understand more about revival and to teach other Christians.



    Greetings in the Lord. I am very happy to receive regularly Herald of His Coming. It is very interesting and edifying for every believer. It helps me in my spiritual growth. I often share it with some friends. I would like to have the Soul Winnerís Packet. It can be very useful for my ministry among students as well as among people around me. Since only two percent of the population of Mali is Christian, it is a great challenge for us to win the souls all around the country to Christ....


    I am writing to say how much I truly appreciate Herald of His Coming. I canít describe what the magazine has been doing in my life and ministry since I received them for almost a year now. There is always something applicable just at the time I need it. I acknowledge your support in the whole body of Christ through faithful commitment in sending the Herald Magazine to our brethren around the world. I am one of them who is richly blessed and want to continually receive the Herald.


    I am a youth leader in our denomination and am at present running a Bible study class. The Herald is like a teacher to me as I study its encouraging messages to keep me with my relationship with God better and stronger everyday. I now learn that God is doing great things in these last days with His Church. Thank you for keeping me on the Herald mailing list. I need more.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald, even though I couldnít send you anything for the past one year. May the Holy Spirit strengthen you all at the Herald of His Coming to be fire brands for our soon coming Lord.

    Brethren, I have to testify the messages either new or old whenever read, stir up my mind. It kindles the fire in me. May the Holy Spirit anoint you all for this mighty ministry, all the more. As I have advised earlier, in this wilderness, we have a small gathering. Many a time the Lord gives me the blessed privilege to be in the midst of the saints with the Word of God. I pray for the real anointing for the end time ministry. With tears I confess I couldnít do anything for His kingdom in response to what He has done for me. May Jesus Lord find me as a faithful servant. Please remember us in your prayers, the church and also the family.


    Each month I eagerly wait to receive the new issue of Herald of His Coming. It is distributed by a dear gentleman from Hedge and Highways Ministry. The gentleman distributes the newsletter at the subway stop. Sometimes they are all gone by the time I get there. Usually where literature is distributed you find them in trash cans or on the floor. You would truly be blessed to see how widely read Herald of His Coming is during the early hours on the subway system. I would like to start receiving copies of this ministry and teaching tool. Also, I would like to receive the Soul Winnerís Packet. I would like to learn how to more effectively witness to people I donít know....


    Please continue sending me the Herald. I have been reading it in prison for over 20 years. I was saved in prison in 1975, and have passed Herald of His Coming on to hundreds. I have been in prison for almost 30 years, saved for 23 years, and been in the ministry to other inmates since that day.

    I take every one of the articles to heart. The Herald is such a blessing. The Spirit uses it to fire up our hearts so we can go forth with fire in the work of the ministry. God is so good, and I praise God for your faithfulness to the prison ministry. This also affects our dear families, who have stuck by us all these years in prison.


    Iím 75 years old and just want you to know how grateful I am that years ago someone gave me some issues of the Herald. What a blessing they have been ever since!! True Bible teachings for a hungry heart and I always pass them on.