Guard The Ground Taken
 By Lois J. Stucky

   Preliminary news from the USAPray '98 office says that reports of marriages saved, miracle healings, churches revived, etc., continue to pour in. "All glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!" In addition to personal results, there has been a significant filling of the vials of prayer for a great spiritual awakening in our land.

    USAPray '98 office reports that a church in El Paso, Texas, observed the 40 days with some people fasting each day, and some fasting the full 40 days. Two city-wide groups, El Paso for Jesus and Vision El Paso, will propose to their churches that they take one day a week to corporately pray and fast for revival.

    There have been precious unseen results as well. A new work has begun in many who humbled themselves before the high and lofty One who inhabits eternity and yet, the One whose ear is tenderly attuned to the cry of contrite ones bowed before Him. This work must be carefully guarded and fostered-- this new brokenness of spirit before God, the fresh burden for the souls over whom He yearns, a deepened appreciation for our wonderful God and the privilege of drawing nigh to Him in prayer and of laying hold of His gracious promises, the inspiration to fast on a regular basis that the benefits of fasting continue to enrich our hearts and lives.

    We encourage those who have not already done so, to put this new impetus to prayer and fasting to work by joining with Intercessors for America in fasting and prayer for our nation on the first Friday of each month. The twenty-five- year-old Intercessors for America describes itself as "a Christian ministry which serves the Church of Jesus Christ by encouraging effective prayer and fasting by all believers for the Church, our nation and their leaders." Readers in USA may contact them for their newsletter as follows: Telephone (703) 777-0003; Fax (703) 777-2324; E-mail; Web site Newsletter costs are covered by the tax-deductible gifts of readers.

    For the instruction and encouragement of Herald readers who might be inspired to begin fasting on a regular basis with others on behalf of our nation, we are reprinting below an article that appeared in the October 1987 Herald of His Coming, taken from Intercessors for America Newsletter. Perhaps God will enable you to establish a home prayer meeting on the first Friday of the month, using the helps given below and in their monthly newsletter.

In These "Crescendo Times"

    In the front-page article of this issue of Herald of His Coming, Armin Gesswein aptly describes our days as "crescendo times--full of quick changes and new challenges--the 'last days.'" Perilous times are undoubtedly upon us, gradually increasing in intensity until suddenly, the climax will burst upon us! We are not to be fearful, but we are to seek God's mighty help to meet these days in His strength and power. Not only do we want to survive to God's glory but also to pull into God's Life Boat as many as possible of those floundering "in sin and despair like the sea waves cold." God has made provision for His people to be overcomers. But to be an overcomer requires of us wholehearted, strongest effort!

    God's measure of grace and mercy is adequate even for the overwhelmingly serious conditions of this hour. If we meet His requirements and if we believe His promises, we shall receive the promised outpoured Spirit! Let's ask ourselves, what will show our wholeheartedness? What will increase our yearning? What will strengthen our faith? Might we be numbered among those out of every culture, race, and doctrinal persuasion who are seeking God with all their heart in this crucial hour! Might we be among those willing to add fasting to our seeking in order to intensify our efforts.

    In your times of seeking God, will you please call for His mercy and help for Herald of His Coming? His mercies to us are marvelous, new every day. But opportunities abound and the adversary opposes. Prayers of faith bring victory! Please join us now, and we thank you.

   * Pray that those wanting to continue receiving Herald of His Coming will write to let us know so they are not mistakenly dropped in the assumption that they are no longer interested.

    * Pray that all of us reading Herald of His Coming will do so with the zest of the spiritually hungry, to whom even bitter things are sweet in our eager search for more of God in our lives.

    * Ask the Lord to bless and guide those receiving packages each month, that they will be faithful in distributing and will be encouraged in the good work they are doing.

    * Beseech God for clear direction and for our sensitivity to His leading as to the articles to print each month.

    * Intercede that more souls be saved through the Salvation herald, RIGHT CHOICE, and the Jewish Salvation herald, HEAR, O ISRAEL.

    * Ask God to raise up donors to replace faithful ones who are no longer able to give of their supporting gifts.

    * Pray that God will help us, His people, to prevail in prayer for great outpourings of the Holy Spirit as promised in His Word, that His Name will be wonderfully glorified in the earth in the midst of abounding sin, and that the way be prepared for the return of King Jesus!