Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am requesting you to kindly consider my subscription for the Herald of His Coming magazine and any other literature. I've been reading these magazines from friends, and I have been encouraged by them and my faith nurtured. Now I feel it's time to subscribe for my copies. I'm working as a missionary in a place in the coastal parts of Kenya where the large population is predominantly Muslims. My vision is to a people group called Bajuns (Muslims). It's a difficult place and I feel that the Herald would be a great help to my spiritual life and ministry. Thank you for your kind consideration....


    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I had always longed to be a Christian who is filled with the Holy Ghost and live in His power daily, but this remained an illusion because I did not know what it meant to receive Christ as Saviour and Lord personally until March 1994 when at a youth retreat I was convicted of my sins and lukewarmness. I answered the altar call and was led to receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord into my life. After this, I recognised the need for me to grow in my new relationship with God. I was given a lot of Christian literature to this effect by friends and church leaders. Of all the literatures I received, there was none from which I was blessed as from some Herald of His Coming of the mid 80's which were given me by a church leader.

    I wish to seize this opportunity to request a regular supply of Herald of His Coming. The messages inspired me a lot and have also been a source of blessing to an evangelistic group, "The Soul-Seekers for Christ" of our Baptist Church, which I lead. There has been great revival in this group as a result and we are experiencing God's grace as never before. On the other hand, we are also faced with a lot of persecution, even from some church leaders, which is the more reason we need more of such messages to keep us from falling. I would be grateful if you could send some old copies of the Herald. The messages are never old....His name continue to be glorified!


    It is almost a year now since I started to receive Herald of His Coming. Thank you for your faithful commitment in sending this monthly paper. The copy that I receive is a great blessing for me personally, for they are timely and suited to my circumstances. Each article published inspires, challenges and motivates my soul in all aspects. The Herald paper also is a great help for my current ministry, for it has a reactionary effect when I read it. It helps me to gain some insights for my sermon preparation. It seems that all the articles that a pastor wants to read are in this paper, including news around the globe concerning our brethren in Christ.

    As God extends His rich blessing through the pages of the Herald, I would like to be one who is continually enriched and blessed. Please keep sending the Herald paper to me....I love you all, brethren in the truth and in the purity of His church.


    I thank God as one of my Christian brothers gave me one Herald of His Coming paper that was on the month of May -- "Yielded to the Lordship of Christ." I enjoyed reading it, especially the Scripture. I feel something inside of me began to burn and transformed me. My spiritual life began to refresh again from one level to another level. I was blessed from reading it just like I read the Bible. Please I would like if you could send me the Herald of His Coming paper. I want to be part of this blessing of the Word of God...


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming which I've been receiving from you. The messages have been a tremendous blessing to every one of us that reads them. My closest friend who is pastoring a church not far from our church, has been immensely blessed from the Herald of His Coming sermons. After I go through, he collects them and then he prepares sermons from them. He preaches in seminars, schools, churches, and etc. So please, they are useful to us. Continue sending me Herald of His Coming. Do not stop it. It is great spiritual food to us.


    Greetings in Jesus' name. I hereby reapply for the Herald of His Coming for my use and others in our church. Four years back the Herald sent regularly to me had been a great spiritual, educational and moral help in my ministry, inclusive other Christians in Sierra Leone. For the past years the country has gone through a series of political instability. But now we thank God things are taking shape. Regardless of the suffering, churches are now determined more than ever to promote the gospel as people are more receptive. Please don't cut off this blessing. Other interested members will also be grateful if you could kindly send them as well....


    Warm greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. Thank you for continuing to send the Herald. It's such a blessing and an uplift, such a joy when it "slips" through the letter box. I use part of some of the articles to share at two women's meetings I'm involved in, to lead us on into the deeps of God. It's no time to be playing around in the shallows! Wish I could send more, but it's not possible at the moment. Hallelujah! Maranatha!


    I do appreciate that you send me Herald of His Coming. It's been a real encouragement for me since I've been receiving it for a few months and, for me, it's really good. God bless you so much!...The message "Measure Your Life by Your Obedience" was really on time. Everything in the Herald comes just right on time. I know you pray for the content and you publish what God's leading you. Nothing is there by chance. Keep on, brother and sisters....


    I express my gratitude to you for sending to me Herald of His Coming. This publication has changed my life to our Lord Jesus Christ a great deal. The Herald has drawn me nearer to God and my Lord, Master and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have now known Him to be a great Lord, who died for me on the cross of Calvary. My life is not the same again. I am now a new creature and a born-again Christian. Please send the Herald of His Coming to me regularly to read and pass same to friends and copies extra to give to many around me who are yet to know Christ....I have been sending extra copies sent to me to churches in the villages, especially the riverine areas and local assemblies. Please make more copies available to me for despatch to Moslem dominated areas in Nigeria. The good Lord help you in the work of evangelising the world for Christ.


    I express my sincere gratitude for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming so faithfully each month. It lifts up my faith and always encourages my spiritual life. I have been getting the copies monthly for almost a year and there is a great change in my spiritual life since I started reading. Please continue to send me the Herald. It helps me to read the Bible which guides me to save my soul from bad spiritual matters....


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming regularly. The messages are a blessing and fire burning in my soul. Many times we shared the articles with my Christian brothers, with some Bible studies. They are not only food, but also the best revival in my prayer. I ask that you continue sending me the Herald of His Coming.


    You may recall we met at the "Heart-Cry For Revival" conference and I prayed with you folks at your display area. Again I wish to encourage you in knowing that many pastors long to receive the monthly Herald publication, and I'm sure there are many like me who "devour" it. I use it daily as part of my "time in the tent" with God. I mark it up, and underline and write comments in the margins. In several cases the articles have challenged me to purchase a book that you refer to. In every case of receiving the issues, I am deeply challenged in my personal prayer discipline, my spiritual journey and my leadership of this local church. Thank you and please know the Herald is making a difference in our world for Christ!


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. Each month it increases my life and growth for the Lord. It is keeping me on the right track in regards to all areas of my spiritual life....


    I enjoy Herald of His Coming. I've grown so much spiritually as a result of it. I have prayer meetings twice a week in my home. We see prayers answered. We also have a women's prayer group meeting once a week at church.