Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It has now been over thirty years that we have been associated with the Herald and for many of these years we have been receiving eighteen copies per month which we distribute amongst our congregation, predominantly Indian folk and all have from time to time testified what this sacred reading material has meant in their lives. I personally retired from the ministry during August 1997 (although I don't think a child of God really retires and must continue to spread the Gospel as long as the Lord lends him time)...In the past many of the articles have been adapted into messages and/or Bible studies and have always been an inspiration to all. Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the Heralds to us. I trust that now that I have retired I will have even more time to give attention to the reading of the Heralds. Whatever you do, we would appreciate to continue to receive the Heralds...

    We carry you to the throne of grace on the wings of our prayer and trust that the Lord will continue to bless the Heralds in the sanctification and consecration of children of God. The coming of the Lord is at hand and we are all to be ready to meet our God!


    I look forward to reading the Herald of His Coming more than the other Christian materials that I receive, as I am left to reflect much on the Scriptural thoughts that they carry to relate us to our daily living for the Lord. I am liberal in parting with the back numbers of other Christian literature, but I feel much reluctant to part with the past numbers of the Herald as they are fresh to the mind while reading it over again. There is much that I have gathered by the Herald and it occupies a place in my prayers so that it may truly be a forerunner to the second coming of our Divine Master in a decaying and perishing world. May the blessing of God rest upon the Herald as it ministers silently to believers.


    I am of those who continue to be blessed and uplifted upon reading every issue of the Herald of His Coming. I continue to get challenged unto holiness, doing the work and seeking to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit as I await the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for the faithful work in carrying this ministry to bless so many people all over the world. I always introduce my friends to this Herald and they are blessed a lot by the Spirit- breathed messages. Myself have benefited a lot from them and I have been inspired and encouraged to press on even harder to follow Him closer than ever. May it be a favour to receive it continuously.


    I have been reading the inspiring, biblical paper Herald of His Coming for about seven years now. I read this paper the first time in 1984, when it was presented to us as gifts when we attended a youth camp. I was then about thirteen and half years. Since I started reading this inspiring, seasoned, thought-provoking and spiritually refreshing paper, I have not been the same. I sometimes weep, because the messages are so touching and you can easily discern that they are inspired by our dear Holy Spirit. Personally I have benefitted a lot and still continue to benefit. This is because every issue of the Herald has the word which is needed for that particular period of time. I beseech you that you will not relent your effort in mailing the Herald to us....


    I started receiving Herald of His Coming almost one year now and it has been helping me. It has greatly affected my walk with God. I've been transformed in my Christian life, especially in my prayer life and in my evangelism walk. Please send me more quantity to share with members of my church, to be bless like me....

    Don't forget to pray for me as God leads me in the field of evangelism in prison ministry, that God will equip me in His own way and cause His Spirit to flow and follow me to minister effectively....


    Thanks for all the Herald papers sent to me each month so faithfully. You sent to me last year some salvation papers--Right Choice, Truth For You and Hear, O Israel. I will be grateful for some more of these Salvation papers to share. Also please continue to send the Herald papers. By faith I am praising God that all the anointed messages in the Herald of His Coming are working and doing good work in every heart that I give out papers. Many years I've been reading these anointed messages. It works tremendously in my own heart and life....


    Thank you for constantly subscribing of the Herald of His Coming. Words can't explain how it has been a blessing to me. It has helped me in spiritual atmosphere that I feel so important to me where I live. Please continue to send my copy every month. The Lord Jesus Christ will bless you in every way. He is our Provider....


    Greetings in the grace of Jesus! My wife and I are working in a church planting team in a "Creative Access Nation." We have limited access to resources such as Herald of His Coming. Recently I came across a copy of Herald of His Coming and realised if we can only obtain a limited number of spiritual resources, the Herald of His Coming should be on our list. It is spiritual dynamite and will be valuable for ourselves, those we work with and those we are seeking to reach...

    Could you please put us on the Herald mailing list? If it is practical could you please send us any back issues...We would so appreciate them. Mail is hand carried to us from Thailand and we're really looking forward to receiving the Herald material. Thank you so much!


    I have been on the Herald mailing list for about 2 years and was working in a part of the country with many big vibrant churches. I therefore grew very fast in the Lord. However, recently they transferred me to the northeastern part of Uganda, an area which is not evangelized. There is no church, no fellowship and about 50% of the population have never heard the name Jesus. For years the people of his area have resisted the Gospel and have discouraged every evangelist that has tried to preach to them.

    In this area I have therefore found the Herald of His Coming more treasurable than gold! I can't exchange it for any amount of money because in it I get the counsel I need. May God abundantly bless you and I pray that you'll continue sending this paper to me.


    Thank you for sending me every month the Herald of His Coming, which I have been sharing to other ministers of the Lord. The Herald of His Coming is a great help in our ministry, as it teaches us the deeper things of God.


    Greetings in the name of Jesus. Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. The Herald has brought a change in my home. I have received deliverance through this paper. Before time I never do devotions but from the very day I receive Herald of His Coming, I started to do my devotions with my son. I feel so much blessed that through the Herald I gain a lot. I must thank you so much for sending this paper. My special prayer is, pray for my husband for he is not a Christian. My heart goes out for that soul. I am sending my pastor's name to you. Please send him Herald of His Coming. Thank you!


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming for the past three years. They have been a way in growing spiritually. They have enabled me to draw near to God. I can say that God used Herald and the classic book you sent to change my life, character and ministry. It increased my prayer life, love for the word of God and to surrender my whole life to one who has given His life to me--my beloved Lord Jesus. Glory to Him for ever!

    I am a leader of Campus Fellowship Christians and a group Bible study leader in my local church. I am now learning in Addis Abeba University. Herald of His Coming and other inspired books which you sent me, has made me prepared to serve and live for God. I have been sharing the impartation that I receive from the Herald by sharing in word and teaching to them, also loaning. For me, it awakens me to pray for the harvest of souls, establishment of the church God, and for worldwide revival....

    Because I am a student and unemployed I can't donate to the Herald of His Coming. But I stand by your side in continual prayer for the Herald ministry....


    I absolutely love Herald of His Coming. The messages are sharp, straight to the heart, and cause one to do some deep soul searching. Thanks so much for truth!


    My son is stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma (military base). I send Herald of His Coming to him as soon as I read it. Lots of boys are reading this. What an excellent witnessing tool this is!