Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    We send you warm Christian greetings from the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea. Thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming we have been receiving. I would say this publication is a must for every believer. I request that you send me 60 copies of each issue. This is a real necessity to us because we have a mailing list of people from all over the country and some need English materials. One of our programs is Crusade Outreach at which we hand out tracts. We now want to use Herald of His Coming as well. We have 20 plus pastors manning church establishments in several provinces of the country and we need to give them Herald of His Coming. We have a Bible school and we want the students and teachers to use Herald of His Coming....

    It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless Herald of His Coming as a powerful magazine. Thank you once again.


    I am one of those who continues to be blessed and uplifted upon reading every issue of the Herald of His Coming. I continue to get challenged unto holiness, doing the Lord's work and seeking to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit as I await the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ....


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming you have been sending to me since last year. They have been very useful to me. They have enabled me to draw nearer to God, improved my prayer life and they have enabled me to feed on the Word, love, anointing, salvation, abundant blessing, peace and protection of the living God through the grace and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been sharing and distributing past copies of Herald of His Coming to my friends and brethren in the African Christian Fellowship here, as well as placing copies in our campus reading rooms. Once again, thank you for the Herald of His Coming....


    It was long time ago I started reading Herald of His Coming. It has transformed my life. I move from one level of glory to another. Every time I read Herald I learn new things from the Lord. I would be very glad if you will continue to supply me the Herald of His Coming. Thank you.


    Thank you for the faithful work in carrying this ministry to bless so many people all over the world. I always introduce my friends to this Herald and they love them and are blessed a lot by the Spirit-breathed messages. Myself have been blessed and benefited a lot from them, and I've been inspired and encouraged to press on even harder to follow Him closer than ever. May the Lord touch each one of you with His refreshing breath, fresh anointing, His infinite love of blessings! Be of good encouragement!


    I was very much excited to find a copy of the Herald of His Coming with a certain believer in Kenya and coming into contact again with it using the address he gave me. I used to receive copies of Herald of His Coming in the eighties for distribution among our churches in Juba, Sudan. Now over 90% of our churches are in the villages of the war-torn South Sudan, or in refugee camps in Uganda, Republic of Congo and Kenya. The Herald of His Coming was a great blessing spiritually and is still a great blessing to the believers around the world. May you please send me 100 copies of the Herald of His Coming....


    Thank you for still sending me the Bread of Life and Living Water, namely the Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving the Herald for many years and can truly testify it is an anointed magazine. It rebukes, reprimands, chastises and yet it encourages, teaches, fills, satisfies and strengthens the inner man. Thanks be to God for His anointing still on the Herald. It carries the spiritual blessing as in the days of Brother and Sister Moore. It shows if we prevail and are faithful and persevere in prayer, even in fasting, God is faithful. He is God and He changes not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Praise His holy Name!


    I am greeting you in Jesus' name. I am one of theological students in Myanmar Bible Institute. I am thankful so much for Herald of His Coming. I often read it by borrowing from one of my friends. Now I am interested to get it for my own library. It encourages me so much and it is great benefit to me in understanding His Word. Please send to me Herald of His Coming monthly. May God greatly help you in this ministry. I keep you in my prayers so that God be with you.


    As we give back all the honor and glory to God, I am praising Him for giving me the privilege to receive blessings through Herald of His Coming. God's light is shown in every topic/article discussed. As my spirit thirsts for upliftment, God speaks through Herald to lead me into a blessed hope that only God can give.

    I am glad that as I read I am discovering amazing revelations and growing in the Lord. The basic of this which I learned is humility, in every way, in any way. It's kinda hard thing, but through God's help, each day I'm learning to value my nothingness before man and of course before our Almighty God. As I acknowledge myself helpless with God, depending on Him in small or big cases, the more I see His glory fully revealed in me. In reverence, in trusting, in obeying, in hoping in Him, His goodness and mercies will come....


    Thank you for the evangelism and Christian news which you are distributing to many countries. I am growing in the Spirit through the literature I am receiving from you. I thank God for how His Spirit is moving you to see that all Christians come to spiritual maturity. God has revived me through your help of sending Christian newspaper to me. May God keep on blessing you in Jesus' Name.

    I am trying my best here in evangelism and God is still helping me to win souls...Here is a Muslim country...Please brethren, I need your help. May Almighty God bless you more abundantly....


    Two months ago, when I was in America, I wrote to you and you sent me Herald of His Coming news article. Now I came back to Thailand serving the Lord with Asian Tribal Ministries and working at the church as well. I would like to request you again to send me the Herald of His Coming. Please send me two or three copies of that so I can distribute to my fellow workers in the ministry. It really makes me grow in spiritual part. I thank the Lord that He is using Gospel Revivals Inc.

    In Thailand we need fire, the Holy Spirit fire. I can't be silent. God is putting the burning spirit into my heart. I want to see these nations set free. Please pray for Thailand. I believe soon we will see the revival in this land. Amen!


    We cannot begin to tell you what a great blessing your gifts of Herald literature have been to us. They are a great addition to our Bible Institute students and library. Thank you very much. Your help is more appreciated than we can properly express. We are thankful that you understand our needs here in Romania and are willing to help us in this way....


    Here is a little sum of money for Herald of His Coming. I have got the Herald for many years [45], for which I am thankful. It has been a blessing for my spiritual life, and so I have given it to another friend. Now I am 97 years and perhaps I will soon go to my heavenly home. Then a friend to me will let you know that, and then you do not send any more papers, but still I am thankful to get the paper. With Christian greetings, and may God bless the Herald in the future!


    I have received all the Herald of His Coming papers which you have sent me. I am very encouraged by the Holy Ghost inside my life. Thank you...I really need God inside my life. Here we are facing situations, but the Lord is teaching me to trust in Him, handle situations and stand firm in His power. I know the Lord is with me, and I am chosen in His purpose.

    The messages in the Heralds are encouraging me and bringing me to stronger ground. God is so good to me. He cares for me. He is raising His own church, and doing miraculous things in this end-time. I thank the Lord for the Herald ministry....


    Again thank you for the Herald. I have found it most helpful over all these years and the message is urgent. It renews, restores our faith, and when we let down it stirs up my desire to do more and keep on being a witness for Christ. "Every Christian a Witness" in a recent issue was most stirring.


    I've read several Herald of His Coming papers and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm only 15 years old, so I don't have a lot of money, but I would like to contribute what I can. I would be honored to be on the mailing list. I will also devote myself to daily prayer for the Herald. I really appreciate this ministry, and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and God bless!


    Herald of His Coming continues to encourage and inspire me in my work as a full-time missionary to the Apache Indians here in Arizona. Thank you for being so faithful in sending them freely to us. They are a real blessing...Enclosed is a love offering to help in the ministry.