Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for your constant labor for Christ in Herald of His Coming papers. I have been getting the copies monthly for almost a year and there is a great change in my spiritual life since I started reading them. Many topics of which I had never heard in detail in my previous local church, like fasting, revival, the work of the Holy Spirit, have led me to a wonderful light of Christ Jesus. My prayer life has been doubled in commitment since this year began, encouraged by the monthly messages. My deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures has been enhanced by the same. So please continue to send me the Herald paper. I need it greatly.


    Thanks for keeping me on the mailing list. It was since December 1996 that you have been sending me the Herald of His Coming, this Spirit-animated bread. Its articles are full of spiritual ingredients capable of transforming spiritually and morally the life of any human being who accepts them as his life guide.

    I feed on it regularly in order to uphold my faith in Jesus Christ in time of confusion and deception or joy. Oftentimes it challenges me to go on my knees and pray earnestly after reading it. Here I am sharing it with brethren who also treasure it so much. Please continue sending me the Herald and pray for the success of my business endeavors so that I can contribute financially. I am praying for you daily and also for the prayer requests....


    Thank you for constantly subscribing of the Herald of His Coming. Words can't explain how it has been a blessing to me. Ever since I started receiving from you my life and ministry has taken a new dimension of spiritual power. There's been a lot of new vision in my spirit to reach out to the lost for Christ. Next to my Bible reading I cherish the Herald of His Coming. It has turned my life....


    I just returned from a short furlough and found your letter concerning the bundle of Heralds of His Coming that we have been receiving here at Nazarene Theological College. We have been receiving 50 from you. These have proved to be a blessing to our students and faculty. It has helped create the spiritual atmosphere that we feel is so important here on campus. We have an increased enrollment this year. We would like to continue to receive a bundle and increase it to 75 if possible. Thank you for all the blessing Herald of His Coming is to us. I first started getting the Herald when I was in college back in the early 60's.


    I am so blessed by the Heralds you send me each month. I first got a very old paper from a brother and it blessed my heart so much so I started to write to you all. It is about ten years now. The thing that encourages me is, every month I get the papers, and it is exactly from the Lord Jesus Christ. It is usually confirmed by my pastor. He preaches along the same line. So I see the Lord is working in hearts here and over there at the same time. It keeps me very close to the king of all kings. Please keep sending me the Heralds. God bless you all. I share it with others....


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming for all the materials being sent to me by your spiritual and financial efforts to help me stand firm in the faith, pray and preach this everlasting gospel....By God's grace I have a missionary call. God has deeply told me if I am going to make it among the Muslim world and other religions, then I must be a man full of prayers always. So, please, never you slack back from showing love and helping me the more...Help me equip myself....


    I am a pastor and a former subscriber of the Herald of His Coming magazine. But because I was assigned to missionary works in remote areas of our country, I was not able to renew my subscription. The Herald of His Coming has been a lot of help not only to me and also to those whom I ministered to. Aside from the Bible, Herald has been the source of my spiritual nourishment. I am being used by our church in planting churches in remote areas of our land. Again I want to be included in the mailing list of the Herald of His Coming.


    My monthly Herald of His Coming I receive from you is doing a great work in Netherlands. Some few months ago the Lord Jesus Christ put me to work among the Refugee Centers. Many people from different countries have given their life to the Lord Jesus Christ with the help of the Herald of His Coming. This is wonderful! We serve a mighty God! Please continue to send my copies every month. The Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly....


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for almost a year now and it has truly been a blessing to me. The insights and understanding I have received from the articles featured have truly been spiritual food to me. In many instances the articles have been a direct response to questions and doubts that were troubling me. May the Lord bless Herald of his Coming, and it is my prayer that the contribution I am sending will help toward others receiving this blessed magazine....


    I write to thank you and appreciate your faithfulness in mailing to me and our church, copies of Herald of His Coming. Whenever I receive a copy I do say, my pastor has come! I have learned a lot from the Herald. I pass some copies to our branch churches in the rural areas. I appreciate your help. I wouldn't want to miss a single copy. I keep watching my post for a Herald every month.


    I register my sincere thanks to Herald of His Coming. Since 1994 June I started receiving a copy each month. My husband and I are pastoring a small church, 20-30 people in a small town in Uganda. Where the church is situated, there is an area of Muslims. Just a few metres there is their mosque. We meet challenges daily and great opposition from these people. Herald of His Coming encourages us....


    I express my sincere gratitude for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming so faithfully each and every month. I started receiving the paper five years ago and it has greatly affected my walk with God. The Herald is anointed with power from on high and the articles are so enlightening to the spirit. Herald of His Coming is very rich food for the inner man of a born again believer. Every time I read the magazine, my spirit gets revived and I stay in tune with the move of God....


    Thank you from the depth of my heart for sending the Herald of His Coming to me faithfully very month. Praise God for every one of them. When I read it really inspires me to go the second mile, with a song in my heart. Praise God! I am an old disabled pensioner, waiting for the call to go home. Praise God!...Still praying for you.


    It is almost 6 months now since I started receiving the Herald of His Coming. I haven't been the Christian as I used to be. I've been transformed in my Christian walk. Especially in my prayer life, a great revival took place in me and looking back from June up to now, God has done a lot of things. When I was reading the Herald and the book magazines you sent to me, I was moved.

    One of the magazines by Torrey led me to look for prayer partners, and we have started a prayer group that meets every Tuesday to seek the face of God. We were challenged that if one man could pray in the 18th century and a country like Scotland could be turned upside down with the Spirit of God, even today we believe that the same God who sent His Spirit and swept throughout Scotland can send it and sweep over Zimbabwe. Remember us in your prayers!


    Thank you for sending me free issues of this blessed Herald of His Coming paper. It lifts up my faith and always encourages my spiritual life. All the reading in the Herald is very helpful to put my faith more on the Lord Jesus Christ. I share this uplifting and inspiring magazine with friends and family....


We appreciate the Herald of His Coming. Wife and I both read it and my wife marks it and reads it over and over.


I regret that I am unable to send any donation, but I am an indigent prisoner. I have received two issues so far of Herald of His Coming and each one has had deep, powerful articles that really touch my heart. I am facing the death penalty and have only been saved for about a year and a half, but I have found true peace and comfort through our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus! Praise God for using the Herald staff as vessels to bring such inspiring messages into my life. Thank you and may God continuously bless you in all you do. Peace, forever in Jesus....