Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I thank the Lord for granting me the opportunity to be among those enlisted in Herald of His Coming mailing list. I am informing you about my change of address. Our post office was closed down sometime back. There was not enough service from the local people that they could be able to run the office. Being a remote area and most people are illiterate, they were unable to continue giving us services.

    The Herald is playing a great role in my spiritual well-being and closer contact to what is happening to the saints in other parts of the world. It is very encouraging to me as a missionary, seeing that the very spiritual encounters I'm going through, the same things other saints are passing through. If you would keep in touch through the Herald, it will take away my fears and I will continue even more courageously spreading the Word of truth to these people whom Satan has blinded through the spirit of Islam, that they receive their sight and the eyes of their hearts may be enlightened. May God enrich your hard work in His vineyard and prosper your ways.


    I have received the Herald for four months now. The Herald is backed up with a lot of prayers, and loaded with the Holy Spirit. Since I cross the Herald in the year 1994 I never forget to think on this Spirit-filled paper titled "God is seeking for intercessors" on one page. Although already a prayer warrior, I have learnt to pray harder, fast and cry for my people who are perishing, knowing fully that all these problems we face in the world today are due to a lack of intercessors. Following the process, I was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost while praying in my room. Praise God!

    Now I am serving somebody as an apprentice in a godless town, where corruption has eaten the image of the town. As apprentice I have not much time to devote to the things of the Lord as I was doing before. But thank God for the Herald. It serves as an answer to my prayer. It challenges me and helps me to live daily for Jesus. Even those who are believers in this area are dying in zeal and waxing cold in serving the Lord holily and wholeheartedly. Please help me and pray for this town, that God will revive the land and touch all the churches with His mighty hand. Keep sending the Herald to me. It gladdens my heart.


    I've recently received a copy of Herald of His Coming and I want to continue to receive it. It is very helpful in my Christian life and especially in our church here in Hong Kong. I'm a leader and I can use it in our discipleship class, as well my sisters who are thirsty for the Word of God. Truly that Herald is a wonderful help. I hope to receive many more issues....


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming regularly to me. My husband and I are greatly blessed and encouraged in our spiritual growth by the teachings published in the magazine. We are challenged by the articles and they have helped us in increasing our commitment and devotion to our Lord. I am enclosing a draft...Please continue to mail us the copies of Herald of His Coming. We pray for God's continual blessings upon the Herald ministry.


    Thank you for continuing to send me your Spirit-filled newspaper Herald of His Coming. I am being uplifted spiritually day by day. As a part-time Evangelist, I am gaining much from the articles, particularly those on prayer and fasting, which is the backbone of Christian work....


    My wife and I are so happy and rejoice with great joy as we regularly receive Herald of His Coming. It is a tremendous blessing we get as we prayerfully read through and it encourages our prayer group as we meet twice a week for prayer in our home. The Lord has been and always is so faithful unto us in keeping His promises and answering prayer....


    Warm greetings to you from Lebanon (Editor's note: in Fiji Battalion serving under U.N.). One of my Christian brothers gave me a copy of Herald of His Coming. It is a great helper to me in the spiritual word and knowledge for serving God. It has taught me how to live a holy life, to pray and love others and to forgive. My life and heart are so blessed through reading the Herald articles. Can you please send me a copy of the Herald of His Coming regularly and other materials that will help me learn more in my walk with my Lord Jesus? I truly appreciate your help and concern. Thank you a lot....


    Thanks and praises be to our God for His love and grace toward us. We were once in darkness and for the devil, but now we are in Light and for Him. God be praised for the work He is doing through the Herald of His Coming. The Herald has been of great importance to me personally and to my church. I am a Sunday school director for our church, and I teach often. So the Herald has been my "plates" from which I feed....


    I am a monthly Herald of His Coming reader. I am very inspired to read it. I am a Lisu. It is an ethnic group, minority living at the northern edge of Myanmar. I've dedicated my life to God in Lisu ministry. Please pray for me and my ministry and send the Herald monthly....


    Thank you for the great support in fortifying my life in Jesus through Heralds. I will always praise God for you. Heralds always help me and widen my knowledge about God and His dealings. Through His Spirit I can understand what I am reading also. I pray that our Almighty God enrich you with His spiritual knowledge, understanding, wisdom and grace to continue in Herald ministry. Heralds always arrive at the right time of the right situation I would say. May God bless you....


    I have been a reader of the Herald of His Coming for close to a year now, but never before have I fallen with fear and trembling as after reading the March Herald of His Coming magazine which I received from a brother who is scattering these magazines unsparingly. God bless him! The article on "A call to repentant hearts," cut my heart, bone and marrow to pieces. God's Word has never pierced me for over one year as it did when I read this issue of the Herald. That article was not just written to fill up the pages in that magazine but it was for me and my people here in our land.

    I thank God for the work at Herald ministry and please be encouraged that God remembers and when He remembers He blesses. I had believed a lie but now I see my wrong and willingly turn to God with a thankful heart. Please include me on the mailing list so that I can also share with others around me who are hungering and thirsting for His Word....


    I take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the study material I receive regularly from Herald of His Coming. It is of immense value to me as a Christian mission's worker in this remote Buddhist village area in Sri Lanka. Please forgive me for not being able to help you financially due to shortage of funds....Thanks very much.


    Thank you for printing the "Daily Prayer for the World" each month. I had been looking for a prayer schedule as I had finished the other one I had been doing. I also like the News and Prayer Briefs and the Please Pray! sections. Most days I am able to pray for one or two of the items listed in addition to the country for the day. As I am busy at home with seven children this is one way I can serve our Lord, and I thank you for the opportunity you give me to do so. May God bless this work you do for Him. I appreciate you.


    Thank you so much for the work you've been doing to beautify the bride of Jesus Christ through Herald of His Coming. We really appreciate it...


    I was very much blessed when I received a copy of Herald of His Coming which was with a bundle of books in a car boot sale. It was a 1992 issue but was very relevant to me at the time of reading, and I had to write and encourage this good work and ask if I could receive the Herald in the future.


    Greetings in the awesome name of Jesus. Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping me on Herald of His Coming mailing list. The spiritual help received from the publication is invaluable. What we derive from Herald of His Coming is what we are not getting elsewhere. God bless you...


    Thank you for the 12 copies of Herald of His Coming sent monthly. Our ladies in the prayer group look forward to reading them and we're all inspired and stirred to pray more earnestly for revival.


    The articles on the fullness of the Spirit and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit are greatly appreciated! I live in China, so I pick up the Heralds in the summer and carry them back to China. Sometimes I am alone, so I use the Herald as my sermon for my one-person church service. You don't know how much it helps!