Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    For the past one and half years Herald of His Coming has been a mine of inspiration, most especially in times when everybody seems not to understand you. That was very clear when I was a president of the Scripture Union Fellowship in my former school. The Herald helped me and many others who ready my copy.

    I have been posted to a village where I have been made the presiding member of the church. Even though I trust God for His grace, I plead with you to continue to share with me the spiritual nourishing food of the Herald magazine. Apart from the Bible, that is my source of encouragement and nourishment....


    Thank you for the continuous supply of the Herald of His Coming. These materials have been a rich perfection and have been guiding me to grow rich spiritually. They have been a constant reference to me when preparing my preaching materials for the deaf church since I am a deaf evangelist. I do appreciate it very much. They have also been a complete source of encouragement....


    My sincere thanks to you for the way the sweet Holy Spirit of God has blessed and taught me through the inspired messages which I have been receiving for some time now. It was one of the sisters here who introduced me to the Herald. Since that time my prayer life grew from strength to strength....I spiritually stand with you very, very much. It is always my prayer that millions of people will be brought to conviction through this inspired paper and shall finally repent and turn to the Lord. Brethren, it is my humble request that you continue sending this Spirit-filled paper to me...


    Thank you for sending me copies of Herald regularly for the past few years. It has been a great blessing to me and others who have read it. It is a very inspirational magazine. Its messages never fail to touch me deeply for God. I've grown spiritually through its eternal messages. Thank you....


    I received the information about Herald of His Coming from my friend. He told me that you sent to him some gospel papers, so I read some of them and it pleased me. I then decided to write to you so that you can send to me some gospel tracts and other things that can help me to be well matured in the faith. I gave my life to Jesus on 9th of March, 1996. Since then the Lord is so faithful to me so I need some things that will build me up more in the faith. I am living here in Niger Republic. Here we are living in a dry land of Moslem. Brethren, help us to be praying for this country, that God will revive it, because many souls are dying in sin here. For them to believe the Gospel it is difficult. We need more warrior in this nation....


    I am writing to express my heartedly sincere appreciation to you for sending Herald of His Coming to me monthly. I lack the languages of giving thanks to you of how I do benefit in these messages of the Herald paper. I have been strengthened as a pastor in the ministry of sermon preparation or lessons as well. The Herald of His Coming has played a great role in my spiritual life as well as to my church members too. May God richly bless your vision.


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. You have been sending me all these years! It taught me, encouraged me, filled me, and pushed me to go. Thank you for filling my lamp with fresh oil!


    I have been receiving the Heralds since 1971 and do so appreciate the anointed ministry and share the ministry from time to time when asked to speak in our fellowship groups. I am so thankful to receive the uncompromised Word of God. God bless you all at Herald of His Coming. I pray for you all and the editors of the different countries.


    Thank you for mailing me Herald of His Coming every month. It is only two years since I have started reading Herald of His Coming, but my whole life has been changed. All along I was going to church, preaching in the church and singing as well, but had not given myself to God. When I read Herald of His Coming, I was made to confess all sins and to understand what a true Christian should be. Thank you for the work you are doing. Please do not stop sending me Herald of His Coming. I am waiting for it every month.


    I have been receiving Herald International regularly for some time and I have been spiritually edified and strengthened. I have a passion to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Lord had used me in Fiji where I was teaching at the regional University. I now want more of His Spirit not only to proclaim the gospel but to demonstrate it. I am retired now and am residing where a university is located. There are about 1100 international students of which there are about 100 Christians who need to be equipped to witness to the unbelievers on campus. Please do pray that I may be used by the Lord to equip them for this task by an outpouring of His Spirit....


    Thank you from the depth of my heart for sending me monthly the Herald of His Coming. It has shaped my life on being fully filled with the Holy Spirit. This was what I have been longing for. He is the power engine for my life and I cannot do without Him. The Herald of His Coming, January 1997, challenges me to learn and unlearn some of the basic principles about the Holy Spirit. I need to know and learn more about the Holy Spirit and His manifestation. He is all I need to help me in the call God has for me in my country. Last year, four or five months after my graduation from university, I was appointed traveling secretary in a student ministry. So I need my life to be always full of the Holy Spirit to help students and non-students to come into a personal fellowship with God. Please do have a special prayer for me and my ministry, and that the challenges I got from the Herald of His Coming may have place in my life....


    Thank you for faithfully sending the Herald of His Coming to me for very many years. Next to the Bible the Herald has been my strength and stay in my pilgrimage with the Lord. It is a greatly anointed paper. I know its message is soaked in prayer. I am still passing on the Heralds that you send me--sowing seeds in many hearts. Many of my friends decide to send for the Herald themselves, then I take the opportunity to pass on these spare copies to someone else. And so the chain continues....


    I am a Christian but I live in very spiritual fighting place where Muslims are dominant. This is very difficult to live here spiritually. For this case I need the Herald spiritual materials. God bless you.


    We have recently come across Herald of His Coming and have felt that we need to be enrolled on the mailing list. We are a group of Christian students who stay in the hostel in our school. We need something to boost our faith and commitment to the Lord, since we are not always able to fellowship with the local churches. We are sure that Herald will really help strengthen our faith in the Lord. May God richly bless you as you continue to serve Him.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming regularly for more than a decade now and over the years I have gained much spiritual strength studying the articles in a careful manner. I regret I am unable to share more generously with my contributions as I am a retired person with little resources....


    Thank you for sending the Spirit-filled Herald to me. You might not believe how I wait anxiously for the food for my soul. I don't know what kind of a Christian I would be without the Herald of His Coming. Please continue the good work. May God bless you all. I have enclosed a love offering....


    I thank God and pray daily for all of you. The saint (whose name is sent for Herald of His Coming mailing list) was led to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by material from Herald of His Coming. We are forming teams to bombard Honolulu with Gospel tracts and Salvation sheets. We love you.


    I am a grateful reader of the Herald of His Coming. Many of the recent articles printed therein have been the means of a heart searching which resulted in a turning away from ways grievous to the blessed Holy Spirit, and a fresh commitment to holiness of heart and life and intercession....Please accept the enclosed contribution toward the publication of the Herald of His Coming. It is imperative that we be ready for His soon return!