"Your Father"
 By Mark Guy Pearse

    "Your Father who is in Heaven" (Matt. 7:11). This means I am bound to God by the closest and tenderest relationship, that I have a right to His love and His power and His blessing, such as nothing else could give me. Oh the boldness with which we can draw near! O the great things we have a right to ask for! "Your Father." It means that all His infinite love and patience and wisdom bend over me to help me.

    Think how He knows us apart and by ourselves, in all our peculiarities, and in all our weaknesses and difficulties. The master judges by the result, but our Father judges by the effort. Failure does not always mean fault. He knows how much things cost, and weighs them where others only measure. "Your Father." Think how His great love bears with the poor beginning of the little ones, clumsy and unmeaning as they may be to others. All this lies in this blessed relationship and infinitely more.