Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    For approximately thirty years I have been a reader of the Herald. Many religious periodicals come to our home but none have the consistent spiritual emphasis as this. It delights me more than I can express to know that God's continued blessing rests upon this ministry. Year after year the uncompromising truth and words of encouragement flow into the entire world. It is the lifeline to many who do not have opportunity to hear it from pulpits or cannot afford the library required to learn from so many godly authors. It brings the past to the present and hand-in-hand the gospel is spread.

    Nearly twenty-five years ago I had the privilege of visiting the Herald office in Los Angeles. I shall never forget that scene! Since the front door of their building came right next to the sidewalk, my husband and I literally walked into the morning prayer time of the Herald staff. We were graciously invited to join them in prayer. Our interruption did not affect their fervor in prayer. Though there were only few in number, the prayer was intense. As the requests and needs of their readers came before them, they made their petitions to God as if they alone carried the burden of the world! I came away from there that day with renewed appreciation for those precious warriors of the cross!

    Then I knew why God's blessing was always on every issue of the Herald--because it is saturated in prayer! This is a "no frills" periodical, but what you get goes straight to the heart! God bless everyone who takes part in this ministry! Only eternity will reveal its importance.


    Thank you for including me in Herald of His Coming mailing list for the past one year. The materials received thus far have been of immense help to me and my fellow workers in our Bible church, who eagerly await the arrival each month. Reading of these inspiring messages has fanned the flame of life in me and my fellow workers, each of who have started early morning devotions at our respective assemblies. I've especially appreciated the motivation that they have been producing in our hearts, stirring up in us a greater desire for holy living. There is a stirring for revival in our various assemblies and we hold solemn assemblies every few months.

    Could you please add the following addresses to the mailing list? These are some of our pastors who would gratefully use a copy each of the Herald sent to them....


    I wish I had the words to express how much Herald of His Coming means to me. I feel excited to start reading it straightaway after receiving it as I know that God is going to bless and speak to me through all the messages. I feel revived again and strong in the Lord, knowing that the Holy Spirit is going to work in my life. And I experience it daily.

    I do street work and God is moving and speaking in a very definite way. Souls get saved. People realize that Jesus is the answer to all their problems. Especially before Christmas I had opportunities with people, especially the young. It is such a joy to be in the Lord's service and to win souls for Jesus. That verse, "He that winneth souls is wise" (Prov. 11:30), is such a comforting word from the Lord. Also Psalm 126:6. What a privilege and a joy!


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. In the midst of persecution upon churches in Indonesia lately, Herald of His Coming always brings special courage to me. It motivates me how to serve effectively and it also contains many precious things for my spiritual maturity....


    Thank you for sending the Spirit-filled Herald of His Coming so far. Many times while I was reading it I felt God's presence, His encouragement and strength I need in my life. It was really a time of blessing....


    I am enclosing a contribution. I wish I could send more. The Herald has built me up spiritually. One of my children loves it so much that I have to hide incoming copies from her until I have read them. Could you please forward a copy of this paper to the following pastor....


    Thank God for His goodness and mercies which endure forever. Like Elijah in 1 Kings 18:41, I hear the "sound of abundant rain." In a time as this when spiritual drought has struck our land as evidenced by the rampant increase of wickedness both in the Church and world, in a time as this we need a revival. But praise God because I hear the sound of abundant rain in the heavenlies, and it is about to fall! Just as Elijah had to go up that mountain to pray even though he could hear the sound of coming rain, that the blessing would not come until he stood in the gap, I thank God that He is invoking His people everywhere to pray.

    For me and those in my home group, church and at my school, the Herald of His Coming has given us the encouragement and burden to continue to pray until "7" as did Elijah. Please keep on the good work. May God richly bless you!


    Two years and a few months are gone since I started to receive the blessed, Spirit-inspired Herald of His Coming. Since then God has spoken to me a thousand times with the messages printed on the paper. The Holy Spirit has refined my life with the Word of God. Oh, praise be to God for His indescribable gift!

    I am a Clinical Medical student and a member of the leaders committee of the Christian Students Fellowship in our campus. God is blessing us in the campus with new souls and different ministries. I appreciate the zeal and unbending commitment to serve the Lord in Herald of His Coming, and I have a strong wish to glorify the Lord in my life and my profession. As a student in the third world, I can hardly support myself financially, so I couldn't lend a hand to the ministry but I pray for you....


    It's been several years since I started receiving Herald of His Coming. I've enjoyed reading the articles. They have nourished my soul and challenged me to a closer walk with Jesus. The articles on evangelism have helped me to see the importance of being a part of God's plan in fulfilling the Great Commission. I'm becoming more aware of my responsibility as a Christian to reach out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believers. Thank you for faithfully sending me this magazine....


    I first received some copies of Herald of His Coming during my one-year training in the Mission School. I collected them all and shared some of them to my pastor. I'm very blessed by its contents, especially articles about prayer and faith, which contributed in my spiritual growth as a Christian.

    As of now I'm graduated from my mission training. I am in the ministry and away from the rich feeding, and I am the one right now to feed the flock of Christ. Still I consider how the copies of Herald of His Coming contribute in my messages and in the ministry God entrusted to me. I look forward to continually receive some of the materials. I acknowledge and appreciate the Herald's support to the whole Body of Christ....


    For over forty years Herald of His Coming papers have been a constant blessing, encouragement and spiritual nourishment. In our missionary work we are nearly always on the giving end--sometimes with over six or seven messages per day. Always preaching and very little opportunity to hear others. But every month we feast on the selected homilies (and we realize that each selection is carefully done with much prayers, brokenness and trust) because every time there is a need, Herald "hits it on the head!" We give Him the praise!

    In the present era of superficiality and deception we are given messages of proven spiritual giants from sources which are difficult to obtain, especially since we are laboring in the third world. Brethren, we are grateful, and we count it a joy to pray for you. Enclosed is a check....


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming on a regular basis. What a blessing and a challenge to one's heart and life! Surely God is calling His church to repentance and a walk of holiness before Him. No repentance, no revival: no prayer, no power. It is my firm conviction that the state of a nation (most certainly Australia) is in direct proportion to the spiritual state of the Church.

    Nehemiah set a great example for each of us (church as well as individually) to follow. God help us to humble ourselves and cry out in repentance and to walk circumspectly before a holy God. Once again, thank you for the Herald and the anointed articles contained therein.


    I am a freshman at this university. God has been doing tremendous things on our campus this year and we are expecting a great deal more to happen. Three other girls, as well as myself are beginning a prayer group that will meet on a weekly basis for a great awakening within our residence hall. A good friend of mine gave me two Herald booklets to read in preparation for our prayer meetings. I am writing to ask you to please send me three more copies...Also, if there are any other pamphlets that you would deem useful for our group of four, please send them. We are hungry for more of God on our campus!