Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I acknowledge my continuous receiving of Herald of His Coming. I owe so much to it. As a pastor with no background of attending any Bible College, I find the Herald so helpful to me. We are living in the most remote part of our province, where transport and communication is so hard, but praise God that Herald of His Coming is always visiting us. Though we are isolated here, Herald is linking us with other Christians throughout the world, to share our testimonies together, and to communicate to each other.

    We are praying that God will continue to support Herald ministry, and we believe He will do it....


    It is so exciting to be part of the Herald of His Coming magazine. I have not been seriously praying for this magazine, but as I was reading my December issue, I realized such a great anointing upon things written. I realized that the Herald is a no-compromising paper. I have now committed myself to be praying for you. We are living in the days when the world is taking sin to be a normal thing. But I thank God for magazines such as the Herald, which are out there to break every yoke of sin. Praise God for that! I pray that the message of Jesus Christ will stand out to be the uncompromising one. I pray that the Herald does not get diluted like the Gospel is nowadays being diluted in many places....


    Greetings from Bangladesh. I am interested to read Herald of His Coming regularly. I am a teacher in a Christian Seminary here. The Herald publications are helpful for spiritual growth. Thank you for your ministry for God's glory....


    Thank you for the recent Herald. I live in a very small and lonely village where there is no church. The Herald of His Coming is my church and my Bible teacher. I promise to start sending my contribution soon. Please continue to send me the Herald of His Coming.


    I especially bless the name of the living God for what He is using the Herald of His Coming to do in the life of men in our generation. As for me, it has enhanced my ministry and brought me to the realm of higher maturity. I lead an all-Christian fellowship in the place where I work. So many a time one faces opposition and criticism, but thank God, because when I turn to Herald of His Coming there is always a word of encouragement from the Lord and that keeps me going. Please do not fail to send me every issue of Herald of His Coming.


    I am grateful to you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming. I have felt it very much that whenever there happens a slackness in studying the magazine I feel it very much that the spiritual growth of my soul is disturbed. Even the years old Herald are blessing for me. Herald helps me to cling to Lord Jesus.

    It is great that you are serving the people by advising them about Lord's coming. Our pastor promised with Lord to spare special time for revival on every Friday evening (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.). Promise was made in the beginning of this year and what has happened that Lord Jesus is using our pastor for the harvest of many souls. In our church revival has started. I am thankful to Lord Jesus for His great things!

    Sometimes our pastor provides me chance to share the Word of God with my brothers and sisters in my village. Through Herald magazine I share the Word of God. Please keep my name on Herald list....


    The Full Gospel pastor in the village where I work brought to me a copy of the August 1996 Herald of His Coming to read. I found it so interesting as it treated that important topic in our Christian lives, the Holy Spirit. I went gradually through it and I feel that I should be reading messages from Herald of His Coming every month.

    I am at the moment a secondary school teacher in this village and at the same time I do evangelical work, preaching in Presbyterian churches in villages. The Lord is using me to spread the Gospel around these villages which are about 12 in number. Sometimes I use my car but in many instances I ride the bicycle to serve our Lord and Saviour

    I would be very grateful if I should receive a copy of Herald of His Coming each month. I believe it will help me in the spread of the good news to God's people around these villages so that they are prepared for His coming, for He is coming soon!


    O, what a reviving paper the Herald of His Coming is! The paper that keeps me up-to-date with what the Lord and King Jesus is doing to brothers and sisters like me around the world. I am a pastor who stays on the Farm and most of the times I was feeling lonely, but the time I started receiving Herald of His Coming I learned that I was not alone, but my precious Lord Jesus was always with me. I felt new spiritual strength to walk with Him and the loneliness was taken away by Him! I was revived and started to share the copies I had read to friends till now I go around the Farms I minister leaving extra copies to brothers.


    I greatly rejoice in the Lord our God by whose love we are enabled to be children of the Kingdom. Herald of His Coming has done a lot in teaching me the secrets of the Word of God. Sometimes it has greatly challenged me and every copy comes with its uniqueness. Five months ago I joined a training in Youth With A Mission-Kenya, and the last two months we were visiting different areas of Kenya. It was a great challenge meeting the needy both physically and spiritually, preaching the good news to the poor and teaching the true word of God to the church in both near and urban parts of Kenya. The teachings of Herald of His Coming have greatly helped me to be a well-equipped servant not needing to be ashamed. Thank you for your faithful and kind provision of Herald and other revival materials. I appreciate....


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. It gives me spiritual encouragement and knowledge, not only to me but also to our church and ministries in Myanmar. In our country it is very hard to get spiritual books, and it costs us very much. We are thankful to yourselves to send the Herald regularly without cost. We praise God and thanks to yourselves again....

    In Myanmar 85% of the population are Buddhist. Most of the leaders have very little Christian education and knowledge because our country was cut off with the world for 26 years. By the grace of our Lord, now the government opened the doors but very carefully. So we need more Christian education and knowledge.

        Some of the articles from Herald I translated into Myanmar and distributed to some believers and some churches and ministries. We always pray for Herald of His Coming and for the staff and believe God will bless more.


    In the midst of preparing for a mid-week Bible study and for a weekend sermon and exhortation, the November issue of the Herald focus on the cross in the death and life of the Christian, was used by the Holy Spirit to better prepare me and the message which the Lord had put on my heart to give to the others in the local congregation here. Many thanks to God for His ministry through you as you continue to be a herald of His coming.


    I've been blessed by the many interesting articles published in Herald of His Coming. At times the contents of these articles have confirmed very clearly what the Holy Spirit had led me to muse on during the weeks that went before. The Herald has also made a positive and refreshing contribution to my family forum meetings. The reading of selected articles has ignited a deeper realization of the significant extent the word of God plays in our daily lives. Since I've taken part in praying and fasting, my confidence and desire for sharing God's word with others improved, and so did my prayer life. It's a good feeling....


    Thank you for mailing monthly issues of Herald of His Coming to me regularly. I am a student of boarding school, and I live with about 500 other students. We share the Heralds. One reads and passes it to his brother. We don't put it down even for a while, and we all are glad to read it. I cannot tell it all how it has changed our lives since we have started to read it. We strongly believe you will continue sending it regularly on my address. Please, I'd like you to know that we are always remembering you in our prayers.


    How much I appreciate Herald of His Coming! All the Heralds I have received (in a correctional institution) have been a Godsend to me and they seem to actually get better each month. They strengthen my resolve and let me know how the real Christian walk should be. God didn't compromise with sin and there were no "gray areas" to Him as to what a Christian's life should consist of. The Herald seems to reflect that. Keep up the good work. Praise God that someone has the integrity to "shoot straight" when it comes to questions about a Christian's daily life....