Out of the Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am very thankful for Herald of His Coming. I am so touched by the teaching there. There's times when I go on my knees as I read them. Sometimes I cry and other times I laugh reading them. This is my other way to get spiritual food. I am teaching in the rural areas where my colleagues are not born again, neither the villagers. I can come to church only on Sunday. Moreover in the small town we have only Sunday morning service. Most of the time conference and camps are held in the city. I can only attend one when it was held during the school holidays. Also communication is not easy as no electricity is available in the countryside.

    Many of my people, the natives of Borneo, have not heard the gospel. They are living in different areas where transport is not available. Also the Christian material is in English. It's only a second language to the educated and a foreign language to the old folks. Large numbers are illiterate. Nominal churches have not helped, as some are so involved in the old belief--witchcraft. Please uphold our country in your prayers. So many have not heard the gospel. May God bless you.


    I don't know how to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming now for a year. The Herald has built me up to the level no knowledge impartation can do. It has put in me the discipline of the Lord and has offered me a place in Christian gathering in this town, just because of a "desire to pray." Here we have formed a fellowship of all saved brethren who work in this town. When we formed this fellowship three months ago, we asked ourselves so many questions, like who will minister and who will organize these dear ones, but as we kept in prayer to seek God over these issues, the leading of the Spirit was heard and respected. Now we are about 150 people meeting for lunch hour meetings to partake of Manna from Heaven and I tell you, brethren that the Herald has had a share as I am the organizer and co-ordinator of this meeting and I use messages from the Herald. Keep sending them to me till Jesus comes....


    I don't have words to explain fully my internal joy that I got from God our Lord through Herald of His Coming. Praise to God. Within three months I got three life-giver heavenly food for my soul. Herald of His Coming has been a great blessing of my life, also Holy Spirit start to motivate my spiritual life to take from glory to glory, growth, full understanding, seek His mighty power, know and follow His right way. I thank you for your continuous supply of the Herald of His Coming....


    Thank you for the Herald's uncompromising and challenging messages. They are a blessing to me and stir me to greater zealousness for our Lord. May the Lord continue to use the Herald mightily for His glory.


    I am a new convert in the Lord and I also wish to be enlisted in the mailing list. I have read two issues of the Herald of His Coming, borrowing from other brethren and it has had tremendous effects in my new spiritual life. There have been times when I felt Christianity was too difficult and demanding and wished to go back to the world, but reading the Herald has strengthened and restored my love for God and His Word. I love Herald of His Coming and I request you to send me other books as well. It is a blessing from the Lord....


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming monthly. It is very precious magazine. My life is really changed. As I am a local preacher, it has helped me to encourage spiritual life. Some habits which were going with me, that do not honour God are changed through the guidance of Herald of His Coming. How can I explain to you the happiness which I have gained from Herald of His Coming. Thank you very much....


    I found Herald of His Coming very good and interesting, so I like it very much. I am a new comer to Jesus. I didn't know very well the Word of God deeply because I didn't have a chance of attending church even on Sunday and no one can share with me the Word of God. All of us fear each other concerning the Bible because our parents didn't allow our desire. The only chance that I have is reading the Bible. Of course it is not easy to understand without a leader. So you see how it was hard? Please give me some advice how can I study the Bible and if possible I would like to get Herald of His Coming.


    I was introduced to the Herald by one of your soldiers a few months ago. I was addicted to alcohol for 30 years. Many times have I stayed at the Salvation Army hostels. I was gloriously set free by the Lord five years ago. The Herald is the best food I have, next to the Bible. Please accept my small gift to help the Herald work.


    We are missionaries in Cameroon and are training Christian workers for outreach. Herald of His Coming is tremendous. We are using it in our classes and would really appreciate receiving three or four copies if possible to have available in our "school" library....


    A year ago, before I started receiving Herald of His Coming, I was a very kid in Christ. But now I feel stronger in bondage with Christ from the spiritual food found through this paper. For this I glorify our Heavenly Father through our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ for your kindly and perpetual offering of food for my spiritual growth. I started praying for the Herald ministry. So please continue sending the newspaper....


    I am a pastor in Viet Nam. My friend introduced me to Herald of His Coming. These messages have encouraged my ministry very much. It has challenged me to a deeper Christian life and commitment. I wish to have this magazine every month. May God bless you and use the Herald of His Coming to encourage other Christians. Thanks.


    I have been a reader of the Herald for quite some years now and would like you to know that I have been continuously blessed and strengthened in my Christian faith by reading and digesting the superb articles expounding God's Word. Thanking you and kindest regards to you and all at the Herald.


    Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I deeply want to thank God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. I happened to come across a copy of the Herald when it was given to me by a friend, entitled "you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you..." I was moved in the Holy Ghost as I faced the challenge. It has helped me to change my spiritual life, as if my soul had been hungry for ages before then. I most desperately need a constant supply of the monthly edition so please enroll my name as one of the mailing list. I am also kindly asking if you will put the below name in the mailing list....


    I was introduced to Herald of His Coming by my big brother. On just reading one article, I felt so spiritually uplifted that I said to myself "This is just what I have been looking for and it's been a long time since I last heard stuff like this." From then on I fell in love with the Herald until at one point I thought this was a worthy cause to direct one's finances to. For if work like this is going to be supported and its publication and distribution perpetuate and more people are reached by it, it will go a long way into recruiting an army for Christ, schooled, divinely equipped and ready to fight the good fight of faith. For a long time I and my brother have been talking about the need for revival in the Spirit of Christians and the need for inviting the Spirit of the living God with prayer. Unfortunately no one seemed to be echoing these sentiments and we thought we were getting lost. We thought we were being too emotional and rebellious. Before we could put a stamp on our mistakenness, the Herald of His Coming came from nowhere as a God given confirmation that we were on the right track. It echoed our sentiments and taught us even more on the subject. Thus the Herald got endeared to our hearts and made us release finances in order to support and see to it the perpetuation of this great work...In me revival has already begun in my heart and I am crying for more of God. I am a lot changed and have figured out that I am heading somewhere. I am also praying for you....


    I used to work in the Herald office as office assistant in Los Angeles. When the Lord saved me in 1949 I was 37, and some dear soul handed me a Herald, which was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started working in the office, and came to know dear Brother and Sister Moore. I am 84 now and can say this anointed paper has sent me to my knees weeping many times. Am looking forward to seeing all of you in heaven soon.