There's A Place In The Prayer Force For YOU!
 By Lois J. Stucky

    This is a trumpet call to muster Herald readers who will commit to DAILY PRAYER for Herald of His Coming! Those so committing will be designated as the Herald Prayer Force. Some of you already do what we ask. We have no way of letting you praying friends know how essential you are to Herald of His Coming ministry. We value highly one and all who take part with us through heartfelt prayer. Some of you write that you do pray daily. Many letters say, "Praying for you."

    It is no secret that prayer was the very foundation on which Herald of His Coming was built. The ministry was born out of a prayer group in Los Angeles in 1941. Down through the years, pillars were erected and walls were raised through prayers of faith--prayers to a God of grace and mercy who inspired the praying and answered the prayers. To Him be all glory and praise!

    But at this time we want to develop even more fully this indispensable prayer fellowship between Herald of His Coming and Herald readers. Here at Herald of His Coming we find that time is rushing on ever more swiftly, bringing wonderful opportunities faster than we can take full advantage of them. Our small staff is diligently at work, but we need greater strength and wisdom, and above all, greater divine power in order to do all God would have us do in this amazing hour. We absolutely do not want to fail God! Our hearts and hands are willing, but we have no might nor power of our own. How unworthy and unprofitable we are in ourselves.

    Many of your incoming letters tell that you, too, feel today's urgency and are seeking more of God. This seems a crisis hour for some of you. Our prayers one for the other, and the supply of Herald messages will prove helpful and strengthening both to you and to the Herald ministry.

    As we see time pass rapidly into eternity, we serious Christians want our lives to have a telling and a lasting effect for God. We are convinced of the key place prayer has in God's order of things. Yet time very easily slips by and we do not pray as we ought. Prayer takes discipline, time, effort, perseverance, and more. Would your prayer life benefit if you made a definite commitment to pray daily for a ministry that God is using to reach afar with a very timely message? Could you determine that by God's grace you will make an extra prayer effort? Will you purpose to make an added investment in eternal things with the life and time and strength of which God has made you steward?

    We are all aware that God's plan for this age is moving to a climax. Perhaps very soon He will send His Son to take the Throne. The call must be sounded, "Prepare the way of the Lord!" God's people must be called to "Watch and pray always!" and to "Be ready!" "Before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes," God's people are urged by the Prophet Joel: "Turn to Him with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: and rend your heart and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness" (Joel 2:28-31).

    Will we respond to such exhortations from God's Word? Will we urge others to respond? Your prayer support of Herald of His Coming provides a way for you to trumpet forth this message. Herald of His Coming is a comparatively small, and humble ministry, but "little is much when God is in it." God's blessing has been precious and He continues to open doors before us. We need added prayer support to keep us moving forward in the divine direction God has given to us, touching the world in an effective way.

    We are indebted to Dr. Wesley Duewel for the thought--"Touch The World Through Prayer." It is the title of one of his books. Recently we were privileged to have Brother Duewel visit us for a day. Many of you have been impacted as we have been by his books on prayer and consecrated Christian living. These anointed writings have their roots in the godly home into which he was born, his father having been a pastor and his mother a weeping, burdened intercessor.

    Not long after finishing schooling and after taking a life companion, Brother Duewel and his wife traveled to India as missionaries. They were the first missionaries from their mission to the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Operation World tells us that this state is "the home of Hinduism, Buddhism and of the darkest and most needy parts of the world."

    Twenty-five years of earnest, devoted missionary service brought slow advance, with an average of one church planted per year. At the end of the twenty-five years, as he traveled on a routine tour to America, Brother Duewel was in continuous prayer. His heart was crying out to God for the strategy that would bring greater fruitfulness to the work of God in India. At last he felt led of the Lord to ask for 1000 praying friends who would commit to pray 15 minutes per day for the work in India for one year. About 1500 persons committed to the call.

    At this time, Dr. Duewel's mission asked him to remain in the homeland to take the leadership of the mission. Although his heart was in India, he     agreed to remain in America, taking this as the Lord's calling for him. It was several years before he was able to return to India for a visit. The Indian workers of OMS joyfully told him of increased numbers of souls saved and churches planted. God's blessing on the work was evident. Rejoicing together, they gladly acknowledged that God's strategy of increased prayer support was the secret of growth. Although Brother Duewel was unable to attentively carry on the strategy, getting renewed commitments each year, the blessing continued to flow as friends prayed on. Today there are 2000 churches planted by the workers of the mission, and thousands of Christian converts.

    Brother Duewel's suggestion to us to strengthen the Herald's prayer base found a joyful, ready response in our hearts. Teamwork! A group of us uniting our individual efforts! We know something of the unselfishness, the faith, the perseverance it takes to keep praying for results not easily measurable nor clearly seen. For Jesus' sake, we dare to ask, will you be a partner who will commit to pray 15 minutes per day for Herald of His Coming ministry? If not 15, then 10, or even 5? Maybe you are one who is able only to "make mention" of Herald of His Coming in your prayers. Then please do that!

    We live in a day when sin and darkness and hopelessness threaten on every hand. There are fears and alarms. Nevertheless, let it be the motivating force of our lives to do our part to get God's will done in spite of everything! Think of Jesus' prayer recorded for our instruction in Matthew 6: "hallowed be Thy name... Thy kingdom come...Thy will be done." After that comes: "give us... forgive us...lead us...deliver us." See what has priority! God's Kingdom!

Herald Prayer Force

    Please think it over and pray about it. It is an investment of time and effort that will have eternal results. Prayer is engaging in spiritual warfare. Most battles are not won by lone warriors. But a corps holding ranks together, each wielding his weapon faithfully and courageously, wins victories!

    If God puts it on your heart to make a one-year commitment to the Herald Prayer Force, please write and let us know. Please state how many minutes you will commit daily by God's help, remembering that if you justifiably miss a day or days, you should not be guilt ridden by the omission.

    Please read this page each month and join us in the items for which we request prayer. Let God lead you in further praying for the ministry. As God enables, there will be other prayer communications with you. You might be able to pray at the very time we have united prayer at Herald of His Coming. This begins at 8:00 A.M. Central Time (Daylight time from April through October). On Friday mornings we pray for the Spanish Herald and its readers.

    Whether you write us to join in the Herald Prayer Force or not, we appreciate and urge your prayers with us for the items we list monthly, and which follow below. Our heartfelt thanks to ALL who are part of the Herald fellowship. "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love!"

Praise God!

* For all who give Herald of His Coming a place in their prayers, and for the added thrust this gives to the ministry.

* For all who graciously provide financial support as God enables, helping to send about 120,000 Herald papers monthly to readers in many different countries.

* For God's goodness to the Herald staff, granting protection, health, strength and inspiration for our service to Him.

Please Pray!

* For God's ruling and overruling in Middle East affairs involving Israel. Uphold those, as an Israeli Christian soldier of whom we read, who discreetly bear witness to Christ and win souls one-by-one.

* That through the pages of Herald of His Coming will flow rivers of living water, especially nourishing readers who are in spiritual deserts, where there is no evangelical church fellowship.

* That God will cause copies of Herald of His Coming going to public libraries and to Bible school and seminary libraries, to be displayed and to be read, with good results.

* That copies of RIGHT CHOICE Salvation herald sent recently to distributors in the Virgin Islands in the West Indies, will bring souls into God's Kingdom in that area of the world.

* That the Lord will strengthen Emily Chung, who handles gifts from readers in Guyana for Herald of His Coming. She needs daily strength as she carries on a thriving correspondence course ministry, even though well advanced in age and handicapped with eyesight problems.

* For a friend in Croatia who is translating some Herald articles and circulating them in the Croatian language. Ask God to greatly help Christians amid adverse circumstances in that area of the world.

* That we Herald readers will have an increasing burden for the lost and will faithfully witness as God provides opportunities for us.

* That God will inspire more Herald readers to become regular donors. Expenses continue to rise and our financial base needs to keep pace, in order to meet the splendid opportunities of today.

* That God will inspire many Herald readers to write us of their willingness to pray daily as part of the Herald Prayer Force.