Out of the Mail Box 886
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming has been greatly used of the Lord in this small village, causing shouts of joy, tears of repentance, sighs of longing and an ever increasing thirst and hunger to know the Lord who in these last days, by His great mercy and love, continues to patiently purify and renew our minds through this very challenging magazine.

    Truly challenging, the Herald of His Coming has sparked a revival in my heart and my brothers' hearts helping to "fill us with knowledge" of our Saviour. Indeed the Lord complains in Hosea 4:6 that His people are "perishing for lack of knowledge." Keep helping out in this area because the thing that is really pulling Christians back into a state of slumber is because they do not know Him who has called them.

    I thank God because through Herald of His Coming many eyes (including mine) have been opened so as to see "the riches of His glorious inheritance in us" and also to see something of the length, breadth, depth and height of His love for us. The Herald is good for teaching and the preparation of sermons which more often than once the Holy Spirit has used to upbuild the body of Christ in this area.

    We therefore encourage you never to weary, knowing for sure that the day is coming when you will be asked what you've been doing with the Lord's time and gifts. Though your adversary the devil roars like a lion. Here in Africa we know something of how lions hunt for prey.

    The old and weak lions move upwind of the herd of animals being hunted, while the young and strong ones move downwind, thus surrounding the herd. The wind, carrying the smell of the lions towards the herd, makes them panic and when those old, weak lions roar forth, the herd runs downwind only to meet with the young, powerful lions which have all the time been waiting quietly. Only the peculiar animals that run upwind are saved.

    We children of God are peculiar people (as He says Himself) and thus never run from that roar but run towards it. After all, he (Satan) roars like a lion but isn't. The only lion I know is the Lion of Judah and His roar is the only one I will ever heed with fear and trembling!

    God bless you all and never flag in zeal or lose sight of those pearly gates. The peace of our Lord Jesus keep you.


    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for what He is doing through Herald of His Coming. I have been receiving the paper since March 1996 and my life has been greatly challenged and changed. As a youth, my life's cry is to keep myself pure. The Herald has done a lot to help me keep my way pure as it has encouraged me to live according to God's Word. Please continue sending me this inspiring Word of life. I also request you to send the following youth the same so that they can be uplifted in their lives....


    Grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and His soon coming Son Jesus Christ. I thank you for the blessings I am receiving from Herald of His Coming. My faith has become stronger. My love for God has increased tremendously. I am truly encouraged to continue expressing my faith to my colleagues and the students to whom I minister. You have my prayerful and financial support. I have enclosed a contribution which I pray will be used for the furtherance of His work.


    Thank you for paper, Herald of His Coming. God sent me this paper in proper time, exactly 7.05.97, Wednesday. In this time we have prayer meeting. I believe that God answered to our asks because He is great keeper of the promises. God bless you!


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly. In the midst of persecution upon the church lately, Herald of His Coming always brings special courage to me. It motivates me how to serve effectively and it also contains many precious things for my spiritual maturity. Will you continue sending me copies of Herald of His Coming?


    I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the regular mailing of the Herald of His Coming to me. To me, the Herald of His Coming has been a source of edification, strength, and a beacon at all times in my personal life. My wife too expresses her sincere thanks as she finds it most helpful.

    The Herald has been helpful to me as a leader of our prayer group. The many talks I give at the prayer meeting have been done with the Herald serving as a never-ending "spring" of thoughts/ideas/direction/theology/strength that help me lead the people whom God has put under my direction, in the path to a spirituality that will give glory to God to the end of their lives.

    Evangelising is uppermost in my mind and I was part of a group that visited 1247 homes to tell them that Jesus loves them. This experience gave me great pleasure and I shall be looking forward to the next time. Herald of His Coming has been a source of my strength for evangelising....


    We thank you for your faithfulness to us as missionaries here in Russia. The Herald messages bless us so much, and we are able to pass them on to our interpreters and other English-speaking believers. There is a great deal of buffeting here, but the Lord continues to give us the victory....

    As I was reflecting on the article on "Humility" by Andrew Murray, I was reminded of the "river of living water" that Jesus referred to in John 7:38. Here He was referring to the Holy Spirit. A river must flow downhill to continue its course. The Holy Spirit flows in the place of humility. Where the terrain drops real low quickly, we will find a waterfall. There is a tremendous amount of power released at a waterfall. This place of humility is a place for the demonstration of the Spirit's power. Praise God for His revelation!


    Please send me Herald of His Coming. I have read one copy and every word written in it has been helping me to grow in Christ. I like it very much. It has enabled me to grow spiritually and has healed me of my backsliding, and I have renewed my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ after going through the passages.

    I would appreciate it very much if you could be sending me copies of Herald of His Coming. These could also help me to enrich other brethren in my church who love to read it, and outside my church. Thanks for your cooperation and may God bless your ministry in Jesus' name.


    Thank you for not stopping the Herald of His Coming even though I was not faithful to respond. Because of the strong opposition from the devil I was backslidden for I live where the Gospel of Salvation is not preached. But thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Herald has contributed and helped me very much to rise up again and walk in Christ. May the Lord bless you in all the ministry for ever and ever....


    I am greatly enriched by Herald of His Coming ministry, and I have recently answered the call of God. I expect my ministry to greatly benefit from the richly anointed Herald publications.


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming which I usually get from a brother in Christ. This has always ignited fire in my heart to be faithful to the Lord and to be committed to His cause. So I wish to start having my own copies so I can keep them and read them over and over again, and even use for reference. So please add my name to the list of those to whom you send the Herald of His Coming monthly....


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly. In this isolated place Herald of His Coming is my teacher and pastor. By reading these copies I was encouraged to establish a new church. To me it is so wonderful to read these copies in spiritual vitamin....


    I thank God for breaking the bonds of the devil. For a very long time I have been sick and away from my home town. When I came back, to my greatest joy I was welcomed with about seven copies of Herald of His Coming...I thank you for this work you are doing. Herald of His Coming has spiritually uplifted most Christians in our small church here. We have learnt the great work of the Holy Spirit....We use Herald of His Coming in our Bible study group. Many messages in Herald have opened our spiritual eyes and I am glad to let you know that many have come to know our Lord through these messages. You see the changes in individual Christians.

    We thank God, for our small church here had been previously made up of mere church goers. From the Herald we knew that a church which does not worship and go out to evangelise is a dead church and now you find many fishers of men here...Please continue to send me more copies. We thank you so much, and we pray that God continues to add you the health, knowledge and courage to increase even what you are already doing....


The Herald is such a blessing to us! It keeps us awake spiritually and helps us to grow. The Herald is in our prayers. May the Lord continue to anoint every word and bless you as you labor for Him.