September 1996 Issue

1/When God Withdraws His Glory
--By Del Fehsenfeld, Jr.
2/What made David so loved by God?
--By Elmer G. Klassen
3/God Meets A Nation On Its Knees In Repentance
--By Sarah Foulkes Moore
4/Prevailing Prayer
--By Charles G. Finney
4/When Intercession Is Made
--By Eleanor McKinney
5/Our Greatest Need Today
--Author unknown
6/When Glory Filled The Land
--From Glory Filled The Land
7/The Marks Of A Great Awakening
--By Rev. Peter Tay Eng Hoe
8/Items for Prayer And Praise
--By Lois J. Stucky
8/The Holy Spirit And Prayer
--By Andrew Murray
9/God Calls Men To Fasting As Well As To Prayer
--By D. W. Reynolds
9/At His Coming - Wood, Hay, Stubble? A Victorís Crown?
10/Herald International - Spanning The Globe In Prayer
11/News and Prayer Briefs
12/Itís Testimony Time Out of Box 886