June 1996 Issue

1/My Life - A Living Sacrifice
--By Wesley L. Duewel
2/Afraid to make and keep commitments?
--Elmer G. Klassen
3/Developing Passion And Power
--By Dr. Jack Deere
4/Commitments Of Marriage
--By David W. Mann
5/Christís Claims Come First
--Arranged from Dr. Daniel Lundy, Gospel Witness
6/Committed Unto Death
--By William MacDonald
6/Hold To A Full View Of Scripture
--By Francis Schaeffer
6/The Lord Will Come Again!
--By Cora Harris MacIlravy
7/Revival Among The Zulus
--By Dr. Kurt E. Koch
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
--By Lois J. Stucky
8/The Word And Prayer
--By Andrew Murray
9/Do We Need A Spiritual Awakening?
--By Paul A. Green
10/Herald International - Not Token Commitment But Total Commitment
11/News and Prayer Briefs
12/Itís Testimony Time Out of Box 886