February 1996 Issue
The Bible - A Treasure Invaluable
By Adolph Saphir
Reward Of Keeping God's Word
By Martin Luther
Listening To Hear God Speak Through His Word
  Is Rather Uncommon
By Elmer G. Klassen
Love! Read! Practice God's Word!
By Dr. Robert G. Lee
Rod And Staff In Time Of Need
By J. R. Miller
Children And The Bible
By John Matthews
Promises For Family Salvation
By Dr. J. A. Huffman
Keep The Word Diligently
By William Cowper
Using God's Word In Prayer
By Wesley L. Duewel
Speak The Word In Season And Out
By J. Hudson Taylor
Meditating On God And His Word
By C. E. Orr
Scriptures For Soul Winners
By William P. Nicholson
How To Memorize Scripture
By C. N. Peckham
Items For Prayer And Praise
By Lois J. Stucky
Power For Praying And Working
  (With Christ In The School Of Prayer)
By Andrew Murray
Incense Is Beaten Small
By Lalith Mendis
Herald Int'l.-Heralding The Gospel In Finland
News And Prayer Briefs
The Fellowship Page-Out Of Box 886