April 1996 Issue
Praying For Revival With Determination
By David Bryant
Do Not Fear The Counterfeits
By Elmer G. Klassen
Always Praying And Never Giving Up
By W. C. Moore
"Let Us Not Be Weary…"
By Rev. Bill McLeod
The Price Of Revival
By Dr. Ted Rendall
They Paid The Price!
By Charlie Searle
Earnestness In Prayer
By Gordon Cove
The Secret Of Revival
By C. D. Carter
Prayer Against Powers Of Darkness
By F. J. Huegel
Items For Prayer And Praise
By Lois J. Stucky
The Chief End Of Prayer
By Andrew Murray
Waiting, Watching, Working!
Abridged from J. D. Carlson
Herald International - Come Over To Africa And Help Us!
News and Prayer Briefs
It’s Testimony Time Out of Box 886